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November 13th, 2018

Lina Guzman
Year 1 Weekly Newsletter

 November 14th : cocurriculars

 Math: We will work on counting to tell the number of objects. We will  November 15th: cocurriculars and
review number names and the counting sequence. tutoring.
 Language: We will continue working on building stamina through our  November 16th: spelling test
daily 5 routines. We will review the letters studied at the moment (Mm, Ss, (weekly words chart).
Tt, Aa short a) and the teacher will introduce the letter C. We will be
 Nov 15th: Parent PYP workshop
working on ask and answer questions about a text and the use of color
7:30 am
 Unit of Inquiry: We will be talking about what we observed in our field
trip and how culture and environment affects the way people live.

Homework routine:

 Tuesday: Math IXL D.12 and D.13 for 20 minutes

 Wednesday: Math Homework, worksheet shapes.
 Thursday: Literacy, notebook tic tac toe # 4 and draw a picture.
 Friday: Bring sight words.

Dear parents:
Please keep on working on the same sight words, we are not adding additional words for the moment.

If you have any transportation complains please contact Ms. Sandra Naranjo directly,

Please remember to rehearse the scripts for the Christmas show, it is very important that students memorize their scripts.

Thank you!

we, a, to, see, come, me, with, my, what, and.

Beginning sound words m, s, a (short and long a), t.