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Pressurization unit
Our suggestion
Variomat VS 2-2/60 + Reflex NG 50
Article number 8911200
Basic vessel 1 * Basic VG 4000
Secondary vessel Secondary vessel not required

Vessel acceptance

Vn setpoint 3,980.3Litre
Vwater 3,582.2Litre
Vn selected 4,000.0Litre

System settings
Layout according to EN 12828, VDI 4708
Flow temperature 90.0°C
Return temperature 70.0°C
Pressure limiter 95.0°C
Antifreeze 0.0%
Min. system temperature 10.0°C
Expansion 3.6%

Static pressure 2.5bar (o)
Minimum supply pressure for circulating pump(s) 1.0bar (o)
Minimum operating pressure 2.5bar (o)
Safety valve opening pressure 6.0bar (o)
Installation end pressure 5.5bar (o)

Heat generator

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Version 1.1.33

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1 Steel boiler/blast burner

Output 4,500kW
Content 6,750Litre

Capacity 4,500kW
Content 6,750Litre
Individual protection No

1 Flat radiator
Portion 50%
Output 2,250kW
Content 14,625Litre

2 Ventilation
Portion 30%
Output 1,370kW
Content 8,220Litre

3 Panel heating / copper piping

Portion 18%
Output 800kW
Content 9,682Litre

Content of the long distance pipelines 48,500Litre

Other volume 0Litre
Buffer tank 0Litre
Content heat generator Vk 6,750Litre
Output 4,500kW
Content 87,777Litre

Requirements regarding dimensions
max. height 8,000mm
max. diameter 2,000mm

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Version 1.1.33

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Filling pressure
Supply pressure of the mains is 2.8 bar (ü). The actual cut off pressure when using a pressure booster
is 3.2 bar(ü).The expansion tank of the pressurization unit may not be filled with water before the
commission-ing. Make-up water must be sufficiently at disposal for commissioning.

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Version 1.1.33

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1. Protection system/circuit
Position Article no. quantity Item text
1.1 8911200 1 Reflex Variomat VS 2-2 control unit,
the Reflex Variomat is a pump control-
led pressurization unit with incorpora-
ted automatic water make-up and system
deaeration for heating and chilled water

The device is built according to EN 12828

and is provided with the EC marking. Unit
particularly suitable for use in
surroundings where a low sound level
is required.

Control unit:
Unit existing of a hydraulic part and a
Reflex Control Touch operating unit.
The Reflex Variomat 2-2 control unit is
provided with two stainless steel multi-
stage pumps and two fail safe electri-
cally actuated spill valves for main-
taining pressure control.

Due to the self optimizing feature of

the spill valves, operation function is
not affected by dirt deposit in the inlet
strainer. A safety relief valve is
included to act as a pressure safeguard
for the Variomat VG and/or VF vessels.

The unit is mounted on skid permitting

an easy assembly on site and is
provided with inlet strainer/ pump
check valves and lockshield ball valves
for the isolation of individual compo-
nents and system connection piping.

The Reflex Control Touch operating unit

is designed as a control panel featuring
a TFT colour display which is integrated
in a sturdy plastic cabinet (IP 54
protection class). As standard directly
mounted on the hydraulic unit but is
offering the optional possibility for
wall mounting.

Communication facilities consisting of:

-4.3" resistive colour touchscreen,

-two RS485 interface provisions for
data exchange and BMS connection,
-TTL serial interface with two
 terminals for simultaneous operation
of two Reflex IO-Modules,
-volt-free output for common fault
-two electrically isolated analog
outputs for system pressure and water
content of the expansion vessel,
-slots for Bluetooth module,
 KNX bus module, HMS Network module and
 SD card e.g. for software updates, data
saving etc.,
-input terminal for the evaluation of a
contact water meter pulse.

The power electronics are installed

in a didicated cabinet which is
mounted on the panel console.

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Version 1.1.33

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Position Article no. quantity Item text

Featuring in detail:
-Main power switch on the cabinet exte-
-Adjustable pump soft start and sequence
-Facilities for wiring arrangement and
easily made connection,
-Available space for additional modules.

Control Touch is a fully automatic

and freely programmable microprocessor
control with touchscreen operation.
Displayed on a functional diagram are
the active operating mode, common alarm,
low water level, functioning of pumps,
spill valves and make-up valve.
Combined graphical and plain text
indications for system pressure, content
of the expansion vessel and all relevant
operating and error messages.
The control features a parameter
and error memory. This way the last 20
error messages can be chronologically
displayed with indication of date and
time of occurence.


The control is reading the system

pressure via a pressure transducer and
is keeping the pressure within close
tolerance limits of +/- 0.2 bar.

The degassing of a partial flow of the

installation water is processed accor-
ding to an optimised time schedule with
selectable degassing programmes. After
a period of continuous degassing
(adjustable and depending on the instal-
lation volume) at the start up, the
control switches automatically to an
economic mode (interval degassing).

When the water make-up is activated,

error message will be triggered if the
water make-up cycle goes over a time
limit and/or if the number of make-up
cycles is exceeded over a given period.

This will result in an error message in

both cases and interruption.

In case the water supply line is fitted

with a contact water meter, also the
total added water volume is indicated on
the display and an error message is
activated in the event of overshooting
the maximum make-up volume (added up).
This is also the case when the established
input make-up quantity is exceeded against
an input volume in one filling cycle,
or if the make-up system because of
malfunction lets water through without
being activated by the control.

Documentation and monitoring of the

connected HVAC-system with respect to
the above-mentioned parameters.

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Version 1.1.33

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Position Article no. quantity Item text

Type : 2-2/60
perm. op. overpressure : 10 bar
SV set pressure exp. vessel: 5 bar
perm. op. temperature : >0..70 °C
max. op. temp. generator : 105 °C
ambient temperature limit : >0..35 °C
po setting : bis 4,8 bar
Noise level : <55 dB(A)
Power supply : 230/50 V/Hz
System connection : 2 x G 1¼
Water make-up : Rp 1/2
Depth x width x height (mm): 780x700x920
Net weight : 61,1 kg

Data of connected supply system

Nominal heat capacity : 4,500 kW
Heat generator SV : 6.0 bar
Heat generator STL : 95 °C
Static height : 25 m

1.2 7945630 1 Reflex Commissioning,

of a 2-pump/compressor Variomat,
Reflexomat, Variomat Giga 50-100,
or a servitec vacuum spray-tube
deaeration of the -2 and -4 series by
the reflex service.

The commissioning can be operated in

3 weeks within germany, international in
6 weeks after appropriate assignment.

electrical and hydraulical connection of
the control unit and the accessory com-
ponents. System circuits are filled.
The expansion vessels of the pressurization
unit must not be filled with water.
A sufficient supply with filling water
is to be ensured.

Commissioning costs are NET COSTS!!

1.3 8601305 1 Reflex Variomat Basic vessel VG

bladder expansion vessel for reflex
Variomat 1 and 2 pressurization
systems, unpressurized, built and
tested according to EN 13831 and EU
Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU.

Vessel manufactured of steel with

external anti corrosion paint protection.

The high quality of butyl bladder is

preventing the vessel contents from
permeation of oxygen.

Vessel supplied with 2 x connection

hoses (to suit the hydraulic module),
automatic air vent(deaeration), level
transducer(tank volume) and swan neck
(anti vacuum).

Vessels stand vertical with steel

profile or tubular feet.

Type : VG 4000
Nominal volume : 4,000 Litre
Useful volume max. : 3,600 Litre
perm.adv. temp. supp.syst.: 120 °C
perm. op.temp. diaphragm : 70 °C
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Version 1.1.33

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Position Article no. quantity Item text

(according EN 13831)
System connection : G 1
Diameter : 1,500 mm
Height : 3,160 mm
Net weight : 1,080 kg
Colour : grey

1.4 6940400 1 Reflex Variomat Connection Set,

for connecting Variomat 2-2/.. control
units to Variomat VG basic Vessels,
consisting of two stainless steel
flexible hoses with couplings.

Type/vessel diameter :G 1 1/4/1000-1500 mm

Weight : 1,8 kg

1.5 8001011 1 Reflex NG,

diaphragm expansion vessel for
sealed heating and cooling systems,
built acc. to EN 13831.
Approval acc. to EU Pressure Equipment
Directive 2014/68/EU.

-welded construction
-foot construction from 35 ltr and above
-durable external epoxy powder coated finish
-fixed diaphragm

Type : NG 50
Nominal volume : 50 Litre
Useful volume max: : 45 Litre
perm. flow temp. supp. Ins.: 120 °C
perm. op. temp. diaphragm : 70 °C
perm. op. overpressure : 6 bar
Gas inlet press. Ex works : 1,5 bar
Gas inlet press. set : 2.5 bar
Diameter : 409 mm
Height : 469 mm
Net weight : 5,65 kg
System connection : R 3/4
Colour : grey

1.6 7613100 1 Reflex Lockshield valve,

shut off/drain, for membrane expansion
vessels in sealed heating and cooling
systems. With a protected shut-open
facility against inadvertent closing,
also with drain outlet (draining vessel
contents) acc. to EN 12828.

Type: SU R 1 x 1
Connection: R 1 x R 1
perm. op. pressure: PN 10
perm. op. temperature: 120 °C

1.7 6811105 1 Reflex Fillset,

Prefabricated assembly with wall bracket
for the direct connection of make-up
units for heating and cooling systems
with the drinking water mains.

Consists of:
- two isolating ball valves
- type BA backflow preventer (RPZ valve)
according to DIN 1988/T4 (EA) respec-
tively EN 1717 (BA), with integrated
dirt strainer
- water meter
- wall bracket supplied for horizontal
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Version 1.1.33

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Date: 11/1/2018 Administrator:
Page: 8

Position Article no. quantity Item text

Type : 0,8
max. operating pressure : 10 bar
max. operating temperature: 60 °C
Flow value kvs : 0,8 m3/h
Net weight : 1,7 kg
Length : 293 mm
Connection Inlet: G 1/2
Outlet: G 1/2

1.8 8252170 1 Reflex Exdirt,

dirt and sludge separator for heating
and cooling systems respectively for
sealed system circuits.

Suitable for use with water and

water/glycol mixture to a maximum of 50%

Fitting for the removal of dirt par-

ticles up to a size of 5,0 µm out of
the liquid flow by way of a specifi-
cally designated insert.

The collection area can be easily

emptied at regular intervals using a
drain ball valve while the system re-
mains in operation. The flanged collec-
tion chamber can be removed for inspec-

Type : D 273.0
Housing material : steel coated
Installation model: horizontal
Connection type : welding ends
System connection : 273,0 mm
Drain connection : IG 2
max. operating pressure: 10 bar
max. operating temperature: 110 °C
max. flow : 288 m³/h
kvs : 1185,7 m³/h
Length : 750 mm
Height : 1324 mm
Diametre : 480 mm
Weight : 70 kg

1.9 1 Separator is also available in an

in line vertical installation design to
suit your application.

Please check the dimensions in advance.

1.10 9258380 1 Reflex Exferro,

High-energy permanent magnet which can
be retrofitted in Reflex Exdirt dirt

Magnet consists of an isostatically

pressed Neodymium magnet rod screwed
into a threaded sleeve.

Magnetic particles within the solution

are attracted to the magnetic sleeve
which is located in the separator hous-
ing. Particles are removed by unscrewing
the magnetic rod from the sleeve causing
them to collect at the base and subse-
quently flushed away.
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Version 1.1.33

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Date: 11/1/2018 Administrator:
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Position Article no. quantity Item text

Type : D 250-300 (273.0-323.9)

Length : 810 mm
Diameter : 25 mm
Thread connection: G 1

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Version 1.1.33

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Date: 11/1/2018 Administrator:
Page: 10

2. Protection for the heat generator 1

Position Article no. quantity Item text
2.1 9250000 1 Reflex Exvoid-T,
high venting capacity automatic air vent
for heating and cooling systems
respectively sealed system circuits.

Designed to facilitate venting or

admitting air into the system with high
Safe operation even if the system medium
is charged with impurities.

Type : 1/2
Housing material : brass
System connection : IG 1/2
max. operating pressure: 10 bar
max. operating temperature: 110 °C
Height: : 122 mm
Diameter : 63 mm
Weight : 0,6 kg

2.2 1 Safety valve for heat generators,

code letter D/G/H acc. to TRD 721,
En12828 and SWKI 93-1.

Make/Type : Ari, Leser

Nominal input width : DN 80/PN 16
Nominal outlet width : DN125/PN 16
Drainage rate required : 4,500 kW
Opening pressure : 6.0 bar

2.3 8684000 1 Reflex Expansion trap,

for steam-water phase separation behind
safety valves, acc. to EN 12828,
with tangential insertion in the upper
third and outlets in the upper and
lower base. Container made of steel,
red-coated outside.

Dimensioning according to
DIN EN 12828, attach. E.

Type : T 550
perm. flow temp. supp. inst.:120 °C
perm. op overpressure : 10 bar
Diameter : 634 mm
Height : 895 mm
Net weight : 32,3 kg
System connection :DN 150/200/200
Colour : grey

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Version 1.1.33

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Date: 11/1/2018 Administrator:
Page: 11

Position Article no. quantity Item text

2.4 1 Water level limiter,
for water level monitoring of heat
generators, type tested acc. to
German VD-TÜV data sheet water level

Also it is possible to integrate:

-a minimum pressure limiter or

flow limiter

against inadmissible heating in case

of water deficiency.


2.5 1 Maximum pressure limiter

type tested acc. to VD TÜV data
sheet pressure 100/1, for systems acc.
to EN 12828

Set pressure : 5.8 bar


Articles without article-no. Are not part of the Reflex delivery program

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