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Teacher: Spencer Subject: Physical Education/Health Topic: Soccer Stations

Core Content Vocabulary: Learning Goal- I can demonstrate soccer skills: dribbling, inside foot, outside Daily
Shooting Assessment:
K-5th PL 2.34 Students perform
foot, shooting (kicking), and trapping to improve my performance. I can perform
 Observation
physical movements skills soccer skills in a variety of settings.  Oral
Lesson effectively in a variety of responses
settings. Trap Warm-up: K-2-Complete list of exercises given by the teacher  Self-
plans 3-5- Team Warm-Up (students choose from a list of exercises and lead their team) Evaluation
PL 2.35 Students  ORQ
demonstrate knowledge and  Whole Class
skills that promote physical ACTIVITY:  Partner
activity and involvement in Follow Teacher Led: Demonstrate and explain each station.  Individual
physical activity throughout Through
Dribbling Stations:1. Poly spots dribbling/trapping Race Formative and
PL 3.7 Students
demonstrate the ability to 2. Dribbling the soccer ball in and out of cones. Summative
learn on one’s own. Aiming 3. Kicking with partner Assessments
4. Individual Dribbling Practice □ Exit Slips
Target 5. Shooting/Kicking at target on wall □ Oral Questions
6. Score
Defense □ Student Self-
Closing: Review dribbling, trapping, shooting (kicking), defense Assessment

*****All students are inclusive in the PE Program. See modification sheet for accommodations*****