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Indonesia's population is the 4th largest in the world, therefore the State Indonesia will

always be an easy target for the target market of the various products world countries. At this
time, because we are weak purchasing power, the various types of products that come, are a
variety of low quality products (kw) originating from China at very cheap prices . It all is the
impact of the entry into force of the ASEAN-China Free Trade Area (ACFTA) since 2010. All of
the victims of bankrupt entrepreneurs say we can not compete with the price of Chinese kw
products into Indonesia with a very low price. Yet the AFTA (Asean Free Trade Area) in 2015,
the producers in Indonesia was not able to compete in the market in his own country to face the
goods imported from China. Countries of China, Japan, India, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia,
Vietnam has carried out the attack production to Indonesia long before AFTA in 2015.
Indonesia's target market is the world number four, the ASEAN countries will be the entrance of
the various outcomes of different types of world production whose price is very competitive.
Especially Singapore would be an agent to sell goods distributor world production world
countries to Indonesia. Because officials in Indonesia is very easy in stopper with money, then
very weak supervision of the quality of production of the imported goods will be occasions
disposal of production that failed to make the impact of prolonged local industrial increasingly
powerless. So concerned in 2015 AFTA is the Asean countries themselves who want to take
advantage of the huge market of Indonesia, besides the advanced industrial countries other using
the name of Asean countries for the purpose of the Indonesian market. With full effect in 2015
AFTA and WTO 2020, due to the poor is the 1945 Constitution and numerous laws that have
been painstakingly created to protect and promote domestic industry and job creation be gone
largely no longer apply.
I was so upset with the condition of Indonesia now because the source of human
resources in indonesia is still at the limit “ not entirely ready”. For example in terms of language
which is our ability to speak english is still lacking, including we are indonesian still don’t know
to use the indonesian language itself properly. We are to busy fussing about the coup as well as
the war in the face of AFTA 2015 that will be held in the near. The impact of the AFTA
implementation will be felt by all parties. For that all parties sould be ready to face the contexts
of AFTA, because AFTA is a condition where we are requered to be able to compete with other
cuntries as well as improving human resources that we have. So far, the potential that we have
not yet honed with good and we don’t want to risk. Now with a tight competition all the
potensial sould be able to be developed as possible, because without thats all will still wont be
able to competive with human resorces of other countries. There for the most important thing
that must be prepare to face AFTA 2015 is step up the quality of human resources. There are still
many problems that need to be rectified in Indonesia. This problem can be seen from the sectors
of education, economy, culture and identity. I think education in Indonesia is still not on target.
How can its students can tailor their ability and what they want. There are still many children in
Indonesia are still not attending school. I think the economic factor in Indonesia alone in value is
still less because the number of unemployed increased from last year. Actually, Indonesia
already has a wide range of cultures. From Sabang to Merauke. But over time the culture in
Indonesia is getting eroded. People prefer foreign cultures since become a trend.

In this era of globalization we must act quickly in the face of every problem, especially to
face the problems of our Human Resources. Human Resources in Indonesia is still far from the
level of effectiveness in the face of globalization. In Indonesia is still too much trust in foreign
Human Resources, especially for international business. We as Human Resources Indonesia
should not just stay silent in the face of this global signature. We must not lose competitiveness
with Human Resources foreign, Human Resources Indonesia should be more creative and
innovative ways to create products of higher quality, so we are not only as human consumption,
but also productive human resources in Indonesia should also be able to demonstrate to utuk
world that we are able to compete in the free trade in a globalized world.

AFTA is a form of a Free Trade Area in Southeast Asia is the regional cooperation in the
economic field. Indonesia as a country that approved the AFTA, will soon enter the era of free
trade, so that the nation will compete with other ASEAN countries. With the condition of
Indonesia and the Indonesian economy at this time, Indonesia can be said still not ready to face
global competition. Indonesia's human resources with still a number of people with education
and skill acquisition make minimal Indonesia is predicted to lose the competition. to face these
conditions Indonesia are required to be able to compete with other countries either by an increase
in human resources which until now could not be fulfilled.