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School of Education See 102095 Secondary Professional Practice 3 Report Pre-service Teacher’s Name: | Sarah Hadid Pre-service ] 19058216 Teacher's 1D: | Professional Experience Session: From: 26/07/17, To: 16/08/17 Name of Educational | Australian Soccer Schoo! Setting is Number of Hours 20Hours Dario El Jorani Supervisor's Name/s: Description of Educational Setting: This setting is a professional training environment, where players age from 2 years to 18 years old. Players train in age as well as skill levelled groups, allowing them to develop with their main coach. The academy provides soccer training along side fitness training for social and elite athletes. Sarah Hadid showed immediate confidence during her coaching sessions. She took on her role as an assistant coach with excitement and developed a great teacher student relationship with the players in her group. Sarah showed great enthusiasm throughout her hours here and has shown she is competent in her organisation, work ethic and development. Sarah will continue to grow with experience, and will not be stopped by lack of motivation. Great work Sarah. | Grade: Satisfactory Unsatisfactory Supervisors Signature: >. [eZ vate /6/K (7 bre-service Teacher's Signature: Date: WSU Co-ordinator’s Signature: Date: