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I. Please answer the questions below correctly!

1. Siti……………….her friends.
a. Introduces
b. Farewells
c. Greets
d. Calls

2. Yoga is a student of SMP YPPK. He always gets a good score. He is

a. stupid b. clever c. bad d. lazy
3. The month comes before July is ………………
a. June b. August c. September d. October
4. Look at the picture! She is my teacher.
Her name is Mrs. Lorna. She is slim and tall.
Her hair is …………
a. short and black c. long and black
b. straight and black d. curly and black
5. The students of SMP YPP Kandangan usually held a flag ceremony on……………
a. Sunday b. Monday c. Friday d. Saturday
6. Tika : Hey. Let’s go to the mall after school!
Tomi : I am sorry I can’t. I have a test tomorrow.
Tika : Ok then. Maybe next time. Good luck on your test.
Tomi : … See you.
What is the correct answer to complete the blank?
a. All right.
b. Of course.
c. Goodbye.
d. Thanks a lot

She is my classmate, Laras. She is from Wonosobo. She is twelve

years old. Laras lives at Jalan A. Yani number 83. Her phone number is 0286
653975. Her hobbies are singing and swimming. She has a beautiful voice.
Her favorite color is blue.

7. What is the suitable question for the information above?

a. Where does Laras study?
b. What is Laras’ email address?
c. Where does Laras live?
d. What is Laras’ favorite food?

8. Mr. Edi : Good morning.

Agatha : Good morning, Mr. Edi
Mr. Edi : You’re a new student, aren’t you?. What’s your name?
Agatha : My name is Agatha.
Mr. Edi : Where are you from?
Agatha : ….
Mr. Edi : Nice to meet you Agatha. Welcome to class seven A
Agatha : Nice to meet you too.
a. I ‘m from Pati
b. I am a new student
c. My class is seven A
d. My name is Agatha

9. What is the third, fifth, sixth, and eighth month?

a. March, May, June and August
b. Marc, Mey, Juny and Agust
c. Mach, Mei, Juny and August
d. March, Mey, June and August
10. Dimas goes home at ….

a. A half past twelve

b. A quarter past twelve
c. A quarter to one
d. Twelve o’clock

11. Sri : Mom, when is dad’s birthday?

Mom : It’s on ….

a. The twelfth of April

b. The twentieth of April
c. The twenty second of April
d. The twenty two of April

12. I get up every morning at 04.35 a.m. Choose the correct time!

a. A half past four c. twenty five to four

b. A half pas five d. twenty five to five
13. Helvi Tiana Rosa
Helvi Tiana Rosa is a female Indonesian writer. She was born in Solo and grew up
in Jakarta. Now, she is 39 years old. She studied Indonesian Language and literature, and
obtained her Bachelor Degree from the University of Indonesia. In 1973, she was
selected as the best seller novel writer. However, she keeps writing until now.
When was she born? She was born in ….
a. 1973
b. 1974
c. 1975
d. 1976

14. How old is Edo?

a. 11 years old
b. 12 years old
c. 13 years old
d. 14 years old

15. Hi, my name is Dwi Hermawan.

I am thirteen years old.
I live in Sinduagung, Wonosobo
My best friend is Bagas. We usually … football together.
My hobbies are playing football, reading and singing.
I study at SMP 1 Wonosobo
Nice to meet you
a. Play
b. Plays
c. Played
d. Playing

16. Mr Agus : How do you spell your name?

Herny : ….
a. eit∫ – i: – a:r – en – wai
b. eit∫ – ai – a:r – en – ye
c. ha – i: – a:r – en – wai
d. ha – e – a:r – en – ye

18. Look at the picture below to answer question number 18

According to the information from the picture,
which is the true statement? ….

a. There are four mugs, five plates, two bottles and

six chairs.
b. There are one knife, one bottle, two bowls and
two table clothes.
c. There are five forks, five spoons, three bowls and
one lunch box.
d. There are one table, three bowls, one table cloth
and four mugs.

20. which questions is RIGHT based on the text below!

a. Harditya : how old are you?
Adhi : He is twelve years old.
b. Elma :where does he live?
Aldo : He lives in Biak, West Papua
c. Leon : where does he live?
Smith : he is student.
c. Sahira : who are his hobbies?
Ika : His hobbies are swimming and reading a book.
21. Tell the time 01.50 p.m!

a. a half past one

b. a quarter past two
c. ten to two
d. one to ten

22. Complete the following dialogue by filling the number using alphabet!
Mr. Wahono : Hello, can I speak to Mr. Ardi?
Wahyu : Sorry, he still has lunch out. May I help you?
Mr. Wahono : Would you mind telling me his telephone number?
Wahyu : Of course. 081328207724.
Mr. Wahono : Can I repeat the number, zero eight one ….

a. zero eight one three two eight two zero seven six two four
b. zero eight one three two eight two seven seven six two four
c. zero eight one five two eight two zero seven seven two four
d. zero eight one three two eight two zero seven seven two four
Complete the dialog by choosing the right answer (number 23-25)
Bagus : Is Riri your ... (23)?
Cinta : No, she is not. She is my cousin, but she studies at the same ... (24) as me.
Bagus : So, She is your ... (25), right?
Cinta : Yes, She is

23. a. School b. Sister c. Schoolmate d. Teacher

24 a. School b. Sister c. Schoolmate d. Teacher

25. a. School b. Sister c. Schoolmate d. Teacher

Complete the text based on the family tree below! ( for number 26-28)

Teguh. My
parents are
Mr. And
I have an
elder ...
(26) named Fira. Mr. And Mrs. Karto are my grandparents. Meanwhile, Mr. Irawan
Yuda is my... (27) and Mrs. Dewi Yuda is my aunt. They have a daughter named Tika.
So, Tika is my ... (28)

26. a. Sister b. Brother c. Daughter d. Son

27. a. Aunt b. Uncle c. Father d. Mother

28. a. Cousin b. Nephew c. Sister d. Niece

Complete the sentences with the suitable months!

29. .... is after July.
a. january b. February c. March d. April
30. ... is before April
a. january b. February c. March d. April
31. This month is May. Next month is .....
a. april b. May c. June d. July
32. Before may is ...
a. april b. May c. June d. July
33. This month is june. Last month was ......
a. april b. May c. June d. July

34. We have breakfast in the ……………..before we go to school.

a. night b. evening c. afternoon d. morning
Answer the questions based on the timetable! (number 35- 37)


Javanese lesson BEGIN?

a. a quarter past nine
b. a quarter past ten
c. five to nine
d. five to ten
36. What is the LAST lesson of the day?
a. Javanese
b. English
c. Civics
d. Science
37. How many SCHOOL SUBJECTS do the students have for the day?
a. Seven
b. Eight
c. Nine
d. Ten
38. Complete the box with date and month!

Date Great day

New year
a. February 1st 2016
b. August 1st 2016
c. December 1st 2016
d. January 1st 2016

Fill the blank below with the appropriate word! (number 39- 40)
39. She is a policewoman. She works in ….
a. Garden b. Police office c. Office d. School
40. She is a teacher. She works in ….
a. Garden b. Police office c. Office d. School


41. Enter the information from the following text into the Identity Card below!
Hello, I’m Dedi Rukmana. I’m 14 years old. I am a student of SMP 1
Kepil, grade seven. I am from Wonosobo. I live at Jalan Cendrawasih number 21.
My telephone number is 081325047019.


and your
friend, Hema are walking in THE SUPERMARKET. When you will pay in the
cashier , you meet your teacher, Mrs. Yani. How do you introduce your friend to Mrs.

43. Please tell about your daily activity from you get up until you go to bed with the

44. Please make


45. Mention 10 animals you can find in the picture below!