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Downloaded From Reg.No. || | l Question Paper Code : 40304 M.B.A. DEGREE EXAMINATION, APRILIMAY 2015. Elective ” BA 7014 ~ INTEGRATED MARKETING COMMUNICATION c ) (Regulation 2013) ‘Time : Three hours imum: 100 marks Answer ALL questions. \ 'y PART A— (10x 2=20 marks) ‘ ij 1. Define integrated marketing communication, , ‘ ( a 2. Mention any two reasons for the failure o} ‘ Iverfisement campaigns. 3. What do you mean by advertisgmenti GeSbyin rint media? 4. Write a short note on copy wriging) NY 5. Write two tools for on-ling’ses ear oy 6° Why do sales. ae fo Kaela training? 7. Give two reasons witppod public relations are necessary. & — Mention the elggents of promotional mix. 9. What,do Jou refer by the term ‘social publicity’? 10. Writetivo important de-merits of social media in marketing. PART B— (5 x 16 = 80 marks) “H. (a) Discuss the social, economic and legal implications of fairness creams advertisements, Or (0) Give a detailed account of the structure and operations of the advertising industry. Cp (Grow With Us Downloaded From 12. (a) Explain the media plenning process and promotional scheduling, Or (b) What is media research? How relevant are they in measuring the validity and impact of advertisements? 18, (@) Clearly chart and explain the various types of sales promotion techniques -«/ used by the ‘jewelers’ industry in India. a Or (b) Clearly explain the promotions made by on-line vendors like ‘fio: India, wot 14. (a) Briefly describe the budgeting techniques followéd by various public relation firms. x y (&) How are PR departments funded by ace ‘List the differences among Public and Private PR departments oe Ne pieiae @ research a Gi) counseling and (ii) evaluation 15. (a) How is publicity different from,, QO. tools of marketing? Detail the goals of publicity es io business markets. Or oo” > y (b) Discuss the dynamics rg To publicity possibilities to the current ee eaadon =m 8 ie af : > 5 (> gk seme (Grow With Us