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The instruction shall be read thoroughly before operation


1.General summary

2.Technical parameter

3.Work principle



6. Maintenance
1.General summary

KHT Series activate carbon filter is new style

compressed air filter product, it with high filter efficiency, long
service life and cost saving good performance. Our filter
adopt granular activated carbon or activated carbon fiber as
absorbent material, our filter have strong adsorption
performance, it can adsorb most of the oil mist particles and
hydrocarbons and can effectively remove the peculiar smell
of gas and oil content. Oil content quantity below
0.003mg/m3. Our filer is characterized by compact structure,
high purification efficiency, replacement of convenient
installation, it fundamentally guarantee effectiveness.
Activate carbon filter usually use in food, beverage,
pharmaceutical of nitrogen and oxygen generator system and
compressed air purification system.

2. Technical parameter
2.1 Main technical parameter(see table 1)
Table 1 Main technical parameter
Name Value
Inlet gas capacity Nm /min 1~500
Inlet gas pressure MPa 0.6~1.5
Inlet gas Temp. ℃ ≤50
Inlet gas oil content mg/m ≤0.01

Outlet gas oil content mg/m3 ≤0.003
Initial pressure drop Mpa ≤0.02
Highest resistance ≤0.07
differential pressure Mpa

2.2 The comparison table of the capacity change when the

inlet gas pressure change(see table 2)

Table 2 correction factor

Inlet gas

pressure 0.1 0.2 0.3 0.4 0.5 0.6 0.7 ≥0.8


correction 0.3 0.5 0.6 0.7 0.8 0.9 0.9

factor 8 3 5 5 5 0 5

For example:KHT-20/7,the inlet gas capacity 20Nm3/min,

When the inlet gas pressure is 0.7Mpa , So the filter
handle capacity Q=20×0.95=19Nm3/min。

3. Work principle

KHT series activate carbon filter main consist of shell,

filter bed or filter elements, instrument and so on. After the

initial purification dealing, the compressed air into the

activate carbon filter, through the filter bed or filter elements.

When the filter process, the compressed air after filter or

adsorption and then finally get the no smell, oil-free

compressed air, the clean compressed air successful into the

gas equipment.


空气入口 空气出口




4.1 Before use the activate carbon filter, we must use the
special precision filter, such as our company produced
C/T/A precision filters, only the compressed air oil
content ≤0.01mg/m3, the compressed air can into our
activate carbon filter. If the gas temperature higher
than 50 ℃, you also need to add air cooler before the
activate carbon filter, to avoid influence the filter
efficiency or the element service life.
4.2 According to the demand of compressed air purification
deodorant requirement,please use reasonable
4.3 The activate carbon filter should installation indoor,
and the work condition can not have corrosive gas and
environment temperature shall not be too low.
4.4 Activate carbon filter inlet and outlet gas should
installation according the requirement.(The inlet gas
need inlet from higher place and outlet from lower
place)Don’t make a mistake.
4.5 In the equipment installation pipeline, it should have
the relevant safety valves and release valves
according to the inlet pressure and inlet capacity.
4.6 The inlet and outlet gas pipeline should have control
4.7 The filter should not install after the quick open valves,
and should prevent back flow and impact
4.8 Filters should be installed vertically, and leave enough
space in the below to replacement the activate carbon.
4.9 Before install the filter and supply gas, it should
Thoroughly purge piping.

4.10 Make best effort to avoid bypass because pollutants
possible leakage through the valve;
4.11 Pay attention to the too large filter in the pipe should
have appropriate support.

5. Operation

5.1 Operation (especially for the first time or rerun for

long time stop) shall check all pipe joints, joint bolt
tightening is reliable, the valve should be in the closed
5.2 Before the first run, should clean all the pipeline to
prevent oxide and all kinds of dirt to enter the
equipment, affect the filtration precision and
deodorization effect;
5.3 Basic operation steps as below:
5.3.1 Open the compressor
5.3.2 Open the filter inlet gas valve slowly, check the
pressure whether in the specific inlet pressure or not, if
normal you can open the filter inlet gas valve, if the
inlet gas pressure,capacity, initial pressure drop in the
specific valve, it is certify the filter operate
properly.(Note: if the valve have much difference with
the specific valve, it will effect the filter service life)
5.4 If the filter is the first time or rerun for a long time stop,
the outlet gas need operate 24 hours reach the
specific technical parameter.

6. Maintenance
6.1 When removing or assembly filter element shall
ensure seals are available;
6.2 It Should be cleaned on a regular time, to prevent dirt
jams mesh and drainage holes.
6.3 The equipment should be open and shutdown slowly
the inlet and outlet gas valve when the equipment start
or stop work, to ensure the element in good condition.
6.4 The equipment initial pressure drop is 0.02Mpa,
When the time goes the pressure drop will increase, if the
pressure drop above 0.05Mpa, you should change the
activate carbon.
6.5 Change the activate carbon steps as below:
A.Make the vessel compressed air release completely.
B.Loosen the vessel flange fasteners, open the cylinder
on the discharge outlet;
C . Remove the vessel activate carbon completely and
use the clean compressed air blow the vessel.
D.Installed the vessel discharge outlet, and then add the
new activate carbon from the mouth of feeding , after the
completion of the feeding, use the clean compressed air
proper purging until there is no obvious black fog.

7. Common trouble shooting, please see table 3

Table 3 Common trouble shooting table

Trouble Reason Solution
1.1 The capacity is 1.1Change the big
more large then capacity filter
the specific 1.2 Enlarge the inlet
capacity gas pressure
1.2 The inlet gas 1.3 Make the fitting nut
pressure lower than tighten
the specific inlet gas 1.4 Close the bypass
pressure. valve completely
1.3 Filter element and 1.5 Change the filter
Filter effect too fitting nut not element.
low tighten 1.6 Check the
1.4 Bypass valve not drainage parts if jam or
shutdown not
completely 1.7 Clean the pipeline
1.5 The element
have not effect
1.6 The oil and water
level is too high
and caused the
gas with oil

1.7 The downstream
pipeline is not
2.1 The inlet gas 2.1 Improve the inlet
impurities too gas quality
The pressure much 2.2 Change the filter
2 drop increase 2.2 Filter element jam element
too quickly too much 2.3 Check the
2.3 The vessel water drainage parts if jam or
too much not
3.1 Air leakage 3.1 Maintenance
3.2 Inlet gas pressure 3.2 Enlarge the inlet
too low gas pressure
The capacity
3.3 Seal damage 3.3 Change the
3 decrease so
3.4 The pipe damage parts
leakage 3.4 Maintenance
3.5 The pipe valves 3.5 Open the valves
not open completely completely

Our company have the final explanation right for the

Specifications and configuration .