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adsum absum
appropinquo discedo
benignus crudelis
bonus malus
celer tardus
clamat tacet
curro ambulo
deleo facio
dies nox
do accipio
elegans inelegans
facilis difficilis
fessus agilis
fortis ignavus
frigidus fervens
hiems aestas
incipio conficio
invenio amitto
laboro ludo
laetus tristis
levis gravis
longus humilis
nocens innocens
nulli multi
obesus tenuis
oppugno defendo
parvus magnus
plenus vacuuus
probus mendax
rogat respondet
scio nescio
sordidus purus
sto sedeo
stultus callidus
volo nolo
I] Firstly, make sure that you have completed the list of the contraria words.

II] Choose 17 Latin words and their antonyms and make a little book aimed at a child, showing
contrasting ideas in Latin.

III] You need only use the Latin word but the image must be illustrated with appropriate illustrations,
either based on Roman, or on modern life. Images may be drawn/sketched/painted, taken from the
internet, or cut and pasted from magazines. [Look at children’s books eg ‘My First Gruffalo:

centurio currit
civis ambulat

IV] Using five sheets of A4 paper folded in half gives you 20 sides of A5. You will need

ª A cover/title page

ª A page showing who owns the book eg ‘hic liber est liber meus’ [this is my book’] or ‘ex libris’
[from the library of] or use one of these bookplates or make up/find your own [THESE CAN

ª 17 pages showing the contrasting words in Latin [do not use English].

ª A back page where you can write a blurb in English or Latin about the content of the book –
this should be aimed at parents as well as children.

DISCITE DE CONTRARIIS! = Learn about opposites!


for little hands/children
ª If you wish to add any more opposite words you will need to add more pages. In order not to
have any blank pages, you must have multiples of four words.