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Activity 1: Recognition forum

Presented By:
Julian David Raba Moreno
Codigo: 1.049.638.516

Presented To:

Jorge Hugo Hernández V.





Septiembre 03 de 2018

Part 1: Profile Screenshot

Screenshot of the Preknowledge

Part 2: Presentation audio

Part 3: Answer to the following questions

a) How many quizzes are there in the course? Mention their names and where
can you find them?

In the course there are nine activities, Activity 1-2; preknowledge Quiz- Recognition
Forum, Activity 3; Writing Assignment. To write a text about a specific topic, Activity 4;
Quiz 1 Unit. To check your, in unit 1, Activity 5; Speaking Assignment. To have an
interview about an specific topic, Activity 6; Quiz 2 Unit check your advances in unit
2, Activity 7; Task –General Course Review. To assess your performance in the course,
activity 8; task -oral and written production review. To assess your performance in
activities and Activity 9; Final Exam. To identify your performance in activities.

b) Why is it so important to check the “Course News”?

Is it important to check the "Course News"? since we can find news related to the course
we can also observe You can find different instructions and tutorials in order to develop
some tasks or procedures inside the virtual room. Regards

c) Where can you find the Grades and how can it help you?

Initially we will enter course administration, there we can find the gradress in this way
you can know the performance that takes until the last moment

d) How many topics are there in the Unit 2? Mention the topics that belong to
Unit 2.

English exercises, British Council, EC English Language Centres. Learn English,

Englishpage. (2018), Using English, English gramar online 4u,Learn English. Cursos-
inglés, Aprender Inglés Fácil. (2017), Pearson Brown. (2003), Demchenko, Yuri.
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grammar, Collins Adele. (2003). Adele’s ESL corner, Aula fácil S.L. (2009), Saber inglés.
(2000-2018), To Learn English, Busy teacher. (2007-2018).

e) Explain with your own words the aim of the link Synchronic attention via
the link Synchronic attention via Skype. allows you to interact with the tutor and your
colleagues, during the course of the meeting questions are answered and the contents
of the course are explained.

Part 4: Make two (2) comments about your partners’ answers making
corrections if necessary.


Fellow Julian very good contributions, however in question C of part 3,he had to explain a bit
more, how you can help us know where the grades are?

Part 5: Each student provides two (2) ideas answering the following question and
supporting his opinion:

• Why is it so important to learn English nowadays in order to be a better


The fundamental reason why studying English is so important because English is

essential for finding a job. English gives us access to a better education and so to the
possibility of a better job. Our job opportunities will multiply as soon as we master the