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Methodology: Seminars on Techniques and Their Application

By AP. Hadjer Belhamidi

Class email:
Password: 123456meth
Objectives: This module is designed to investigate the different steps needed to design
important academic writings such as a research paper, a thesis, a book report, a curriculum
vitae…etc. Its sphere runs as far as technicalities may go and sometimes even the content.
Methodology includes some initial techniques and their application in addition to the practice
of writing and convincing in general. Initially, the program starts with the most formal
techniques applied on MS Word, and then deepens into research paradigms to teach students
how to design a thesis subject and choose a research methodology. Later, students will learn
the most important formalities related to MLA style, regarding the citation and works cited
(bibliography). Finally, students will get down to the writing process, learning some important
insights about it and then applying them. The sessions following that will help with the writing
process by teaching students about applying the most important Oxford-style essays, including
comparison essay, reporting data essay, book report, cv…etc. The most important objective will
be to strengthen and encourage the students’ systematic writing. An email will be provided to
students with its password to enable them access and download the lectures. The written course
materials in the email involve mere notes or insights without explanation or application, thus,
students will still have to be present in order to fully understand the lectures. Lectures are
accessible and downloadable and they involve the following:
Seminar Schedule (S1+ S2):
1. Front Page: Seminar and application in the center of statistics to explain and apply all
elements of the front page.
2. MLA Style Typing and Pagination on MS Word: Seminar and application in the center
of statistics to explain and apply all related techniques based on the form of MLA style
3. MLA Numerical System: Seminar and application in the center of statistics to explain
and apply all related MLA formal techniques of numbering
4. Introduction to Research and Types of Research Paradigms/ methodologies
5. Types of Research Methodologies: The most important research methodologies
explained with classroom tasks
6. MLA Style Citation, with classroom application
7. MLA Style Works Cited List, with classroom application
8. Insights on Writing Skills
9. Thesis Proposal and Thesis Schedule
10. Academic Writing
11. Common Phrases for Writing Research Papers
12. Insights on Punctuation
13. Insights on Capitalization
14. Insights on Italicization
15. How to Write a Comparison Essay
16. How to Report Data
17. How to Write a Book Review
18. How to Write New Graduate Curriculum Vitae
19. Tips for Acknowledgements
Your teacher hopes you will enjoy the process of learning and informs you that this
process is a two-sided job. We will need to work together as a team. Our cooperation is what
makes the process work in a unified form. For that purpose, you are welcome to ask for my
help whichever time you need it, as long as it is in an academic context. Please bear in mind
that the type of this course is a lecture and that means that you do not have applied work in class
that demands of you to work hard for your evaluation, but that does not necessarily mean that
you will not receive academic in-class applied work as it would be mandatory for you
sometimes to understand the course materials. I wish you a good start and a fruitful year.

Welcome to my lectures 