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This project was really a challenge for me but I learned a lot while preparing this project

basically SUZUKI MOTORS. This report provides me a chance to study and analyses the

practical aspects of the topic (The Marketing Strategy of Suzuki Motor). It enhanced my

knowledge in the field of marketing. This project also gave me the chance to improve logical

thinking and interacting patterns.

This project high lightens the importance of financial institutions and banks role in Bike selling.

This project also highlights the product promotion during the different bank visit firstly make

aware the bank branch manager about the product. The project deals with the various aspects of

marketing strategy and sales. New marketing strategy mean that creating new market area,

developing the new relation, doing new promotion and advertising is done in relation to the 4 P’s

of marketing that is Product, Price, Place and Promotion. There exist some opportunity in the

marketing activity done by the company in the past. The new marketing strategy of the company

will develop the mutual relation with banks and provide the quick facility the Bike finance to the


The Extract of the work is presented in this report under various headings as, Introduction,
Company’s Profile, Project Introduction, Methodology, Data analysis, Suggestions and

While working on the project, I came to know about the latest marketing strategies and trends

prevailing in the market. The way of promoting the products, providing a better convenience of

customer, and developing the new strategic technique to sell the product.

My topic of study is “The Marketing Strategy of Suzuki Motor” compared the Suzuki product

with the other automobile product in the aspects of features, new technology, modern look, cheap

price, luxurious interior design, mileage efficiency during the conducting of event show in entire

area of the city.

 To know the factor of awareness of the Bikes .

 To Study and analyze the Promotional Strategies.

 To develop the relationship with bankers to make the auto finance easy for customer.

 To know whether the customers are satisfied with the offers given by the dealer.

 To find out satisfaction of the customers.

 To study and analyze the customer's perception regarding the usefulness/utility of Suzuki

Bikes .


Khatwani Suzuki Pvt Ltd is an authorised dealer of bikes of Suzuki Motors India ltd .It is
situated at Jabalpur. It was established on 4hmarch 2008,, here 13 different types of
products are being sold & are available in different models & variants. It is a private
limited firm authorised under ISO 9001-9002(since last 6 months having certification). It
has its branch at Katni and Shahdol, number of employees working here are more than
300. It provides SSS Sales, Services & spares) facility, another part of Khatwani Suzuki
is True value where second hand vehicles are being purchased and sold off. It also
provides various financing facilities through its collaboration with various financing
companies like SBI Bank, MAGMA fin corp. ltd., ICICI Bank ltd., HDFC Bank ltd.,
Sundram finance, Mahindra & Mahindra financial services, Kotak Mahindra, Shriram
finance etc.

It consists of various departments such as: Sales,, EDP, Accounts, Insurance and
Finance-, EDP department consists of billing, tek..calling. It also has a body shop
where denting and painting work is done, spare parts with accessories is available.
It has also been awarded for the Best Services and Best Showroom, for achieving
the monthly targets some of the employees were rewarded.


National Road Safety Mission is the flagship Road Safety initiative introduced by the
Company in December 2008. Under this initiative, the Company took a commitment
of training over 500,000 people in safe driving practices in a span of 3 years. The
Company has successfully met this achievement. Amongst the five lakh people
trained one lakh are from the underprivileged sections of society. The main
objective was to make them employable in driving profession.Through our various
road safety initiatives we have cumulatively trained over 10 lakh people in safe

Manufacturing Excellence

With the merger, Suzuki Motors India Limited will bring its entire diesel engine
capacity under one single management control.

We began our operations in 1983, with the first Maruti 800 rolling out from our
Gurgaon plant. Over the next two decades Suzuki Motors bike models led by
Maruti 800 brought about a revolution in the Indian bike market.
As the automobile market grew so did our production capacities, production
process and infrastructure. Our scale and manufacturing today is completely
different from when it began.

Today, Maruti Suzuki's plants are comparable with the best in the world in terms of
quality, productivity and operational efficiency.

Suzuki MotorsIndia Limited approves merger with Suzuki Powertrain India Limited.

Suzuki Powertrain India Limited, a subsidiary of Suzuki Motor Corporation, Japan,

supplies diesel engines as well as transmissions for vehicles to Suzuki MotorsIndia

Recently Suzuki MotorsBoard of Directors approved a proposal to merge Suzuki

Powertrain India Limited (SPIL) with Suzuki MotorsIndia Ltd.

It is expected that the necessary regulatory approvals and legal requirements for
the merger may be completed by end December 2012.

Once the merger is approved, the books of accounts of SPIL will be merged with
MSIL with effect from April 1, 2012.


Suzuki MotorsIndia has two state-of-the-art manufacturing

facilities.The Gurgaon facility spread over 300 acres is located
around 25 kms south of Delhi. This facility houses three fully
integrated plants.


Many industry surveys have shown that majority of road

accidents are caused due to driver negligence.

Road safety has become a grave concern for all. This concern
has driven us to make road safety our priority.

Suzuki Motorsrealizing the need to improve road safety and

minimize accidents took up road safety as its focused CSR
initiative. Suzuki Motorsoperates its Road Safety initiatives at
two levels.


National Road Safety Mission is the flagship Road Safety initiative

introduced by the Company in December 2008. Under this initiative,
the Company took a commitment of training over 500,000 people in
safe driving practices in a span of 3 years. The Company has
successfully met this achievement. Amongst the five lakh people
trained one lakh are from the underprivileged sections of society. The
main objective was to make them employable in driving profession.

Through our various road safety initiatives we have cumulatively

trained over 10 lakh people in safe driving.


Do you know over 20,000 parts go into making of a single bike? And each of these
parts, whether small or big, is essential to deliver the best performance of your
bike. That is why; at Suzuki Motors our engineers take utmost bike to ensure
highest quality standards for on each and every individual part of the bike.

But, as we use the bikes the components undergo wear and tear. With usage
there is a need to check and replace the parts. While replacing a part, it is crucial
that the component used is of the highest quality standard, just like the original
one fitted on the bike.

Use of spurious and non-genuine parts exposes users to various risks. These can
lower the performance of vehicle and even risk the safety of passengers.

To ensure that only the highest quality parts reach your bike even when you need
to replace a worn out part, Suzuki Motors supply company certified parts. . These
genuine parts are of the same quality as the ones that came fitted on the new
bike. These certified parts are known as “Genuine Parts". Precision engineered to
the design and specifications of the specific model. As such these give best
performance and convenience. These MGP help to increase the vehicle life and
offer lowest best cost of ownership.

A hub and spoke distribution system for spare parts ensures availability of Maruti
Genuine Parts to the customers. Through this seamless part supply system, a
chain of MGP distributors or a MGP exclusive Retail Outlets serve the customer

Suzuki Motorcycle India, Private Limited (SMI) is the wholly owned Indian
subsidiary of Suzuki, Japan. it was the third Suzuki automotive venture in India,
after TVS Suzuki(1982-2001) and Maruti Suzuki(1982).In 1982 the joint-venture
between Suzuki Motor Corporation and TVS Motor Company incorporated and
started production of two wheelar in india. In 2001, after separating ways with
TVS motor company, the company was re entered as Suzuki Motorcycle India ,
Private Limited (SMI) in 2006 ,The company has set up a manufacturing facility at
Gurgaon, Haryana having the annual capacity of 5,40,000 units.


 Sling shot (Discontinued)
 GS150R ( Discontinued)
 Gixxer
 Gixxer SP
 Gixxer SF
 Gixxer SF SP
 Gixxer SF FI
 Gixxer SF FI ABS
 Hayate EP


 Access 125
 Access 125 SE
 Let's

Sports Bikes

 GSX-S1000F ABS
 GSX-S1000 ABS
 GSX-R1000 ABS
 GSX-R1000R ABS
 V-Strom-1000 ABS
 Hayabusa GSX 1300R
 Intruder M1800R
 Intruder M1800R BOSS Edition


 Ozark 250
 Quadsport Z400


 Suzuki Swish
Motorcycles/Sports Bikes

 Suzuki Heat 125

 Suzuki Zeus 125
 Suzuki Hayate 110
 Suzuki Slingshot 125
 Suzuki Slingshot Plus 125
 Suzuki GS150R
 Suzuki Inazuma 250


Today’s society is warm with urbanization and demonstration effect. With a view towards it,
there are drastic changes coming up in all sectors even in the automobile Industries. The
following information gives an insight about it.

In the present context the companies operate on the principle of natural selection –
“Survival of The Fittest”. Only those companies will succeed which at best match to the current
environmental imperatives – those who can deliver what people are ready to buy, according to
their convenience.

But real marketing does not involve the art of selling what the manufacturers make.
Organizations gain market leadership by understanding consumer needs and finding solutions
that delight consumers. If customer value and satisfaction are absent, no amount of promotion or
selling can be compensating. Hence the aim of marketing is to build and manage
Profitable Business Relationship

This is a part of the strategic marketing done by every company to achieve it objectives and
goals. To maximize the profits and long-term plans every organization has to follow a strategic
planning. Marketing is much more than just an isolated business function – it is a philosophy that
guides the entire organization towards sensing, serving and satisfying consumer needs. The
marketing department cannot accomplish the company’s customer relationship-building goals by
itself. It must partner closely with other departments in the company and with other organization
throughout its entire value – delivery network to provide superior customer value and
satisfaction. Thus marketing calls upon everyone in the organization to “think customer” and to
do all they can to help build and manage profitable customer relationship. Marketing is all around
us, and we need to know that it is not only used by manufacturing companies, wholesaler and
retailers, but also by all kinds of individuals and organizations
There are four major, powerful themes that go to the heart of modern marketing theory
and practice, they are:
What marketing is what it does and what it offers?
“Marketing is a social and managerial process whereby individual and groups obtain what they
need and want through creating and exchanging products and value with others.”
“Marketing management is the process of planning and executing the conception, pricing,
promotion and distribution of ideas, goods and services to create exchanges that satisfy
individual and organizational goals.”
“Marketing offers some combination of products, services, information, or experiences offered to
a market to satisfy a need or want” Marketing is an orderly and insightful process for thinking
about and planning for markets. The process starts with researching the market place to
understand its dynamics. The marketer uses research methodologies to identify opportunities,
that is, to find individuals all groups of people with unmet needs or latent interest in some
products or service.
The marketing process consists of the following:
1. Analyzing marketing opportunities.
2. Developing marketing strategies.
3. Planning marketing programs
4. Managing the marketing efforts.

Before taking any decision and achieving the goals, it has to make analysis of what to do, how to
do, when to do, where to do and who is to do it. This is nothing but strategic planning. Goals
indicate what a business unit wants to achieve whereas strategy is how to get there.

Marketing strategies in simple terms are the complete and unbeatable plans designed specifically
for attaining the marketing objectives of the firm. Marketing can be called as a game plan for
achieving its goals. Strategy choice will depend on whether the firm or the marketer plays the
following roles:
 Market leader
 A challenger
 A follower
 A niche

The identification of objectives, both in quantitative and qualitative terms, is an essential

backdrop to strategy formulation. Goals have a quality and time frame attached to them. These
are typically spelt out in terms of financial return, market share, market presence, etc. Thus, the
concept of market oriented strategic planning arises with the link between the products the
manufacturer is dealing in and the market conditions. In this direction, our study deals only with
the marketing strategies i.e. promotional strategies of the Suzuki automotives.


Suzuki follows the promotions at two levels, they a
1) Promotions of product directly by the manufacturer.
2) Promotions at dealer level.
In the first step the products of vehicles manufactured by the Suzuki Automotives are directly
promoted by the manufacturer by him. He follows many promotional strategies like
1. Advertising through television and newspaper.
2. Internet or interactive marketing.
3. Direct marketing.
In the second step the dealer of the vehicles promotes the vehicles. The various promotional
strategies followed by the Suzuki at dealer are
1. Advertising though news papers, radios, palm plates. In this all the features of the product and
its prices are given in detail to the customer.
2. In televisions the scrolling are given about the product and its features.
3. Promotion by conducting event shows on road side, bank campus, and market fair.
4. Hand to hand pamphlet distribution through demo about product in market side.
A heavy picture of the product which comprises of its attributes and special features are
displayed on the roadsides in the form of hoardings. It is a bit expensive strategy but attracts
many people who pass by that roadside. This type of advertisement is prepared for those
segments of people who cannot afford Suzuki their time in reading newspapers and watching
televisions. While travelling from their home to office, moving on their business activities they
may watch these hoardings. These hoarding are especially setup at the road signal stops.

Maintaining Data Bank:
In this the dealer collects personal/bio-data (address and contact number) of many people from
various organizations and different sector who are ready to buy the vehicles and who change the
vehicles regularly. These people are met-in person or contacted through their contact number.
The various new features and new offers regarding the vehicles are advocated to them and are
given discounts on group purchase of vehicles, i.e. if 5 or more friends in the group purchase the
Bikes at a time then they are given special discounts on the vehicles.
Free Insurance:
The Suzuki gives a special offer of free insurance on the purchase of each
Vehicle to its new customers
Relationship Marketing:
Suzuki pays a special attention towards its old customers. To retain the old and existing
customers it conducts a corporate meet at a luxurious hotel. The study aims at knowing the
problems of the customers regarding the vehicles and also service feedback. In this way it
maintains an effective relationship with the customers and gains the reputation and goodwill in
the minds of the customers.
Sales Promotion:
The sales promotion is done in the Suzuki at three levels:
1. Showroom sales: In this the customers walk in to the showrooms to know about the details of
the product. Specially trained sales executives who are present in the showrooms give a detailed
explanation about the product to the customers. Sales executives give a detailed note on the
products features, various offers given by the manufacturer and also by the dealer to the customer
and enhance the sales of the vehicles.

2. Corporate sales: A special team of sales executives are sent to some big corporate
sectors and there they personally meet the heads of the organizations like C.E.O’s, Managers etc.,
and explain about the vehicles and the offers and special schemes provided by the dealer to them
on bulk purchase of the vehicles and try to promote the sales of the vehicles.

3. Field sales: The sales executives conduct some events with the corporate working people and
try to demonstrate the product features and its benefits and try to promote the product and
increase its sales.


This is a unique program conducted by Suzuki. This is a program conducted to retain the old
customers of the Suzuki. The old customers of the Suzuki are meeting personally and they are
requested to give their feedback by filling in the questionnaire which is specially prepared for
them. In this questionnaire their problems regarding the vehicle and also their post sale service
experience are taken. If there exists any problem, then the Suzuki service men try to resolve the
problems of their customers as soon as possible and makes the customer satisfied. This is a
technique to attract the new customers by satisfying the old customers and gaining goodwill in
the market.


Suzuki maintains strategic sales standards in the following manner:-
 The Sales faculty is clean, tidy and inviting, making customer’s comfortable while
purchasing products and availing services.
 Customers are courteously acknowledged within two minutes of their arrival and are
advised that a Sales Consultant will be available upon request.
 The Sales Consultant’s appearance and dress will be of the highest standards.
 An advisory relationship is established between the customer and the Sales Consultant
who listens to the customer, identifies their needs and ensures that they are met.
 A pleasant, non-pressured purchase experience will be provided during which a thorough
demonstration of the vehicle features and benefits will be made.
 A test drive will be offered to all customers.
 Using a check list, the Sales Consultant delivers the vehicle in perfect condition when
 Customers will be contacted within one week after delivery to ensure total satisfaction.


 An efficient service facility allows a customer to avail all the service provided by
Suzuki, in a clean and welcoming environment.
 An appointment is available within 5 working days of the customer’s request.
 Customers are courteously acknowledged within two minutes of their arrival and the
write-up will begin with five minutes.
 Service needs are courteously identified, accurately recorded on the repair order and
verified with the customer.
 The vehicle is serviced right on the first visit.
 The vehicle is ready on the agreed upon time.
 A through explanation of work done, warranty coverage and charges is given to the
 All service repair work will be followed up within five working days.
 Each vehicle will be washed before being returned to the customer.

Stermer, Bill (2006). Streetbikes: Everything You Need to Know. MotorB ooks/MBI Publishing
Company. p. 10. ISBN 0760323623, 9780760323625.The book provide detailed information
about the bikes, its types, manufacturing companies, modern technology, different models of
bikes which suit the requirement of every age group.

Dr. C.B.Mamoria, R.L.Joshi and Dr. M.I.Mulla. 2005. Publisher – Kitab Mahal. ‘Principles and
Practice of Marketing In India’, ISBN 81-225- 0079-X. The book is very useful to understand the
concept of Marketing System and Marketing Mix. The book provides extensive information
about the marketing of consumer products, Industrial goods and agricultural goods. It also throws
light on the theme Market Segmentation, Consumer Behaviour and Product Planning and
Development. It also explains the concept of Service Marketing, Pricing Policies and Strategies.

Prof Kolter, Prof Kella, Prof Koshy & Prof Jha Marketing Management. The reference book is a
milestone for the students of marketing. The book elaborates various techniques of effective
marketing and the various aspects concerned with the marketing policies. It also contains case
studies about marketing.

Best Bikes’ – a research paper by Darius Lam published in ‘Autocar’ May 2003 edition. The
research paper consists of the most comprehensive study on ‘Total Customer Satisfaction in the
Indian Motorcycle Sector’. The study was undertaken to find out how happy the owners really
are with their bikes. Another objective of the study was to provide two wheeler manufacturers
with actionable information to improve their products, services and brand image for their
customers. The study has reflected the views of over 5400 two wheeler owners in regards to their
overall ownership experience.

Wood (2001) mention that consumers may feel that they are doing something good for
society without it costing them any additional cost when they buy a product linked to a cause.
Customers purchase at their discretion and essentially donate on more than one occasion through
the continued use of a certain product. Furthermore, earned-income generating activities are
viewed as more reliable funding sources than donations and grants (Dees, 1998). According to
Dees (1998) self-funding is the new mantra since dependency on individual donors is now being
seen as a weakness (Dees, 1998).

Firms that participate in cause-related marketing programs increase their product sales,
service offerings and revenue. This is because firms are able to differentiate their products. A
study of the literature finds a clear consensus among corporate executives that they use cause-
related marketing because it increases a company’s profits. A writer in Incentive states, “‘worthy
causes benefit from such campaigns, but make no mistake about it: Cause-related marketing is
first and foremost a marketing program. CRM is separate from the many purely philanthropic
projects that companies often undertake’” (Wagner and Thompson, 1994). General Foods, for
example, pledged to contribute 10 cents for every Tang cents-off coupon redeemed during a
specified period, up to a maximum of Rs.100,000. The redemption rate was above the 4 percent
average for coupons in general and a 13 percent positive movement of the brand was tracked
(Varadarajan, and Menon, 1988). Polonsky and Wood (2001) suggest that because company
donations are directly triggered by sales, it is easier to calculate the return from cause-related
marketing programs. Furthermore, as with nonprofits, for-profit organizations can receive
additional publicity from CRM programs, which would increase the sales and use of their

One such cause-related partnership that illustrates the success of the firm is that between
VISA USA and Reading is Fundamental (RIF). Visa USA runs a cause-related marketing
program aimed at literacy in partnership with RIF. Adkins (1999) claims that Visa carried out
cardholder research that identified that over 70 percent of cardholders felt reading was important,
and if Visa supported such a card they would increase their Visa card usage. Each time the Visa
card is used, a donation is made to Reading is Fundamental. The minimum guaranteed donation
was Rs.1 million, with additional funding if Visa’s volume goal was achieved. The campaign has
been supported by TV advertising, local radio, shopping mall media and has had a Rs.20 million
advertising budget with more than Rs.4 million in co-operative merchant marketing. This
program had significant impact on the Visa brand image with an increase of 7 percent and an all-
time high of 62 percent for Best Overall Card in Visa’s on-going image tracking study.. In
November 1997, sales volume was up 16.9 percent over 1996 and transaction volumes were up
18.9 percent. In 1997, 20 percent consumer awareness of the promotion was achieved, an
increase of over 82 percent on 1996, and 64 percent of those aware of the promotion perceived
value from it (Adkins, 1999).


The project was designed to be a Descriptive Research, because the study required an in depth.

Look into the Motorcycle market, its structure and Status

The basis of this project is the information collected through Secondary data. In order to get the
view of those related in this market, some dealers and showrooms were informally visited.


It consists of information collected for the specific purpose, survey research was used and he all

the details of Suzuki and their competitors were contacted. Survey research is the approached

gathering description and information.


Who is to be surveyed? The marketing researcher must define the target population that will be
sampled. The sample Unit taken by me was 100; Customers of different age group, different
gender and different profession.


The study includes in it the data collected through both primary and secondary sources. Primary

data is collected with the help of structured questionnaire and personal meeting. Questionnaire is

administered on the sample respondents. However there are certain cases where personal

interactive method is followed with customers to find the satisfaction level.

1. Which of the following Suzuki Bike you own?

Name of the Bike % of the customer

Access 30

Lets 25

Gixxer 15

Hayate 10

Intruder 20

Total 100%

% of customers

20% 30%


Interpretation: This question is meant for taking the information regarding the most preferred

Bike in the Suzuki Bikes . From the above graph it is found that most preferred vehicle of Suzuki

Bikes is Access.

2. What do you like most about your Suzuki?

Customers preference No. of customers

Style / design 18

Comfort 46

Suzuki brand 26

Service 10

Total 100

No. of customers

10% 18%

Ford brand
46% Service

Interpretation- This question is meant to know the customers preferences and likes towards the

Bikes . From the data we can position our product to the comfort seeking group of people.

3. To other Bikes , what do you feel great about your Bike when compared in the market?

(A) Fuel efficiency (B) Durability(C) Low maintenance (D) Sound quality (E) Brand name

Customer perspective No. of customers

Fuel efficiency 4

Low maintenance 18

Sound quality 24

Brand name 40

Durability 14

Total 100

No. of customers

14% 4%

Fuel efficiency
Low maintenance
Sound quality
40% 24%
Brand name

Interpretation: From this question we can position the Bikes according to the customer’s

perspectives. Many of the Suzuki customers are buying the Bikes by seeing its Brand Name

only. The no. of customers satisfied with the fuel efficiency is very low.

4. How did you come to know about this Bike before purchasing?

Sources of awareness No of customers

Friends , relatives 18

Advertisement 50

Bike experts 6

Sales people visit 18

Auto magazines 10

Total 100

No. of customers

10% 18%

Rriends, relatives
6% Car experts
Sales people visit
Auto magazins

Most of the Suzuki customers came to know about their vehicle through Advertisements only.

The major media that attracted the customers is television.

5. How do you rate the promotion of Access by Suzuki?

Rating No. of customers

Excellent 10

Very good 28

Good 52

Average 10

Poor 0

Total 100

No.of customers
10% 10%

28% Excellent
Very good
52% Average

It has been observe From the table and graph above it can be seen that, 10% of respondents felt

that the promotion was Excellent, 28% of respondents felt that the promotion was Very good,

52% of respondents felt that the promotion was good, 12% of respondents felt that the

promotion was Average, and 8% of respondents felt that the promotion was poor. It is clear that

promotion of the Access by Suzuki was good.

6. Where do you get your Bike serviced regularly?

Place of service No. of customers

At authorized center 82

At a local workshop near my house 18

Total 100

No. of customers


At authorized center
At a local near my house

Most of the Suzuki customers are interested to service their vehicles only at the authorized

dealers. From this we come to know what the importance of authorized service centers for Bike


7. Which bank do you prefer in getting financial help while purchasing a Bike?

Name of the bank No. of customers



SBI 20


Total 100%

No. of customers



Most of the customers prefer ICICI and SBI banks for taking financial help while purchasing a

bike. Customers are asking for min interest on financial help provided by the banks.

8. Which type of finance do you prefer?

Type of finance No. of customers

In house finance 60

Out house finance 24

No difference between the two 16

Total 100

No.of customers


In house finance
60% Out house finance
No difference between the two

Interpretation: It has been observe that most of the customers prefer house finance help while

purchasing a Bike.

9. To which media do you get expose regularly?

Media No. of customers

Televisions 52

Magazines 14

News paper 32

FM/ Radio 2

Total 100

No. of customers



News paper
14% FM/ Radio

From this analysis we come to know that most of the customers are interested in watching

televisions, which is a good media for communicating with people and delivering our intentions

about product.

10. Which kind of T.V. channels do you watch regularly?

T.V. Channels No. of customers

National news channel 20

Sport channels 8

Entertainment channel 40

Regional news channel 32

Total 100%

No. of customers


8% National news channel

Sport channel
Entertainment channel
40% Regional channel

This question is meant to know the interests and preferences of customers towards T.V. channels.

More than quarter of the sample size showed interest only on the entertainment channels and next

preference goes to the regional news channels.

11. What’s your opinion on the price list of Suzuki Bikes ?

Customer opinion on pricelist of Suzuki No. of customers


Affordable by common man 30

Affordable by only rich man 60

Can’t say 10

Total 100

No. of customers


Affordable by common man

Affordable by only rich man
60% Can't say

More than 80% of customers think that Suzuki Bikes are affordable only by rich men. These

Bikes are too expensive for an economic/common man of the society.

12. What kinds of offers do you like or expect from the dealer?

Offers No. of customers

Free insurance 18

Special discount on sale of Bikes 6

Extending the service period 54

Finance availability with 0% interest 22

Total 100

No. of customers

22% 18%
Finance insurance
Special discount on sale of cars

Extending the service period

Finance availability with 0%

The chart shows that the most of customers likely expected to the dealer to extend the service


13. What more do you expect from your dealer?

Expectations of customer No. of customers

Information about service and mileage 68

Assistance regarding loans and insurance 8

Understanding customer needs 20

Information about new Bikes 4

Total 100

No. of customers


Information about service and

20% milage
Assistance regarding lones and
8% insurance
68% Understanding customers
Information about new car

Most of the customers are expecting the information about service and mileage regarding the

Bikes from the dealer. From the above analysis we come to know about the customer’s

expectations and their post purchase service demands from the dealer.

14. How do you feel when an unknown sales person approaches you by knowing your full

details to demonstrate about any product?

Customer opinion No. of customers

I will not respond 22

Lost my privacy 10

Interest in knowing, If I feel a need of it 64

Total 100

No. of customers

I will not respond

Lost my privacy
Interest in working, If I feel a need
of it

This question is prepared indirectly to know about the customer’s opinion about the Data Bank

maintenance by the Suzuki. In reply majority of the customers gave a positive reply by showing

interest in knowing about the Bikes when a sales person gives a detailed description about the

Bikes .

15. Have you come across any promotional event conducted by Suzuki during last six


Customer opinion No. of customers

Yes 61

No 49

Total 100

No. of customers



From the table and graph above it can be seen that 61% of respondent’s come across promotion

of Suzuki and 49% do not come across promotion of Suzuki..

16. Would you recommend Suzuki bikes to your friends and relatives?

Recommend Not recommend Total

respondents 62 38 100

Table no.16

No. of respondents


Not recommend

From the table and graph above it can be seen that 62% of respondents recommend Suzuki bikes

to their friends and relatives and 38 % of respondents don’t recommend. Most of the respondents

would recommend Suzuki vehicles the friends and relatives.

17. Whom do you suggest as a right person for promoting a bike?

Customer suggestion No. of customers

Sports persons 36

Film star 42

Bike expert 14

Any celebrity 8

Total 100

No of customers


Sports persons
Film star
Bike Expert

42% Any celebrity

Most of the customers of Suzuki suggest a film star as the best ambassador. Because many of

them get attracted only to their favorite film stars other than other brand ambassadors

 Brand awareness has got a great range of influence on buying behavior. Now-a-days

people are Brand conscious. Products or Services having a good Brand image has got a

great range of influence on buying behavior.

 Marketing of a product and creating awareness through conducting event show in

different areas of a pre plane with bank manager and meeting with customer personally

has an influence on the people rather than non-personal channels.

 The brand image of Suzuki is Excellent. Everyone is aware of Suzuki as it is the fourth

largest automobile company. In Jabalpur most of the people are think that Suzuki

vehicles are for urbane people.

 In economic Bikes millage plays a major role on buying behavior. People who are

choosing economic segment are mostly from employees and middle class. They cannot

effort more.

 Maintenance of Suzuki vehicles is more. Suzuki is positioned in the minds of people as

high maintenance that is the one of the reason why Suzuki is not a big success in the

Indian market

 The products “Suzuki ACCESS” features when compared to any Bike in same segment

segment no bike having a number of features as Access.

 Customer’s perspectives, Many of the Suzuki customers are buying the Bikes by seeing

its brand name only. The no. of customers satisfied with the fuel efficiency is very low.

 Most of the Suzuki customers came to know about their vehicle through Advertisements

only. The major media that attracted the customers is television.

 The popularity shows that most of the customers would recommend Suzuki Access to

the friends and relatives.

 Peoples are very aggressive and enthusiastic to meet with brand promoter during event



 Suzuki has to concentrate on new strategies for the promotion of Suzuki bikes. As it is a

newly launched model of the Suzuki it is the time to capture market of the economic

segment. Currently Access is having a good response in the market.

 Suzuki has to rectify some features as they are not upto date in industry. Everyone who

had a look at the Bike likes it, after seeing the color and shape they are not showing much

interest interest.

 Suzuki has to utilize the media for the promotion of their products . For the reaching of

the target audience media is the best way. Through promotion will go to the long


 Please try to increase the number of Service centers. And keep Service Stations at main

interior locations of the city where customers feel it easy and nearby to go to service


 Please provide information about new Bikes along with their price lists at least once in 6


 Advertisements through televisions can influence many categories of people. So try to

concentrate on this segment. We don’t see or find much of the Suzuki Bike

advertisements in T.V. “Suzuki ACCESS”.

 Try to provide financial facility of all customers at minimum interest.

The present study is subjected to following limitation.

 During the study I met a lot of customer some were intender and some were owner.

 The sample was restricted to only one dealer of Suzuki motors, which may restrict the

scope and completion of study.

 The scope of is restricted only to the Jabalpur city.

 Shortness of time and due to privacy some customers were unable to entertain.

The study, which I conducted on the “In-depth Analysis of Suzuki Motors Ltd”. in the area of
Marketing has been a very gratifying experience at the outset, the objectives were to cover the
whole marketing strategies. The entire report has been effort to do just that.

Through out the study I found Suzuki bikes are very new & use modern technology in their
bikes. As a result they give better performance then other bikes in the market & required less
maintenance. Suzuki also provides good after sale service to the customer.

Suzuki has managed to put in spectacular performance going from strength to strength despite
increase in competition, the company’s sales have witnessed an up trend, registering an average
growth of 42% in the three years under review.

Suzuki has managed to achieve this because of its strong brand image and proven product quality
underpinned the performance growth in recent years. Apart from the strong brand “Access” the
company’s presence across the spectrum of the motorcycle market helped it exploit the growing
demand vehicles.

At the lower, end, the company has Hayate at the middle level passion & joys. The Bixxer range
is targeted, at the premium segment. Thus one may say that the marketing strategies adopted by
Suzuki have really paid-off, as the company has constantly managed to increase its market share
and also increase its sales .Which is really amazing for a company which has been a market
leader to maintain its strong position in the wake of growing competition from its competitors
who have been trying to grab a strong share in the market by launching latest technology

Last three data show that demand of Suzuki bikes increase & market trends indicated that in
future more demand for suzuki bikes expected.


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