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NOS eA ‘No : [no surat) September 26", 2014 Subject: Account Cancellation To: Agnes Monica ‘Agnes Company Cisitu Street, Bandung Indonesia, 40135 ‘Dear Ms. Monica, Please accept this letter as a formal request cancel jujubandung. account with ‘your organization immediately. The account number is 999. If you require additional information, please call me at +62-858-626161xx or contact me in ‘writing via email at or postal mail at the address detailed in the footer of this letter. “Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. Regards, jujubandung “Traveller and food lover secretariat ‘Dago Street, Bandung, Indonesia Telp/Fax ; +62-858-626161xx Email: Web: jujubandung. KOP SURAT No. :505/01/PYI/2009 January 27, 2009 Subject: Thank You letter Picky Yanuar Isharwansa 28 Seram Street Bandung Dear Mr. Isharwansa, Thank you very much for your suggestion on how to make our deliveries more efficient. | agree that we should begin using an electronic scheduling system. We appreciate the time and effort you have spent to share your insightful comments, which will be seriously considered and adequately implemented. It's these kind of ideas that we strive for to help us keep improving. Please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts in the future. Sincerely, Juju Bandung ceo Perusahaan Batagor Bandung 57 Banda Street Bandung KOP SURAT PAYMENT CONFIRMATION RECEIPT No : [no surat] To: Ms. Agnes Monica The organizing committee of [nama conference], has received the payment: From : Ms. Agnes Monica NoIR +: [no registrasi] Affiliation: The University of Lifestyle Country: Japan Amount: USS 750 For : Registration fee (full Price) Note : Seminar Kit, Lunch, Welcome Dinner, Farewell Party Date of Payment Accepted : September 9, 2014 Date of payment confirmation receipt : September 9, 2014 We sincerely appreciate and thank for the payment, Cordially yours, {tanda tangan dan cap] jujubandung Head of [nama conference] Secretariat jujubandung. office Dago Street, Bandung, Indonesia Telp/Fax ; +62-858-626161xx Email: Web: jujubandung.