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Artifact #11: Meetings with Dr. Deirdra M.

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Title of item Meetings with Dr. Deirdra M.

Owner/Creator N/A

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Description of item content Dr. M. has been a counselor at Brumby for over a
decade. I was able to collaborate with her to
inform the affective support resources I would
develop and share on the K-2 Enrichment
Resources OneNote for teachers. She provided a
library of children’s books that would be great for
social emotional learning in Kindergarten through
second grade. She also shared a lot of growth
mindset activities. Collaborating with her also gave
me an opportunity to share with her my goal of
advocating for our high ability students who often
face many affective challenges.
How this item informs your goals. Collaborating with Dr. M. met my goal of
Significance in your Practicum/Internship collaborating with school counselors to develop my
experience. OneNote full of resources. It also informed some of
my work in developing an Affective Curriculum Unit
(which overlaps with my Applied Project), as well as
helping inform the affective component of the
professional development module.
Acquisition Challenge Level (considering Level 3
time, effort, money, etc. on scale of easy = 1 It took time and effort to meet with Dr. M. She often
to difficult = 5) teaches classes or holds Tier meetings during my
planning time, so I had to take the time to plan
ahead to meet with her. Meetings with her also took
time away from my own regular responsibilities
(sometimes I would miss a part of a team meeting,
or lose planning time).