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Artifact #13: Children’s Books List

Portfolio Item Responses

Title of item Children’s Books List

Owner/Creator Myself (Katelyn Thompson)

Site found N/A

Found on OneNote (See “snip” on portfolio page).
Description of item content In the OneNote Notebook, there is a section for
“Affective Support.” Within this section, there is a
tab titled “Bibliotherapy” with the sub-tab,
“Children’s Books.” Here is a list of children’s books
that can address various social/emotional needs in
the classroom. The list of books is organized by
topics: perfectionism, self-managing emotions,
growth mindset, being different/identity/belonging,
anxiety, cooperation, and social responsibility.
Images of the books are here along with Titles and
Authors’ names.
How this item informs your goals. This list is incorporated into the OneNote of
Significance in your Practicum/Internship resources for K-2 teachers. I developed this list with
experience. the help of the counselors who I collaborated with,
which is also one of my practicum goals.
Acquisition Challenge Level (considering Level 4
time, effort, money, etc. on scale of easy = 1 It took a lot of time to search and sift through the
to difficult = 5) books in the counselor’s office for ideas, as well as
meeting with them for recommendations. I also
spent a lot of time researching books online to
address the various topics. I often spent time
watching these books “read alouds” on YouTube.
To compile all the books took several weeks.