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TESOL: Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

上智大学 言語科学研究科

言語学専攻 英語教授法コース

Academic Year 2019



This document has been prepared to help applicants who wish to pursue their
graduate studies in English. The original version of the application booklet is
in Japanese. All materials (including the application forms) can be
downloaded from the Sophia University website:
Further inquiries in English can be directed to the Admissions Office.

Sophia University
Admissions Office
7-1 Kioi-cho, Chiyoda-ku
Tokyo 102-8554, JAPAN
Tel: 81-3-3238-3517
Fax: 81-3-3238-3262


1. Number of students to be admitted--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2

2. Eligibility --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2

3. Application procedure--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3

4. Application schedule for 2019 entry-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3

5. Application fee -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------4

6. Application documents------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------4

7. Entrance examination--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------5

8. Notification of the results---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------6

9. Matriculation procedures----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------6

10. Scholarship information----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------6

11. Status of residence (VISA)-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------6

1.Number of students to be admitted
Master’s Program in Linguistics 33 students
This is the total number of students to be admitted every year to the four courses within the Program in Linguistics:
Linguistics, Research in Communication Disorders, TESOL and TJFL (Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language).
Each course does not specify the number of students it accepts.
Students are accepted to the Program once a year, to begin their studies from the Spring semester (April). No September
entries are accepted.

Those who meet one of the following criteria and two of the following prerequisites can apply to the TESOL Program:
(1) Applicants who have graduated, or are expected to graduate from a university in Japan before entering the
Master’s program.
(2) Applicants who have completed, or are expected to complete, 16 years of formal education at a foreign educational
institution before entering the Master’s program.
(3) Applicants who hold a bachelor’s degree or an equivalent awarded by a foreign educational institution which
requires at least three years of study for graduation.
(4) Applicants who have successfully completed a postsecondary course at a specialized training college designated by
the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) after the date designated by the
Ministry, or are expected to do so. The course must have at least a 4-year study duration and meet the requirements
specified by the Ministry.
(5) Applicants deemed eligible by MEXT.
(6) Applicants who have attended a university for at least 3 years and have been judged by Sophia University as
having obtained the designated number of academic credits with excellent grades.
(7) Applicants aged 22 or over whose academic ability has been judged by Sophia University as equivalent to that of a
student who graduated from a university.
Applicants without a bachelor’s degree, who fall under (2), (6) or (7) above are required to go through an eligibility
screening process. Please contact the Admissions Office at least one month prior to the application documents
submission deadline.

【Prerequisites】Applicants must meet prerequisite 1 below and one of the prerequisites in 2.

1. [For non-native speakers of English only] TOEFL scores higher than 550 (PBT) or 79 (iBT), IELTS (Academic)
scores higher than 6.0 or First Grade of the Jitsuyo Eigo Gino Kentei (Eiken, Test in Practical English
Proficiency). These tests should be taken within two years of the application deadline. We do not accept TOEFL
ITP (Institutional Testing Program) scores.
2. Applicants should meet one of the following four criteria:
(1) The applicant holds a teacher’s license.
(2) The applicant is expected to obtain a teacher’s license before entering the Master’s program.
*Even though applicants may have been accepted to Sophia University on the basis of their expected obtainment
of a teacher’s license, failure to obtain a teacher’s license or have the results submitted before our deadline
(March 25, Monday, 2019) will result in cancellation of their acceptance.
(3) At the time of application, the applicant has experience of teaching a foreign language for one year or more at
educational institutions and companies in Japan or in other countries as their principal occupation.
*Private tutoring does not fulfill the one-year teaching experience requirement.
(4) The applicant holds a CELTA certificate.

3.Application procedure
Note: Applications are accepted twice a year and entrance examinations are administered in September and February.
Please apply in accordance with the following steps:
(1) Register on the on-line application system:
(2) Make sure to include all your application information in your on-line application.
(3) Pay the application fee (please see section 5) and submit your application on-line.
(4) Print out your completed application form and mail it with the other application materials to the Sophia Admissions
Office by registered express mail to arrive by the given application documents submission deadline (Use the mailing
label provided on the Sophia University website). Application materials must reach Sophia Admissions Office by
the application documents submission deadline.
* Hand-delivered applications will not be accepted.
* The application documents will not be returned to the applicant.
* The applicant cannot change the program/course s/he is applying for after the application has been submitted.
* Applications made directly from countries outside of Japan must be submitted well in advance.
* Medical Attention
Any applicant with physical conditions that might require special attention when undertaking the entrance exam and
university work should notify the Admissions Office in writing before the application period.

4.Application schedule for 2019 entry

Applicants can apply during either of the two application periods below.
September application February application
On-line application period July 2 through July 18, 2018 December 3 through December 21, 2018
Application documents submission
July 19, 2018 December 25, 2018
Issue of the admission ticket Around September 5, 2018 Around February 4, 2019
Oral examination date September 13, 2018 February 14, 2019
Notification of results on the website 10:00 a.m.(JST*), September 21, 2018 10:00 a.m.(JST*), February 21, 2019
Acceptance letter and documents for
September 28, 2018 February 26, 2019
matriculation to be mailed on
Matriculation fee payment deadline October 17, 2018 March 8, 2019
*All the dates and time are based on Japan Standard Time.

5.Application fee
35,000 Yen
Payment should be made by credit card or through Chinapay or PayPal services during the on-line application.
Payment must be completed by 23:59 (JST) for each application deadline. Applications will not be accepted after the
deadline. The application fee is non-refundable. Please note that an on-line application usage fee of 500 yen will be
charged in addition to the application fee.

6.Application documents
Note: ・ Documents printed in languages other than English or Japanese should be translated into English and certified
by a school official or an official agency, such as an embassy or consulate.
・Applicants who use different names in their application documents must submit a copy of their Family Register
(Koseki Tohon) or other applicable documents.
After completing the on-line application, please print out your application form.
During the on-line application process, you will be asked to upload a photo
1 Application Form
showing your full face. The photo will be used to confirm your identity when you
take the exam.
Issued by the university the applicant graduated from, or will soon graduate from.
Certificate of (Expected)
2 If the university is a foreign educational institution, a bachelor’s degree certificate
must also be submitted. Certificates must be original.
Issued by universities and must show all courses taken and grades received for
3 Official Transcript of Records
undergraduate and graduate (if applicable) work. Transcripts must be original.
One letter of reference from the applicant’s instructor at university or a supervisor
at work. The form provided on the Sophia University website should be used. The
Recommendation Letter
4 letter must be signed and sealed. Recommendation letters from members of staff
teaching courses in the Graduate School of Languages and Linguistics at Sophia
University will not be accepted.

An English essay of 2,000 words or less, giving the applicant’s reasons and
5 Essay
purposes for wishing to study in the TESOL course.
Either a TOEFL official score, IELTS (Academic) official score or a test certificate
of the First Grade of Eiken.
For TOEFL, attach the Test Taker (Examinee) Score Report (photocopy accepted)
to the application, and arrange to have ETS send the Official Score Report to
Sophia University (University Code 0819). The Official Score report must be
Certificate of English language
delivered to Sophia University by the application documents submission deadline.
6 We do not accept TOEFL ITP (Institutional Testing Program) scores.
*Not required for native speakers
For IELTS, attach the Test Report Form (photocopy accepted) to the application,
of English
and arrange to have the testing institution send the official Test Report Form to
Sophia University. There is no code number for Sophia University. Please make
sure to specify Sophia University, the university’s mailing address and other
necessary information so that the official Test Report Form will reach our
One of the following should be submitted:
(1) a photocopy of the teacher’s license
Certificate for【Prerequisites】2 (2) a certificate of expected acquisition of the teacher’s license
(See【Prerequisites】on Page 2) (3) a certificate of employment:the certificate must clearly state that the applicant
has experience of teaching a foreign language for one year or more.
(4) a photocopy of the CELTA certificate

7.Entrance examination(consists of an oral examination conducted in English)

1. Procedure
-The admission ticket (JUKENHYOU) will be sent to you through the on-line application system. Please print out the
admission ticket yourself and bring it with you on the examination day.
-The entrance examination will be held at the Yotsuya campus. The examination room will be announced on the
bulletin board at the Main Gate on the day of the examination. Please be seated in the examination room 30 minutes
before the exam starts.

2. Examination schedule
Time Exams Details
10:00 a.m.~ Oral exam Interview in English

8.Notification of the results

Applicants can confirm their acceptance/rejection through the following website below from 10:00 a.m. (JST) on the
results notification date (See application schedule):
An acceptance letter and documents for matriculation will be sent out to accepted applicants.

9.Matriculation procedures
To secure admission, a newly admitted student must complete payment of tuition and other fees due prior to university
entrance and submit the necessary forms to the Sophia Admissions Office by the matriculation fee payment deadline.

Information concerning tuition and other fees for the 2019 academic year have not yet been decided. The information
will be sent to accepted students along with the letter of acceptance. For your reference, fees for the 2018 academic year
were as follows:

Entrance Fee ¥200,000 (once at matriculation)
Semester Enrollment Fee ¥60,000 (per year)
Tuition Fee ¥480,000 (per year)
Education Enhancement Fee ¥180,000 (per year)
Premium for Personal Accident Insurance for Students
Pursuing Education and Research (2 year period) ¥1,400 (once at matriculation)

Total Amount: ¥921,400

Failure to meet the matriculation fee payment deadline will result in cancellation of your acceptance. No exceptions to
this rule will be made.
For detailed information, please refer to the Entrance Procedures pamphlet sent with the acceptance letter.

10.Scholarship information
Please refer to the following website:

11.Status of residence (VISA)

CAUTION: For international students who are applying for a college student status of residence
Before you apply for a college student status of residence, you need to obtain a Certificate of Eligibility (COE) issued
by a Regional Immigration Bureau. It will take one and a half months to two months to get the COE.
Please make sure to contact the Admissions Office at 03-3238-3517 or <admission-g(at)> as soon as you
confirm your acceptance. We will apply for the COE for your student status of residence on your behalf as soon as we
confirm your payment of the matriculation fee.
If you consider applying for the February examination, please note that there is a possibility that you will be unable to
attend classes in April if there is a delay in the issue of your COE.