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Solutions provided by our Group Doctors

Consume vegetable soups compulsorily in order to provide all minerals to the body in all the 3 diet patterns. Also, Omega 3 Fatty oil Capsules are necessary everyday throughout the diet period.
Reduce fat intake to 20-30 g and take more vegetables. STOP/REDUCE NON VEG till recovery. Apply coconut oil on skin mildly. If there is no relief you can take HOMEO medicine in liquid form of PULSATILLA 30 and CYCLAMEN 30
Blisters on skin, rashes, allergy
3 drops each separately in 30 ml of water, three times daily. After all these remedies if still problem persists, take EBASIL-10 mg (if rashes are more take 20mg) tablet 3-5 days.
Vitamin C tablet - CELIN 500 mg 1 in the morning and 1 in the evening. If it is 1000 mg then 1 tablet per day.
Difficulties in taking lemon
If you are in the US you can get Vitamin C tablets online. If 500 mg then 2 per day and if 1000 mg then only 1.
Bad breadth Reduce non veg and protein food. Take more water.
Dizziness/weakness Take 10 grams more of Fat immediately.
Vomitings more than 3 times If you have vomits, then take 2 OR 3 VOMIKIND tablets at a time. If you just have vomiting sensation, then take 2 or 3 DOMSTAL tablets.
Loose motions more than 3 times Take 2 tablets OF SPORLAC after food at the same time. Or else, take ELDOPER Capsule 1 or 2 whichever is effective for your body. If needed you can take 3 times per day.
If you have gastric as well as vomiting problems, then take 1 RAB DSR tablet in empty stomach for 3 to 5 days. If you are in the US you can take ZANTAC Tablet.
Gastric problem If you have only gastric problem then take RABEPRAZYLE tablet in empty stomach early morning and also after food.
If you are in the US, then take ZANTAC tablet 150 mg after food in the morning and evening.
If it is a normal headache, then get any painkiller from the medical shop and have it. If it is Migrane headache, then take GRENIL Tablet.
Headache / Migrane
If you are in the US then take TYLENOL pain relief tablet. It is avaiable in the malls like COSCO and HEB.
Body Pains / Cramps / Fever Take half tablet ULTRACET for body pains. It is a muscle relaxant. If you get FEVER, take any PARACETAMOL. If you are in the US, then take AFENAK 100 mg daily 1 tab.
Take more salt processed in Soups. Must have POTKLOR Syrup 5 ml in 100 ml of water daily 2 times for 3 to 5 days. If you are on liquid diet, Potklor syrup is a must.
Leg pain, numbness, Leg Cramps Calf muscle cramps You can also take Homeo 4 pills MAGPHOS 6X 3 times a day.
If you are in the US then take Potassium Chloride supplement tablets 99 mg 1 along with Vegetable soups.
Take DUCOLAX / DULCOLAX Tab. Reduce taking Non veg and Cheese, Cucumber and other fibre rich veg foods help tackle the problem well.
If you are in the US then take Stool Softener.
Cold Medicine not needed. Inhale hot turmeric water.
Throat pain Mix salt and turmeric in warm water and gargle.
If you do not take Fish for atleast 3 times in a week then - Take 1 OMEGA 3 FATTY OIL capsule 250 mg every day.
For those who do not fish or Vegetarians - FOR VEGANS, Take 1 500 mg OMEGA 3 FATTY OIL capsule every day.
EVION 400 mg tablet supplement (in green colour) 1 per day. For good hair growth, take natural foods like Vitamin A, C and Iron rich foods.
How to save yourself from hair fall while in the diet ESVIT 5 mg (or 10 mg for severe hair fall) is a Biotin supplement - to stop hairfall.
You will regain lost hair for sure.

If you do not consume nutritious foods, the pituitary grand will not function properly. Hence you will have hair fall.
If our body lacks or is nutrition deficient, or if one has hormonal imbalance
Reasons for Hair Fall • If you do not take balanced diet, like carbs + protein + Omega 3 fatty acids + Fat Oils or
• protein rich foods like nuts, seeds, vegetables, green leafy vegetables, chicken, mutton, panneer, mushrooms
In liquid diet, if you do not take vegetable soups, protein soups like chicken or mutton then hairfall gets triggered.
Take Biotin rich foods like Chicken or mutton liver weekly twice. and Salmon Fish is rich in Biotin and is an important food.
To stop hair fall
Cauliflower is also a Biotin rich food.
Take Nuts like Almonds rich in Vitamin E, Carrot rich in Vitamin A and colourful vegetables are also good.
Citrus fruits, lemons, oranges, green leafy vegetables also contain Vitamin C and other vitamins and minerals.
For Growth of hair
Green leafy vegetables are rich in Iron mineral. And even other minerals are found in them abundantly and is a necessary food.
Nuts and seeds taken in the diet are an excellent source of Minerals.

Food to be preferred post diet for good hair growth 1 Avocado per day and also sweet potatoes.

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