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Dignity of a person is very important in life.

That is why Islam really concerned about the

dignity of a person and emphasizes the importance of protecting dignity. In protection of dignity,

Islam had enacted a number of guidelines focuses on how to ensure the relationship between

man and women are done in respectful and responsible way. Islam has regulated the relationship

in the society between the men and the women in order to achieve the protection of dignity and

avoid the misbehaviors. In order to protect dignity, Islam prohibited adultery. Islam impose some

punishments for those who are involve adultery activities. Its also prohibits us from accusing

others of committing adultery or other immoral behavior. The protection of Al‐'Ird include the

protection of individual rights and respect their privacy. Also, Islam had impose severe

punishment for those who are involve in false accusation as way to protect privacy of the


In order to protect dignity, Islam strongly recommend Muslim to get married. Islam also

forbid any sexual relation before marriage, even small things that might leads to temptation like

chatting between man and women without necessary matters such as, coupling and so on is also

Haram. There should not be unnecessary contact between two sexes in order to prevent

themselves from evil deeds and protecting their own dignity. Severe punishments will be

imposed for Muslims who commits adultery.The Prophet said in a hadith, “Nikah (Marriage) is

my Sunnah (Way). He who shuns my Sunnah is not of me”. Islam disallow making women as

sexual object such as prostitutions and so on.

Apart from that, Islam also enacted guidelines on another way to behave between two

different gender by lowering our gaze and covering our Aurah properly. There is a reason why

Allah commands us to cover our Aurah. This is because, by exposing the aurah could lead to

zina (illegal sexual intercourse), pregnancy due to zina, killing of child from zina, divorce due to
adultery and many more. At the same time, covering Aurah can be as an attire or identification

for Muslim. According to surah Al-Haj verse 32, stated that who honours the symbols set up by

God [shall know that] verily, these [symbols derive their value] from the God-consciousness in

the [believers'] hearts.

The other behaviors such as kissing, hugging, caressing, heavy petting, and other act that

lead to Zina are also prohibited, but the requirements needed to justify a harsh punishment

of adultery are strict. They are not considered major adultery (hadd punishment), but they are in

category of minor adultery which is also prohibited. Punishments for adultery according to

Surah Annur verse 2 the punishments for adultery for unmarried person is 100 lashes while the

punishment for married person is stoning to death. The punishment may look severe but the

reality is the act of Zina itself is also severe. Then, the requirements needed for a person to be

punish with this kind of punishment is also strict which is there must be four witnesses that see

the act of the Zina itself by their own eyes.

In addition, Islam forbids aggression on the child by burying him or her alive or by

intentional abortion, and considers it as a very great sin. According to surah Israk verse 31, Allah

said that “Kill not your children for fear of want: We shall provide sustenance for them as well

as for you. Verily the killing of them is a great sin.” : This verse shows that Allah prohibited us

from the act of abortion and giving mercy and promise for all parents that he will provide
enough sustenance for their children and also for them if he do justice to the children by taking a

good care of the children.