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Subject: Consumer behaviour
Class: TYBBA (Semester – 5)

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16BBA 88 Milan patel Ms.Pallavi Chauhan
15BBA 107 Deep malani
Model of consumer decision making
I. Input
External influences

Firm’s marketing efforts

1) Product
Ford Eco Sport is the vehicle which was launched by the company in the year 2003 in
Brazil and it is still in the market many changes to the product done by the company to sell
the product little long years.

The ford Eco Sport boasts of several safety features which are not available in many low
priced competitors, they are six Airbags in the standard version, anti-lock brakes (ABS),
electronic stability program (ESP), and electric power-assisted steering (ESAP) for better
control of the car, and it also has Hill Launch Assist and rear-parking cameras with sensors
for better handling during the toughest parking conditions. These features are installed in the
car because the company is having customer centric mind-set and it wants to increase its
customer satisfaction by offering world class safety features in the Eco Sport.

There are 10 models of Ford Eco Sport which are Ambient, Trend, Titanium, Eco Boost
Trend, Eco Boost Titanium, and the same variants in the diesel fuel engines.

2) Promotion
The tagline of Ford Eco Sport is ‘Go Further’. The promotion of the Ford Eco Sport is so
impressive where in the video it shows some naughty kids experiment the cars various
features like darkness sensors, daytime running lights, LED headlights in the 45 second
YouTube advertisement. The 45 second clip has covered almost all the features that are
provided in the car, by the company. And the jingle is matching to the pace of the video.

Whereas the TV advertisement which has themed ‘#GetBusyLiving’ introduces the Ford
Eco Sport as a compact SUV featuring its SYNC feature which is a voice control software
and its various features like ride control, its suspension etc., The company has used the song
‘This Head I Hold’ by ‘Electric Guest’

3) Price
Ford Motor Co has taken great pain in reducing the price of the Eco Sport and making a
Competitive based model in India. It has priced the product in such a way that even the
middle class people in the Indian society or the market can afford to purchase an Eco Sport
which is feature-rich. The pricing differs from the model to model and will not create a hole
in the consumers pocket.

The ford Eco Sport starts with a price of Rs. 7, 18,000 for the base petrol variant and the
Diesel variant starts from Rs. 7, 83,000 for the basic variant and top model is up to 12lacks.
Company targeted to upper- middle peoples
4) Place
The Ford Motor company has a vast network of retailers in India. It has around 303 Ford
car dealers in whole of India which sell Eco Sport

Socio-cultural environment.

1) Family
The decision of purchase in family is always made considering the benefit associated to its
other users the family members. The purchase decision of a car similarly is taken relation to
that the purchase of this car is beneficial for the family and worth price

2) Reference group
Friends can also prefer or influence to buy ford Eco sport car because of chip rate, durable,
best Interior and also exterior, performance of the car is also good to compare other car like
Duster, s-cross, creta and Mahindra Scorpio.

3) Non-commercial sources
It means we have heard that Eco sport car is good in compare to other car then it can also
influence our decision to buy eco sport car. It is like “Word Of Mouth”.

4) Social class
`Final purchase is based on the income available from the family to support the decision,
income affect the final decision of purchase as different people spent differently based on
their social class.

For Example ford eco sport cannot be affort by lower class or lower middle class group of
people such car can be opted by upper middle class or even middle middle class category.


 Culture factors influence the purchase decision of an individual it gives

social order and is reflected in habits .
 For e.g. Cultural differences are considered while promoting any product
for always considers the cultural influences affecting the choice of their
purchase behaviour. Buyers from introverted and conservative culture
would not opt for a sports car whereas the sports lover will.
II. Process

Consumer decision making

1) Need recognition
Recognition of a need occurs when a consumer is faced with a problem and his/her need is to
buy a SUV car because of big family.
There is some need to buy a car and ford eco sport to satisfy consumer needs
 Fuel efficient
 Less maintenance
 Good after sales service
 More Space internally
 Spatial convenience for servicing
 Safety
 Comfort
2) Pre purchase Search
When a consumer realizes the needs, he goes for an information search.
 Internal: memory and experience
 Friends and family
 Magazines and media
 Respective company sites
 Zig wheels
 To check review of costumers in
 Test drives
3) Evaluation of alternatives
Based on different parameters many cars were evaluated some are:
 Mahindra Scorpio
 NEXA S-cross
 Renault duster
 Hyundai creta

Psychological Field

 Personality
A person’s distinguishing psychological characteristics lead to their responses in
Every individuals response differently and their choices and opinions differs.
Ford Eco Sports car is mostly preferred by sporty people more fond of ruggedness.
 Motivation
Consumers usually have multiple motives for particular behaviour.
Motivation can come from various sources which influences their purchase.
For cars such as Ford Eco Sport a person can be motivated by its sportal status,
requirements of the consumers.

 Perception
An individual takes decision based on their perception regarding different things and
every individual differs in terms of their perception.
For eg. An individual having a positive the auto mobile manufacturer will pot for their
sports car rather than other company.

 Attitude
Attitude of individual leads of change in their purchase patterns individual decides
upon their product in their product purchase based on their attitude.
For example: Individual with thinking or feeling of admiration sports car rather than a
normal economic segment car can be a potential for ford eco sport


Its means after driving Eco sport how we feel, weather we satisfied or not. It can be negative
as well as positive.
III. Output
Post decision Behaviour


1. Trial
When we drive eco sport for first time.

2. Repeat purchase
Repeat purchase is associated with consistent preference and purchase of one brand in a
specific product or service category. When a consumer has been delighted by a product or
brand, they may consciously choose to make repeat purchases and over time become loyal to
that particular brand loyal customer will purchase products or services from their
preferred brands, regardless of price, convenience and competitor marketing. They do not
switch brands easily.

Post Purchase Evaluation

The stage at which the consumer determines whether the correct purchase decision was made
and the result could be either satisfaction or dissonance.

The user did not face any problems with the vehicle and considers it to good enough. The
post purchase service is also prompt if the appointments are booked in advance.
Affective performance – high
Instrumental Performance – high
Symbolic performance – high
The user feels that the car could be slightly lower in price.