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Setelah mempelajari Bab 3, siswa
diharapkan mampu melakukan
hal-hal sebagai berikut:
3.16 Menganalisis fungsi sosial,
struktur teks, dan unsur
kebahasaan beberapa teks khusus
dalam bentuk undangan resmi
dengan memberi dan meminta
informasi terkait kegiatan
sekolah/tempat kerja sesuai
dengan konteks penggunaannya
4.16 Menyusun teks khusus
dalam bentuk undangan
resmi lisan dan tulis, terkait
kegiatan sekolah/tempat
kerja, dengan memperhatikan
fungsi dan unsur, struktur
teks, dan unsur kebahasaan,
secara benar dan sesuai
 Social Function  Structure of the text  Language features
Ungkapan mengundang: Modal auxiliary verbs
To invite someone to a  Would you like to come to...? Simple Present Tense
place or to do something  I would like to invite you to....
to maintain transactional  Would you like to come to the Simple Future Tense
relationships with others exhibition?
 Is it possible for you to attend
Stuktur teks surat undangan
1. Invitee (pihak yang diundang)
2. Salutation (salam pembuka)
3. Body of invitation ( Isi undangan)
 Occasion (untuk acara apa)
 Day & Date (Hari dan tanggal)
 Time (Waktu undangan)
 Place (tempat undangan )
4. Complimentary close (salam penutup)
5. Signature (tanda tangan)
6. Inviter: pihak yang mengundang
3rd Meeting


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Ungkapan Umum undangan formal pada percakapan

DIALOG: Formal Invitation

Read This Dialogue about inviting a boss for a dinner!

A : Mr. Lee, I was wondering if you and
your wife had plans for next Friday
B : Yes, I think we might be free. What did
you have in mind?
A : I've mailed a formal written invitation
to your home inviting you to a dinner
party at my home.
B : That sounds great. Is it casual?
A : Actually, we thought it would be fun to
have a formal sit-down dinner for
the holidays.
B : That sounds good. It will give my wife
a chance to dress up.
A : Yes, we've invited four other couples,
so it should be a good mix of people.
B : That sounds wonderful. Will there be
anyone there whom I know?
A : Oh yes, everyone we are inviting is
from our company.
B : Great! I'll look forward to it. We'll
make sure and check the mail for our

Read this dialogue about party invitation.

Shinta : Hello, this is Shinta. May I speak
to Venti?
Venti : This is Venti speaking.
Shinta : Oh, hi Venti. I wonder if you’d like
to come to my house tonight.
We’re having a great party.
Venti : I don’t think I can. I’m doing my
homework. I’m afraid I couldn’t
finish my homework.
Shinta : That’s alright.
Venti : I hope you enjoy your party.
Shinta : Thanks Venti.
Dani : Do you have anything to do tonight, Deby?
Deby : I don’t think so. Why Deby?
Dani : My Friend is going to celebrate his wedding party tonight. He invited
me and I don’t want to go alone. I don’t know with whom I should go
there. Would you like to accompany me, Dani?
Deby : I would love too, but what time, Dani?
Dani : How about at seven o’clock? I’ll pick you up.
Deby : Ok that’s fine.
Dani : Thank’s, Deby you’re very kind.

Letter and Card: Formal Invitation

Ungkapan Umum mengundang pada surat undangan

 Invites
 Request the honor of your presence at…
 Request the presence of ….
 The honor of your presence …