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The Future of Mobility


Why VoLTE?
Consumption of mobile data services has never been higher, and
only continues to grow. This same demand is driving carrier LTE For Users
deployment at an unprecedented rate, and it’s no wonder, since
LTE is necessary to handle the volume of data traffic now traversing
• Better call quality and lower
battery consumption
carrier networks. While data revenues are climbing, voice services will
continue to be essential for most carriers. LTE deployment is critical to • Simultaneous voice and data
the future of mobile voice whose next evolution is VoLTE. sessions, anytime

VoLTE has the power to change the competitive landscape – this time • Access to multiple rich
in favor of mobile operators who have lost some ground to OTT players communications services
such as Skype, Google, and others that have attracted many users For Carriers
with “freemium” rich communications services. The beauty of VoLTE,
an all-IP technology, is that it combines LTE with IMS to efficiently
• OPEX savings from network
consolidation – one network
deliver a full suite of desirable services such as IM, video chat, HD voice,
for voice and data
presence, and group chat – all opportunities for carriers to differentiate
themselves from OTT providers. • Higher network and spectral
• Enables more revenue-
generating services

Tektronix Communications has VoLTE Covered
VoLTE spans multiple network technologies, domains, and makes possible
many different types of services. No wonder VoLTE can be a challenge
to deploy. Monitoring complex technologies such as VoLTE requires
comprehensive and user-friendly solutions. Tektronix Communications has
the knowledge and experience to help you confidently implement VoLTE. Geoanalytics
As part of the initial VoLTE rollouts in America and Asia, we have a proven
track record of providing reliable, access-to-core monitoring across multiple Tektronix Communications
networks. recently acquired Newfield
Wireless, a leader in mobile
Tektronix Communications is poised to meet the challenges of VoLTE geoanalytics. This powerful
deployment. Our solution features a unified monitoring and VoLTE combination brings TrueCall®
optimization suite that combines 2G/3G, LTE, IMS, and roaming to deliver a to our product portfolio,
complete, access-to-core view of the network. This integrated approach and which enables the correlation
our optimized workflow will not only help pinpoint a problem, but also help of our end-to-end monitoring
proactively manage issues before they become widespread problems. of VoLTE with real-time RAN
conditions and geoanalytics
to ensure high quality voice

Geoanalytic Heat Map of VoLTE Dropped Calls

VoLTE - 2
Our Integrated VoLTE Solution Supports:
About Tektronix Communications:
• End-to-end signaling and media visibility across Uu, EPC, and IMS Tektronix Communications provides service
network domains providers and equipment manufacturers
around the world an unparalleled suite of
• SRVCC (Single Radio Voice Call Continuity) for seamless handover network diagnostics and service assurance
between VoLTE and 3G networks solutions for fixed, mobile, IP and converged
multi-service networks. This comprehensive
• IPSEC and TLS decryption for insight into the signaling and media set of solutions support a range of
payload architectures and applications such as LTE,
fixed mobile convergence, IMS, broadband
• Flexible and secure media capture, analysis and playback wireless access, WiMAX, VoIP and triple play.

Tektronix Communications
• Integrated conversational video monitoring is headquartered in Plano, Texas.
• RAN VoLTE optimization and geoanalytics Learn more about the company’s test,
measurement and service assurance
• Comprehensive VoLTE network and service-based KPI support solutions by visiting

• Interactive dashboard, alerts, and guided workflows for proactive For Further Information:
Tektronix Communications maintains a
network and service management comprehensive, constantly expanding
collection of application notes, technical
• Customizable reports with actionable intelligence to help streamline
briefs and other resources to help engineers
workflow working on the cutting edge of technology.

• Customer experience management module to ensure end user Please visit
VoLTE experience

Contact Tektronix Communications:

Please visit

Phone: 1-800-833-9200 option 1


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Tektronix Communications’ comprehensive VoLTE solution combines support for multiple

network technologies and domains to ensure delivery of high quality voice and other valuable,
revenue-generating services.