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Subject Code and Title BIZ101: Business Communications

Assessment Assessment 2B – Academic Report

Individual/Group Individual

Length 1500 words (+/- 10%)

Learning Outcomes This assessment addresses the following subject learning outcomes:
a) Demonstrate research skills and referencing appropriate
to the level of study.
b) Critically analyse texts and/or multi- modal material in both a
business and academic context.
c) Identify and apply effective communication methods within a
business and academic environment.
d) Evaluate the use and importance of technology in presenting
business communication.
Submission Due by 11:55pm AEST/AEDT Sunday of Module 5.2 (week 10)

Weighting 35%

Total Marks 100 marks


In Assessment 2A, you chose a topic related to a business communication problem to research.
You located and analysed several reliable resources to support your topic. You organised your
information into a PLAN for a report that is intended to discuss the problem and your findings, as
well as recommend a solution to your chief executive officer.

In Assessment 2B Academic Report you will write the full report (1500 words).


You are expected to demonstrate the following in your report:

 A comprehensive understanding of the topic you have chosen.
 Evidence of research to support key findings and recommendations.
 Critical analysis and the ability to develop coherent arguments. This includes the ability to bring
together information from multiple sources to support your line of reasoning.
 Effective communication in the form of professional writing skills. This includes writing in
paragraphs using formal academic language for a report.
 Referencing skills (APA 6th ed. style) – using appropriate in-text citations and references.

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Follow the report structure (suggested format) provided and review the Learning Rubric below as
your guide to how your assessment task will be marked. Please be sure to check this rubric very
carefully before submission.


Title Page (compulsory – all information on the first page by itself)

Your name and student ID
Subject and code
Assessment number and title – as shown on Assessment Brief
Due date
Word count
Subject Facilitator

Executive Summary (on next page by itself)

Table of Contents (on a page by itself)

1.0 Introduction
1.1 Background (to the organisation – real or otherwise)
1.2 The problem (state the problem you are trying to solve)
1.3 Purpose of the report (state the expected outcome i.e. what you are trying to

2.0 Discussion
2.1 Subheading theme 1
2.2 Subheading theme 2
2.3 Subheading theme 3
2.4 Subheading theme 4

3.0 Conclusion
What do you conclude from your research about what has happened to date?

4.0 Recommendations
How can the problem be addressed in the future?

Reference List

Write a complete reference for each resource you have included in your report. Compile a reference list using
APA 6th ed. style. Please see the Academic Skills page on Blackboard for information on referencing in
APA 6th ed. style: https://laureate-
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Uploading your assessment

1. Ensure you have a title page with ALL the information required.
2. Submit a ‘Word’ document only. A pdf file is not acceptable.
3. Upload your assessment to Turnitin first (compulsory) to self-check the similar areas of text found
in your submission.
Hint: Submit to Turnitin at least one day before the due date. This will allow time to revise your
assessment to enhance its quality, check the accuracy of your referencing, correct any other
grammatical and spelling mistakes and avoid plagiarism before you submit.
4. Upload both your assessment and Turnitin similarity report into the Assessments section of the
learning portal using the submission link for Assessment 2B Academic Report. Important: If you
upload to Turnitin only, your facilitator cannot see your assessment in the grading area, and it
therefore cannot be graded.
5. Use Google Chrome or Firefox browser to upload. Safari browser often does not work.
 Your facilitator’s feedback can be viewed in My Grades.

Academic integrity

Locate and read the academic integrity policy and

view the Academic Integrity Module in Blackboard (main menu in your subject page). It is your
responsibility to observe the principles of academic integrity – or academic honesty. The assessment
you submit must be entirely your own work. Serious penalties apply for any incidences of academic

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BIZ101 Learning Rubric: Assessment 2B- Academic Report

Assessment Fail Pass (Functional) Credit (Proficient) (65- Distinction (Advanced) High Distinction
Attributes (Unacceptable) (0- (50-64%) 74%) (75-84%) (Exceptional) (85-100%)
Understanding Demonstrates no Demonstrates limited Demonstrates consistent Demonstrates an Consistently demonstrates a
of the topic awareness of context awareness of context awareness of context advanced and integrated systematic and critical
and/or purpose of the and/or purpose of the and/or purpose of the understanding of context understanding of context
15% assessment task. assessment task. assessment task. and/or purpose of the and purpose of the
assessment task. assessment task.

Research Demonstrates Demonstrates consistent Demonstrates consistent Consistently demonstrates Demonstrates expert use of
application inconsistent use of good use of credible and use of high quality, credible expert use of good quality, high quality, credible and
quality, credible and relevant research sources and relevant research credible and relevant relevant research sources that
25% relevant research to support and develop sources to support and research sources to will support and develop
sources to support and argument, but these are develop argument.
develop argument. not always explicit or well support and develop arguments.
developed. appropriate arguments
and statements. Shows extensive evidence of
research and reading well
Shows evidence of research beyond the assessment
and reading beyond the expectations.
assessment expectations.

Critical analysis Specific position Specific position Specific position Specific position Specific position (perspective
and (perspective or (perspective or (perspective or argument) (perspective or or argument) is presented
presentation of argument) fails to take argument) begins to take takes into account the argument) is expertly expertly, authoritatively and
a position into account the into account the issue(s) complexities of the issue(s) presented and accurately imaginatively, accurately
25% complexities of the or scope of the or scope of the assignment. takes into account the taking into account the
issue(s) or scope of the assignment. Others’ points of view are complexities of the complexities of the issue(s)
assignment. acknowledged. issue(s) and scope of the and scope of the assignment.
Justifies any conclusions assignment.
Makes assertions that reached with arguments Justifies any conclusions Justifies any conclusions
are not justified. not merely assertion. reached with well-formed Justifies any conclusions reached with sophisticated
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arguments not merely reached with well- arguments.
assertion. developed arguments.

Effective Does not meet the Meets most of the Meets the expectations Accurately and succinctly Exceeds the expectations
structure and expectations of the expectations of the of the required meets the expectations of of the required structure
writing style required structure for required structure for the structure for the the required structure for for the report.
the report. report with some report with minimal the report.
20% errors/omissions. errors/omissions. The report shows skilled use
The report is primarily This report shows a high of business writing style and
descriptive, has very The report writing The report shows a level of business writing demonstrates outstanding
little or generally demonstrates reasonable understanding style and demonstrates a ability to draw on significant
no business style and the some business style and of business style and comprehensive level of research to discuss the topic at a
line of reasoning is demonstrates a demonstrates a sound discussion of the topic. very high level.
frequently unclear. reasonable ability to ability to discuss the topic.
discuss the topic.

Correct citation Demonstrates Uses paraphrases and Uses paraphrases and direct Uses paraphrases and Always uses paraphrases and
and referencing inconsistent use of direct quotations quotations and includes direct quotations well and direct quotations expertly and
of resources
paraphrases and direct appropriately with correct in-text citations and includes correct in-text includes correct in-text citations
15% quotations. adequate in-text citations references as required. citations and references as and references as required.
and references. required.
Does not include correct Uses APA 6th edition style. Uses APA 6th edition style
references or in-text Uses APA 6th edition style, Contains few errors. Uses APA 6th edition with no errors.
citations. however may contain a style with no errors.
few citation or referencing
Does not use APA 6th
edition style.

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