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PHR 3107

Industrial Pharmacy
(PHR 3107)


Professor Anthony Serracino-Inglott

Dr Maurice Zarb Adami

Ms Claire Shoemake

Professor Lilian M. Azzopardi

Department of Pharmacy

University of Malta March 2007

PHR 3107

Thirdy year pharmacy students that opt to follow this area of specialization will be
assigned for an attachment to experience application of the pharmaceutical sciences
in the industrial scenario.

The emphasis of this module is that the students are presented with a continuous
experience in pharmaceutical product design and manufacture.

Structure and Coursework

This handbook is intended to present the framework of the attachment period.
Students should fill-in the Record Sheet on a daily basis and the Record Sheet has to
be signed by the health professional assigned for the supervision of the clinical
attachment. At the end of the clinical attachment, the Record Sheets have to be
submitted to the Department of Pharmacy.

Students should attend daily from Monday to Friday for the attachment. Any
absence has to be reported to the Pharmacy Practice Lab at the Department of

Students should develop the following skills

1. Experience in quality assurance and quality control in the pharmaceutical
2. Application of pharmaceutical sciences to product development, process
validation and in-process control.
3. Development of the ability to integrate pharmaceutical skills in pharmaceutical
production processes.
4. Exposure to pharmaceutical pre-formulation and product development.
5. Maintenance of documentation systems.
6. Experience in data handling and statistical applications
7. Exposure to the application of GMP.
8. Development of skills in management skills pertaining to industrial pharmacy
9. Ethical and behavioral skills in patient care.
PHR 3107


Brief summary of activities carried out (eg production facility/ quality control lab)

Interventions (tick where applicable)

Research & Development

Quality Control
Quality Assurance
Documentation systems
Others (specify)
PHR 3107

Focus on intervention(s) observed

Name of Student Date

Signature of Preceptor Name of Preceptor