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Kim Weaver

November 22, 2018

Mohawk Council of Akwesasne
(Indian Act Band Council)
101 Tewesateni Road
Akwesasne, Ontario, K6H 0G5

Re: Tsikaristisere/Dundee Claim Settlement Agreement.

Grand Chief Abram Benedict

She:kon! Skennen’kówa ken?

Thohahènte yontiats. Kanièn’kehà:ka ní:'i nok wakenáthen. Tsi Kenhteke

I am writing to advise that I do not consent to the Tsikaristisere/Dundee Claim
Settlement Agreement with INAC/CIRNA.

I am Kanièn’kehà:ka. This deal with Canada affects all Kanien’keha:ka. We are
Onkwehon:we. We have Inherent Rights that pre-exist the founding of the state of
Canada. To surrender lands, rights, and to accept money in exchange for lands or
rights is beyond the administrative role of the elected chief and council (Indian Act
Chief and Council). Your actions and intentions to do these things brings harm to
the innate sovereignty of the Kanièn’kehà:ka People. Thus you cannot be allowed to
do this.

You are in a fundamental conflict of interest that precludes your participation in
making agreements that harm Onkwehon:we sovereignty. You are paid out of funds
provided by the entity (INAC/CIRNA) you are negotiating with. They have shown
historically they will manipulate funding to force compliance with their wishes.
Their wishes are not aligned with those of Onkwehon:we.

You have no rights as a body under Kanièn’kehà:ka governance protocols. Your
existence is an outcome of a colonial act of violence through the Indian Act that
created reserves and hierarchical, patriarchal leadership that replaced the
governance protocols of the People that have existed from the time of Deganawida.

The Kanièn’kehà:ka peoples, the Rotinonhseshá:ka, are not defined by reserves and
the devices of the white man under the Indian Act and Canada’s illegal possession of
our lands. We are a whole People; some say a Nation although this word is colonial
and does not do justice to the concept of Onkwehon:we. We are not defined by
Canada. By reserve communities. By colonial laws.

We are defined by our history as a People and by the Kaia’nerekowa, the Great
Binding Peace.

My ancestors are grounded in the land of Akwesasne. I have a voice. I am using my
voice to tell you in no uncertain terms, this is a bad deal for Rotinohshonni. You do
not have the right to make such a deal without the collective approval and
consensus of all Kanièn’kehà:ka and Onondaga People everywhere. Not just those
defined by an Indian Act colonial reserve designation.

Ó:nen ki' wáhi

Thohahente Kim Weaver
Turtle Clan