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Task 3: Literacy Strategies

Link to: EPR 2503 Language Arts C (Reading/Writing/Literature) and

EPR 2603 Language Arts D (Teaching Methods for the Primary School Teacher)

Task DescriptionObserve your MST’s classroom and general practices you see around the
school. Discuss the areas below in context of what you observe in school and support with
photos to show evidence of your observations, and a reference to reading when possible.
Describe the classroom environment. (Photo)
Consider how the class is a print rich environment. What print can you see around the
room? (Labels, captions, flashcards, headings, rules, instructions, timetable, flash cards,
etc.). For each one you mention insert pictures and state the purpose of each one.

This is a math board to teach, review,

and reinforce basic mathematical
concepts that the children have took
them before

This is the class timetable, the purpose of

it is to let the children know what they are
going to do in the day.

This is the classroom rules, this

is a reminder for the children to
stay controlled
These are flashcards to let the
children know that they can
investigate and explore using their

This is the English board, whenever

the teacher starts a literacy lesson
she reminds the student of these
words. This board is a reminder for
the student to remember the CVC
words and to know the sounds of
the words.

These are the golden, red, and blue

words. Whenever the teacher
teaches the student these words
she hangs them, so the children
remember the words and integrate
the words with its color.
Describe the reading area in your classroom. What genres of books are there and how
are they displayed? (Photo)
There are different stories. It’s displayed outside the class and inside the class.

Describe a phonics lesson you observed. How does the teacher teach word attack skills
to children? Mention how the children are scaffolded to recognise the word and get the
meaning? The teacher sounds out each letter and she let the children to sound out each
letter with her and then she read with the children the whole word. The children know
how to spell the word when they sound out each letter and then they spell the whole
word. Whenever the teacher says a word she tells the children the meaning of the word.

Consider different reading approaches have you observed? (Guided reading, Shared
Reading, Sustained Silent Reading).
Choose 2 and describe how the teacher implements these approaches in the class in
detail. (Photos, and refer to EPR 2603)
Consider seating arrangement, participation, comprehension, reading strategies in your

Guided and shared reading

Guided reading- the teacher let the child to read the sentence and she check if he has
read it all with mistakes or without.
Shared reading- the teacher read aloud to the children and then when she finishes
she ask the children what happened in the story

Describe some types of writing activities or the method the teacher uses for writing –
e.g. emergent writing, copy writing, dictations, etc.
Copy writing- the children have a writing pattern they should trace and copy the lines

Dictations- the teacher spell a CVC words and the children write them on their iPads

After the Task - Reflection

Choose 3 best practices you observed during your time in school. Reflect on these and
consider why you would implement these in a UAE primary classroom in the future. Explain
how these practices will affect student learning and reading levels in a primary class.