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Avalamban’17 was organized by Association of Civil Engineers from February 24

to February 26, 2017. The event was a great success and would not have been
possible without the help and guidance of our faculty advisor Dr. Shri Ram and
head of the department Prof. S. M. Ali Jawaid. The event was coordinated by the
students of third year Civil Engineering with the help of second year Civil
Engineering students. Avalamban’17 was headed by Urvashi Srivastava and
Khushboo Yadav (students of Civil Engineering, 3rd year).
The three day jamboree was packed exciting events like Castle Mania, Bridge
Kriti, LAN Gaming, Malaviyan MUN, Soch, GK Quiz and Informals.
Castlemania: In castlemania the participants formed castle using clay and the
participants were judged on the basis of creativity and the penetration inside the
castle. This year Avalamban witnessed 63 teams making their own castle.
Bridgekriti: In bridgekriti the participants formed bridges using popsicle sticks
and glue, the participants were judged on the load bearded by the bridge and
the efficiency of the bridge. The maximum weight that withstand by a bridge was
near about 166kg. This year Avalamban witnessed 30 teams making their bridge.
LAN Gaming: In LAN Gaming the participants challenged each other in Counter
Malaviyan MUN: Malaviyan MUN or the model united nations is a event in
which the students were first sat for group discussion and the selected
participants were then divided into team of 2 and each team was given a country
to debate with their counterpart.
Soch: Soch is the event in which students presented a paper presentation on a
technical and non technical topics.
GK Quiz: GK Quiz is another such event which was organized to check the
general awareness and knowledge of the participants.
Informals: Informals was organized with many sub events for two days.