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Graduate Studies in

Degree offered: Doctor of Philosophy (Political Science)
Faculty working with graduate students: 22
Graduate students: 29
Graduate students receiving assistantships or scholarships: 75%
Tests Required: GRE (Combined), GRE (Quantitative), GRE (Verbal), TOEFL Minimum score 575, TOEFLI
Minimum score 90
Priority Deadline: Fall - January 10

Fifteen faculty members teach and conduct
research in the major subfields of the discipline: Kelly Demand
American, comparative, international relations, Program Coordinator
public policy and administration, political theory, School Politics, Philosophy, and Public Affairs
and political methodology, with sub-specializations 801 JOhnson 801
in public law, political communication, political PO Box 644880
psychology, French and European politics, Pullman, WA 99163
American foreign policy, gender and politics, Telephone: 509-335-2545
environmental policy, and qualitative methodology. Fax: 509-335-7990
DEVELOPMENT OPPORTUNITIES Professor and Graduate Director
School of Politcs, Philosophy, and Public Affairs
None at WSU 816 Johnson Tower
PO Box 644880
Pullman, WA 99164-4880
Fax: 509-335-7990
Academic career at research university or teaching E-mail:
college, research thinktanks, non-profit
organizations, corporations, and governmental


Academic jobs at various Research I universities,
as well as ones at smaller liberal arts colleges.
Government analytic and policy making jobs
(defense and intelligence community).
Work for profit and non-profit organizations.

writing sample
Dana Baker, Ph.D. Research Interests: presidency and behavior, research methods, public policy,
Teaching Interests: public policy, public legislative behavior, American politics, state bureaucratic politics, democratic theory, and
administration, political science Claudia Leeb, Ph.D. and local politics, public budgeting, research environmental politics.
Research Interests: Disability and health Research Interests: contemporary political methods, political parties
policy, agenda setting, policy design theory and philosophy, 19th- and 20th- century continental political thought, feminist Matt Stichter, Ph.D.
political theory, Frankfurt School of Critical John Preston, Ph.D. Teaching Interests: Ethics
Joseph Campbell, Ph.D. Theory, psychoanalysis, democratic theory, Teaching Interests: International Relations, Metaphysics
Teaching Interests: Logic & Advanced Logic history of political thought Political Psychology, Security Policy Ethical Theory
Metaphysics Research Interests: Within political Philosophy of Law
Theory of Knowledge psychology and foreign policy analyses, Dr. Business Ethics
Epistemology Carolyn Long, Ph.D. Preston has explored how the individual Research Interests: Ethical Theory
Research Interests: Metaphysics Teaching Interests: public policy, public characteristics and styles of political leaders Applied Ethics
Epistemology administration, political science affect the ways in which they structure their
History of Modern Philosophy Research Interests: American political advisory systems, use information and
Philosophy of Science institutions, public law, American public advice, or make policy decisions. In the Paul Thiers, Ph.D. policy security field, his focus has been upon Teaching Interests: Comparative Politics, homeland security issues, bio-terrorism, and International Relations
Cornell Clayton, Ph.D. current trends in nuclear and biological Research Interests: Dr. Thiers' research
Teaching Interests: Dr. Clayton has taught a Anthony Lopez, Ph.D. weapons proliferation. focuses on political issues relating to
variety of courses on courts, law, and Teaching Interests: International Security, globalization, international trade (especially
American political institutions since joining International Political Economy, Political food trade), and social and environmental
the faculty in 1992. Psychology. Travis Ridout, Ph.D. justice, with a specific emphasis on rural
Research Interests: His research interests Research Interests: Evolutionary Politics, Teaching Interests: American Politics, China and a regional emphasis on the
include public law, American government, Coalitional Aggression Political Methodology Pacific Rim. Recent research projects have
and political theory, and he is currently co- Research Interests: political communication, focused on Chinese pesticide policy,
editor of Political Research Quarterly. campaigns and elections, political China's integration into international organic Nicholas Lovrich, Ph.D. psychology, political advertising, money and food markets, and China's accession to the
Teaching Interests: Program evaluation, politics World Trade Organization.
Martha Cottam, Ph.D. criminal justice worker job performance and
Teaching Interests: International Relations; satisfaction, public administration
Political Psychology. Research Interests: Police administration, Michael Salamone, Ph.D.
Research Interests: political psychology, social capital, criminal justice policy Teaching Interests: Judicial Politics,
international politics, U.S.-Latin American American Politics, Political Methodology
relations, and North-South conflict and Research Interests: Judicial Politics,
cooperation. Amy Mazur, Ph.D. American Politics, Inter-branch relations Teaching Interests: Her teaching interests
focus on Comparative Politics, gender, and
Patricia Glazebrook, Ph.D. comparative feminist policy issues with a David Shier, Ph.D.
Research Interests: ecofeminism, ancient particular emphasis on France. Teaching Interests: Logic
philosophy, philosophy of technology, Research Interests: Her research interests Philosophy of Mind
environmental philosophy and climate focus on comparative feminist policy issues Epistemology
change and climate justice with a particular emphasis on France. Research Interests: Philosophy of Language History of Analytic Philosophy
Michael Goldsby, Ph.D. Michael Myers, Ph.D.
Teaching Interests: philosophy of science Teaching Interests: Philosophy of Religion Steven Stehr, Ph.D.
Research Interests: philosophy of Science, Philosophies & Religions of India Teaching Interests: Public Policy and Public
epistemology, environmental ethics, Philosophies & Religions of China & Japan Administration
environmental policy Ethics Research Interests: Dr. Stehr's primary Mind of God and the Book of Nature: research areas are public administration,
Science & Religion public policy, and disasters and emergency
William Kabasenche, Ph.D. History of Philosophy management.
Teaching Interests: Biomedical Ethics & Research Interests: Philosophy of Religion
Advanced Biomedical Ethics Indian and Comparative Philosophy
Bioethics Mark Stephan, Ph.D.
Ethics & Social Science Research Teaching Interests: Public Policy and Public
Ethical Theory David Nice, Ph.D. Administration
Research Interests: Bioethics, Ethics (virtue Teaching Interests: American Institutions, Research Interests: Dr. Stephan's research
ethics, moral psychology) Political Theory. interests include American politics, political