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Universidad Nacional Abierta y a Distancia

Academic and Research Vice-rector

Activity 1 – Recognition forum

1. General description of the course

Faculty or Academic Vicerrectoría de Relaciones Internacionales

Academic Level Professional, specialization, master
Academic Field Common basic interdisciplinary training
Course Name English IV
Course Code 90170
Course Type Methodological Can be re- yes ☐ No ☒
Number of Credits 2

2. Description of the activity

Type of the Number of

Individual ☒ Collaborative ☐ 2
activity: weeks
Moment of
Initial ☒ Intermediate ☐ Final ☐
Delivery Environment: Monitoring and
Evaluative score: 25
Starting date: August 23rd, 2018 Closing date: September 5th, 2018
Competence to develop:
Identification of elements, topics and activities to be developed during the course.
Recognition of the importance of learning the English language and its application in
everyday life.
Topics to develop:
General recognition of the course with all its environments and activities.
Steps, phases of the learning strategy to develop
Previous task - Act. 1. Recognition forum: Students present individually, an audio
recording and the answers to the questions set out.
Phase 1: Course Recognition
Phase 2: Answer to the questions
Phase 3: Recording the audio
Activities to carry out
a. Each student should introduce himself/herself and invite his/her classmates to
participate in the forum.
b. Go to the Evaluation and Monitoring Environment and present the quiz: "Activity
2: Pre-knowledge online activity"

Once the questionnaire is presented, take a screenshot of the obtained score and
upload it into the collaborative forum of the ACT.1.

c. Each group member should answer the following questions in English within the
forum, without attaching any files, so that colleagues and tutor can view the
answers without downloading documents:

1. How can English help you in your personal development?

2. Is English important in your career? If so, why?
3. Do you think the syllabus of this course is going to help you to improve your
4. Which of the topics from the syllabus is familiar for you?
5. How has your English learning experience been?

d. Make a recording in English describing how you feel about this course and how it
contributes to your professional or personal goals.

On mobile devices you can use applications like: Hi-Q MP3 Rec Free. To record from
the computer you can visit:
The duration of the recording should be at least of 45 seconds and maximum 120
seconds. It should not exceed 2 MB.

for the Collaborative Learning
Products to
deliver by As final delivery, the students must upload the PDF file together
student with the MP3 recording in a WinRAR / Zip file.

3. Evaluation rubric

Evaluation rubric

Activity Individual
☒ Collaborative Activity ☐
type: Activity
Moment of
Initial ☒ Intermediate ☐ Final ☐
Assessed Performance levels of the individual activity Scor
Aspects Highest score Media score Lowest score e
The student gives
answer to all The student answers The questions
questions with the questions were not
questions in 10
reflection and incompletely. answered.
(up to 10 points) (up to 5 points) (up to 0 points)
There is no
The obtained
Activity 2 – The obtained score is evidence of the
score is higher than
Preknowled lower than 5. activity
5. 5
ge activity development.
(up to 5 points) (up to 3 points) (up to 0 points)
The student The student records
There is no
records the audio the audio, but doesn’t
Audio evidence of audio
making reflection make a reflection and
recording recording. 10
and analysis. analysis.
(up to 10 points) (up to 5 points) (up to 0 points)
Final score 25