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16.42 a 7 Ht (ALLEL 2007 ASHRAE Handbook HVAC Applications (SD) verarater +f Fig, 11 Typiea! Semiconductor Manutactaring Pant Section View Fig. 12 Building Troe Level Arcanged ae Fan Dec sl Ais Plenum incured because of the tance method iavoled with dicted HVAC India fan powered fier modules use factions Kloet ‘oe (usually forward curved fan) Hat provide srw rouse fone filer assembly” Ths method allows aiiow to be aed throughout the clenarom and reques less space for mechanical ‘components, Distdrantages ace the large suber of fan avlved. Tow fan and motor efficiencies because of the suall sizes, potently higher fan notes and higher operation snd maite™ ‘When trough she or retum grating is use a fasemen ren 4s nom chided to provide amore yf erm 88 Wella Foor pace for diy prodoctionstpper equpmeat ‘ideal sens ae an leat to tough the for cetuns: however alow say ot be waform towghout the work ee “These ems ne most applicable for ISO Class 5108 Clas 1009 100000) clessrcoms ‘PreSuation ie economical wa to iacease ULPA fle ie Prefers ae located an fecclaon aot ab eter the Feu. ‘semen oar haa 1o allow replocemeat wothow drupe productos Cleanroom Air Velocity and Air Changes Fora given leanrom, the supply air volume O (a) OnLy o 36009 Te ° coon oh 600" ach ~ 608 ° where {y= om nag 2 oa ii > oom a reo ms seh Brchnge pero From Equation (3), the amber of air chanaes per hour ie lversey proportional to the height ofthe room the gener the ‘eight ofthe cleasoom the fer az changes pr hour sequved, fad vie vn ‘Ais Tonzatog ln ition oclesoroom particle conta with ‘Sher lit, ionization ca be vedo contol particle atuaction to product sfaces by cimionig electosiate discharge aad Clean Spaces 16.3 ‘Table _AlpChanges por Hour Versus Verte Airflow Veloce, Roonn Heights, and Cleanliness Cases ‘ir Cer por Hour ein Me stoi chage Did-vp Howeves the miter tp material must be nelly selected opevent posting piles onthe rode HIGH-BAY CLEANROOMS. ‘igh-bay clenooms ave ceiling eights berveen 12 and Om, vst che ihe engs used amare wcospce nds for producing seeing meter, vices rocket opie 20 ammunition ead observation sites, nd ower clas used ‘myjetancraft sembly. png and cleming epertions. el 12 ‘sal paling ness semcontaree shige maeninetanag fail ‘Noe hight cleamooms ate designed t est ISO Cine 7 (Cas Sor iaher av sequredty some US. 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Adequate pono st ede fer hung ooment ahora! ow clemoonn acces sold be Bethe ‘peucam (remre) soe, and seve sells sbonld be corpo faedorlastevey 2 ansbeiet of be er bask Dovaflow elie ‘Shera Par or gl sel celings mtb aceaed Goma ns ‘opeosed py crew fll pbs asoss he cel ree ‘Sram th oun supp shoud be places aop Eames wh ‘odk upstream and downtream cess A HEDA Ber bank emote om heroom ni dstuon system shoul beste sn eal (sa dha el rcp sel Access dort be lle op 2d ovate for coicatoa, sma and qualia ss, Prefiter Selection 1a any high bay chan clas i wil pass hough a Saal HEA Sher before entering the roa ese Salter sac be broected by prefers HEPA Ses fer eccletig a sod be protected wath 6s sted bap or td men fers wo other ‘rfl preset tna feqused. 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