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Malaysia Stock Market

The FBM KLCI index gained 0.26 points or 0.02% on Friday. The Finance Index increased 0.13% to
17314.59 points, the Properties Index dropped 0.28% to 914.68 points and the Plantation Index
rose 0.07% to 7182.15 points. The market traded within a range of 7.40 points between an intra-
day high of 1696.54 and a low of 1689.14 during the session.

Actively traded stocks include SANICHI-OR, JAKS-WR, MYEG, HIBISCS, HSI-H40, SANICHI,
ARMADA, HSI-C3X, SAPNRG and HSI-C3W. Trading volume decreased to 1577.49 mil shares worth
RM1103.91 mil as compared to Thursday’s 1752.69 mil shares worth RM1437.28 mil.

Leading Movers were DIALOG (+4 sen to RM3.20), IOICORP (+4 sen to RM4.31), RHBBANK (+4 sen
to RM5.20), KLCC (+5 sen to RM7.70) and HLBANK (+10 sen to RM20.68). Lagging Movers were
PMETAL (-5 sen to RM4.85), MAHB (-8 sen to RM7.77), MAXIS (-5 sen to RM5.31), TM (-2 sen to
RM2.33) and DIGI (-3 sen to RM4.21). Market breadth was negative with 236 gainers as
compared to 597 losers.

The KLCI ended this week with a positive note, closed higher at 1695.88 points. The performance
of our local bourse remained muted as lack of fresh catalyst.

TOP 5 Stocks by Trading Value

Counter Name Open Range Change

SANICHI-OR 0.005 0.00 127,787

JAKS-WR 0.03 -0.02 50,928

MYEG 1.12 +0.02 47,385

HIBISCS 1.02 -0.01 38,972

HSI-H4O 0.46 +0.005 36,749
KLSE Market Insight By Epic Research MALAYSIA
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TOP 5 Gainers
Counter Name Open Range Change
ALLIANZ 12.50 +0.50 57

UTDPLT 26.82 +0.34 3

MUDA 2.11 +0.23 18,412

BAT 38.16 +0.16 39

TIMECOM 7.99 +0.13 87

TOP 5 Losers

Counter Name Open Range Change

KESM 8.88 -1.68 1,137

MPI 11.24 -0.34 248

PANAMY 38.20 -0.30 2

DUFU 3.62 -0.27 2,182

HSI-H6F 1.14 -0.26 7


Counter Name Date Subject Change %

WELLCAL 26-NOV-18 Dividend RM 0.014

YTLREIT 26-NOV-18 Dividend RM 0.0192

AEMULUS 26-NOV-18 Dividend RM 0.002

SCC 26-NOV-18 Dividend RM 0.017

EFORCE 26-NOV-18 Dividend RM 0.0075

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TOP 5 % Gainer
Counter Name Code Last Change

MINETEC-WA[S] 7219WA 0.01 0.005

DIGISTA-WB 0029WB 0.03 0.01

UMW-C11 458811 0.04 0.01

CENSOF-WB[S] 5195WB 0.02 0.005

BORNOIL-WC[S] 7036WC 0.02 0.005

TOP 5 % Loser

Counter Name Code Last Change

ARMADA-C50 521050 0.03 -0.12

EKOVEST-CN 8877CN 0.005 -0.015

ARMADA-C49 521049 0.04 -0.11

POS-C25 463425 0.015 -0.02

ASTRO-C11 639911 0.07 -0.08

TOP 5 % Shariah Compliant Gainer

Counter Name Code Last Change

MINETEC-WA [S] 7219WA 0.01 0.005

CENSOF-WB [S] 5195WB 0.02 0.005

BORNOIL-WC [S] 7036WC 0.02 0.005

TROP-WA [S] 5401WA 0.075 0.015

ASDION-WB [S] 0068WB 0.03 0.005

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Sector- Indices Last Done Change Volume

CONSTRUCTION 174.36 -0.25 355,993


685.23 -1.53 1,066,635

ENERGY 977.41 -10.88 1,317,005

FINANCIAL SERVICES 17,314.59 22.13 171,113

HEALTH CARE 1,349.34 -8.41 138,517


172.46 -0.51 1,525,015

PLANTATION 7,182.15 5.31 186,018

PROPERTY 914.68 -2.55 597,895

REIT 913.82 -3.22 33,943

TECHNOLOGY 33.13 -0.61 1,392,911

591.05 -2.56 377,863

775.3 -7.4 328,888

UTILITIES 987.19 -2.08 157,670

FBMACE 4,940.19 -93.13 1,535,906

FBMAPMYR 16,636.43 48.15 130,405

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Time Cur. Imp. Event Actual Forecast Previous

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Tentative EUR EU Leaders Summit

Monday, November 26, 2018

14:30 EUR German Ifo Business Climate Index 102.3 102.8

19:30 EUR ECB President Draghi Speaks

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

00:00 GBP BoE Gov Carney Speaks

20:30 USD CB Consumer Confidence (Nov) 135.5 137.9

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

19:00 USD GDP (QoQ) (Q3) 3.5% 3.5%

20:30 USD New Home Sales (Oct) 578K 553K

21:00 USD Crude Oil Inventories 4.851M

22:30 USD FOMC Member Powell Speaks

Thursday, November 29, 2018

German Unemployment Change

14:25 EUR -10K -11K

20:30 USD Pending Home Sales (MoM) (Oct) 0.5% 0.5%

Friday, November 30, 2018

All Day Holiday Philippines - Bonifacio Day

00:30 USD FOMC Meeting Minutes

06:30 CNY Manufacturing PMI (Nov) 50.6 50.2

15:30 EUR CPI (YoY) (Nov) 2.1% 2.2%

19:00 CAD GDP (MoM) (Sep) 0.1% 0.1%

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BUY MYEG [S] 1.120 TARGET 1.150 1.200 SL 1.075




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The benchmark FTSE Bursa Malaysia KLCI (FBM KLCI) Gained +0.260
points ended 1695.880 to after hovering 1696.540 throughout the day.
The RSI at 41.519.

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