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7. You help someone with a heavy bag. They say

Dimas : Do you know, my new girlfriend is very ''thank you'' and you reply ....
choosey. I don’t like her character. a. No thanks
b. You're welcome
Gilang : Really ? c. I appreciate it
d. I am grateful
Dimas : Embarrassing. He just talks big!
Yozy : Today is your birthday, right?
Gilang : Mmmmhh….
Dany : Yes, How do you know about
Dimas : She is only concerned with herself and told her it?
Yozy : Have a wonderful day. I have a
Gilang : Really ? gift for you.

1. The underlined word is showing… Dany : Oh my God I really like it

a. Showing interesting news _______________ .
b. Responding Admiration
c. Showing Attention Yozy : Never mind.
d. Responding of certainty
8. The suitable expression to complete the dialogue
2. Why Dimas very angry with his new girlfriend ? is …
a. She is annoying a. It is disappointing me!
b. She is very talkaktive b. It is not special!
c. She is polite c. I’m very satisfied!
d. She is very kind d. You're too generous!

Rangga : A terrible thing Jack : Oh no! I forgot to post a letter.

happened to me yesterday. My mom was
very angry to me. Rudy : Let me help you, because I'm
going to the post office.
Riadi : Oh my God. Why?
Jack : You've been very helpful.
Rangga : I lost my motorcycle when I
parked it in front of the bookstore. 9. The underlined expression expresses ....
a. Satisfaction
Riadi : Oh No !! I’m sorry to b. Dissatisfaction
hear that. c. Agreement
d. Thanks
3. Why Rangga’s mother was very angry ?
a. Rangga has stolen a motorcycle Nicole : Harry, I gotta go now.
b. Rangga had lost his motorcycle
c. Rangga was parked in front of the Harry : But the party’s just started,
bookstore Nicole.
d. Rangga told Riadi that his motorcycle was
lost Nicole : I know. But I have to get up
very early tomorrow. Thanks a lot for this
Rasya : Do you understand the amazing party.
Harry : You’re welcome. I may throw
Listi : No, I don’t. How about you? Do another one next week.
you understand the homework?
Nicole : That would be great. Your
Rasya : Yes, I do. parties are famous all around the campus.

ASKING UNDERSTAND 10. The underlined phrase means ...

a. The party was great
4. Does Rasya understand the homework? b. The party was funny
a. Yes, she do. c. No, she don’t. c. The party was poor
b. Yes, she does. d. No, she doesn’t. d. The party was bored

5. Does Listi understand the homework? OPINION

a. Yes, she do. C. No, she don’t.
b. Yes, she does. D. No, she doesn’t. 11. Ani : ………..
Ida : I think it’s great
APPRECIATE a. Have you read this book?
b. What do you think of this book?
Cindy : Oh, I have a headache. Can c. What is it?
you get me "Paramex", please? It's on the d. Do you know this?
12. Ani : ……
Tiny : ___________ Here it is. Ida : I love it
a. How do you like this place?
Cindy : Thank you. b. What does it mean?
c. Do you want to join us?
6. The suitable expression to complete the dialogue d. Isn’t the idea worse than before?
is …
a. Of course you are 13. Kate : We’ll have a long holiday next month.
b. I doubt What are you going to do?
c. Never mind
d. Certainly
Yani : .... c. I want to speak Javanese fluently
Kate : I hope you have a nice trip d. I will speak Javanese fluently

Complete the dialogue above .... Ery : __________________

a. I am thinking of going to Bali Sorry Kevin : Yes, I could play the piano since I was
b. Sorry, I can’t tell you four.
c. It’s not your business
d. I have nothing to do 17. The suitable expression to complete the dialogue
e. I don’t know what to do is …
a. Can you teach me playing piano?
14. Alex : What do you think about the film ? b. Can you buy the piano?
Bram : I think ....................... c. Can you play the piano?
d. You are great pianist
Complete the dialogue above ....
Andy : Can you explain me about the process
a. I like it of extraction in the laboratory?
b. Thank you
c. I can’t hear you Dony : Yes, no problem.
d. You forget it
Andy : Do you have experience to lead the
15. Eric : I think our city is very hot at the physics seminar?
Era : I don’t think so ................ Our city is Dony : No, I have no experience to lead
much cooler than other cities in this country. physics seminar.

Complete the dialogue above .... 18. Based on the dialogue above, what kind of
expression Andy used?
a. I know it a. Expression of ability
b. I am thinking of b. Expression of like
c. He forget it c. Expression of annoyance
d. In my opinion d. Expression of surprise

ABILITY Dewi : Can you help me to lift this heavy

Nadine : Besides English, what language
can you speak? Dena : I am sorry, I am not able to lift it in
that way. It is too heavy for me.
Indy : ____________________
19. The underlined sentence shows . . . .
16. The suitable expression to complete the dialogue a. Surprise
is … b. Incapability
a. I can speak Javanese fluently c. Capability
b. I could speak Javanese fluently d. Like