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2 February, 2010


Methanol Price






11-Jan-10 18-Jan-10 25-Jan-10 1-Feb-10

Weekly Price Movement

Methanol demand was largely stable in all regions. In China, spot export prices for the week were reported
at US$ 325 / ton CFR Chinese main port, unchanged from previous week. In South East Asia, Methanol
prices surged due to tight supply from China resulted by reduced operating rate. In India, prices moved
slightly upward at the weekend and price range can be quoted at US$ 290 – 295 / ton CFR Indian port. Spot
prices in major South East Asian markets including Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore were between US$
320 – 330 / ton CFR South East Asia, up by US$ 5 – 10 / ton from previous week. European Methanol
market was steady and prices were range bound. Spot export prices for the week were reported at € 213 –
216 / ton, FOB Rotterdam.

Trade volume reduced in Chinese domestic market

Chinese market was less active prior to Chinese holidays. Trading activity muted in Jiangsu market and
prices were at RMB 2650 – 2670($387-390) / ton, while prices in Ningbo market were at RMB 2750 –
2780($402-407) / ton. In North China, mainstream prices were at RMB 2350 – 2380($344-348) / ton in
Hebei market and RMB 2300 – 2350($336-344) / ton in Shanxi market. Prices softened in Shandong
market as well and mainstream prices were at RMB 2450 – 2500($358-366) / ton, down by RMB 20($3) / ton
from previous week. In South China, buyers were cautious about fresh purchases and major deals
confirmed at the range of RMB 2750 – 2760($402-404) / ton. Methanol market is expected to remain
sluggish in near future.
2 February, 2010

Acetic Acid

Acetic Acid Price






11-Jan-10 18-Jan-10 25-Jan-10 1-Feb-10

Weekly Price Movement

Acetic Acid market was lusterless last week with prices edged down due to weak demand seasonality. Most
of Asian buyers maintained wait-and-see stance and made fewer purchases. Trade volume was low, but
supply was ample which enforced price decline. Spot export offers for the week were in the range of US$
580 – 660 / ton FOB North East Asia.

Chinese domestic market slumped before Lunar New Year Holidays

In North China, Acetic Acid market was quiet, with prices dropping. Supply was ample, but buyer’s buying
interest was low resulted in lower trade volume. Trader’s confidence retreated due to bearish anticipation of
future market. Mainstream offer prices declined to the level of RMB 2800 – 2900($410-425) / ton. In East
China, trading activity muted before New Year Holidays and prices slumped due to weakening market
fundamentals. Downstream producers were operating their units at lower run rate and mainly consumed
inventories due to shrinking funds. Mainstream offers for the week in East China market were at the range of
RMB 2900 – 3100($425-454) / ton. In South China, supply was ample due to improvement in transportation
resulted by better weather conditions. Trade volume shrank due to lower buying interests of downstream
players who remained cautious about fresh purchases due to tightening funds. Mainstream offers for the
week were reported at RMB 3200 – 3300 ($469-498) / ton. Looking forward Acetic Acid market is expected
to remain range bound in near term future.
2 February, 2010


Toluene Price







11-Jan-10 18-Jan-10 25-Jan-10 1-Feb-10

Weekly Price Movement

Toluene market softened last week due to weak market fundamentals. Prices dropped worldwide resulted by
seller’s efforts toward offloading stocks while demand was at weaker side. In Asian market, Korean sellers
offered their cargoes for March loading at US$ 870 / ton FOB Korea level, while counter bids from buyer’s
side were at US$ 855 – 860 / ton FOB Korea. Spot export price level for the week can be quoted at US$ 850
– 885 / ton FOB Korea. Japanese traders offered materials at US$ 860 – 885 / ton CFR Japan, while offers
from Taiwan were reported the range of US$ 869 – 871 / ton CFR Taiwan, down by US$ 42 / ton from
previous week. Offers from China were at the range of US$ 875 – 900 / ton CFR China. In South East Asia,
prices declined drastically throughout the week and price level for the week were reported at US$ 845 – 895
/ ton CFR South East Asia, down by US$ 65 – 100 / ton from previous week.

In Europe, market was comparatively stable. February European Toluene contracts have settled at US$ 880
/ ton FOB North West Europe, higher by US$ 10 – 25 / ton from January. Spot export prices were stable at
US$ 840 – 900 / ton FOB Rotterdam.

US based producers also forced to reduce their prices due to higher stock volume and lower offtake. Prices
were declined to 271.95 – 278.05 cents / gal FOB USGC (U.S. Gulf Coast) level.
2 February, 2010

Caustic Soda

Caustic Soda Flake Price






11-Jan-10 18-Jan-10 25-Jan-10 1-Feb-10

Weekly Market Movement

In Asia, market activity slowed down prior to the Lunar New Year Holidays. Export prices were under
pressure due to weaker demand. In China, domestic market prices declined marginally as downstream
players reduced run rate in advance of the holidays, mainly in Southern China. Transportation situation
improved due to better weather condition. In North China, prices of 96% and 99% Flakes were declined to
RMB 1500 – 2100 / ton ex-plant, while prices in East and South China were down to RMB 1950 – 2200 / ton
fd. Export prices of 99% Flakes were slightly declined to US$ 295 – 340 / ton FOB North East Asia, while
Lye prices were down to US$ 180 – 205 / dmt FOB North East Asia. In South East Asia, intra-regional prices
for Caustic Soda Lye fallen to the level of US$ 220 – 230 / dmt CFR South East Asia, though offers from
North East Asian sellers were firm at US$ 230 – 250 CFR South East Asia. In India, market was generally
stable and sourced reported about four parcels, sized between 6, 000 – 12, 000 lmt exported from the West
Coast of India to Iran.

In Europe, majority of deals for Q1 2010 already finalized and it is apparent that in majority of cases
outcomes were below producer’s expectations. An increase of € 10 – 20 / dmt has been implemented in
majority of contracts. As a result, Caustic Soda Lye pricing for Q1 2010 in Northwest Europe raised the level
of € 285 – 295 / dmt fd. In Southern Europe, market condition was mixed. In Spain, price increase of € 10 –
30 / dmt reported with price level quoted at € 260 – 290 / dmt fd, while in France, price increase was by € 10
– 20 / dmt and also there were instances of rollovers. Overall price level of Caustic Soda Lye in Southern
Europe can be quoted at € 250 – 300 / dmt fd.
2 February, 2010

Soda Ash

Soda Ash Price






11-Jan-10 18-Jan-10 25-Jan-10 1-Feb-10

Dense Light

Weekly Price Movement

Soda Ash market realized further uptrend last week due to strong market fundamentals. In Asian region spot
export prices increased to next higher level of US$ 195 – 210 / ton FOB Chinese main port for light grade
and US$ 200 – 240 / ton FOB Chinese main port for dense grade.

Chinese domestic Soda Ash prices shore up

Chinese domestic market faced strong demand from downstream producers which pushed the prices
upward. In recent weeks traders regained their confidence, which helped them to increase Soda Ash prices.
In North China, prices were stable in the range of RMB 1180 – 1400($173-205) / ton, unchanged from
previous week. In East China, prices moved considerably upward due to improved demand from
downstream producers and price level were RMB 1300 – 1500($190-220) / ton, up by RMB 20 – 150($3-22)
/ ton from previous week. In Central China, prices were aligned with East China market at the range of RMB
1300 – 1500($190-220) / ton. In South China, trade volume improved which supported the price increase.
Supply from Northern Provinces stabilized because of favorable weather condition. Mainstream offers were
at the range of RMB 1400 – 1470($205-215) / ton, up by RMB 70 – 100($10-15) / ton from previous week. In
coming weeks Soda Ash market is expected to be range bound due to New Year Holidays.
2 February, 2010

Titanium Dioxide

Titanium Dioxide Price






11-Jan-10 18-Jan-10 25-Jan-10 1-Feb-10
Rutile Anatase

Weekly Price Movement

In Asia, Titanium Dioxide market activity muted prior to Lunar New Year Holidays. Majority of buyers in the
region were consuming inventories rather than going for fresh stock. Sellers in the region were trying to
offload their stock exerting pressure to the prices. Weak demand caused marginal decline of the prices and
spot export prices were reported at the range of 1200 – 1320 / ton FOB Chinese main port for Anatase
grade and US$ 1580 – 1900 / ton FOB Chinese main port for Rutile grade.

Titanium Dioxide pigment prices for 2010 contracts settled in most of the markets. In US, price level for 2010
contracts can be quoted as US$ 2360 – 2580 / ton CIF USA, while for European market price level for
Titanium Dioxide pigment 2010 contracts can be mentioned as € 2155 – € 2400 / ton CIF Northern Europe.

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