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Ahmed Khalil

Regarding the American code, you can refer to the below references

For design

1_AISC 360,341,358

2_ AISC A Teaching guide for Structural steel connections

3_AISC Design guides.. (1,4,8,12,13,16,17,21,24,29)

4_AISC Design examples

5_Steel construction manual

6_AISC journals

7_AISC Seismic design manual

8_AISC webinars

Other references books

1_Handbook of Structural steel connection design and details (Akbar R. Tamboli)

2_Structual steel Design's Handbook (Roger L.Brockenbrough, Fredrick S. Merritt)

3_Smart connection systems (Jong Wan Hu)

For detailing

1_AISC Detailing for steel construction

2_ Structural steel drafting & design (David Maclaughin, Hector Estrada)

3_Steel detailers,'s manual (Alan Hayward & Frank Weare)

4_Steel detailing in CAD format (Kamel A. Zayat).

Note that these references are concerned with the steel connections in more details otherwise, there
are too many references for the steel design