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D-#: Training days.
COIN: Counter Insurgency war (example: Iraq and Afghanistan)
Combined Arms Warfare: Traditional conventional war (example: Warsaw PACT invades
ERN: Ethnic Russian Nationals
FPF: Final Protective Fire
HVT: High Value Target
POI: Person of Interest
Training ideas: Each Battery could have a day for road blocks, allowing the other Batteries in
the BN to go to Ranges. This is different from the norm, where the Ranges are done after
Artillery fires.


D-0: Major Events.
1. Move into training areas and set up road blocks to restrict movement of ERN’s.
D-1: Major Events.
1. In the morning, one Battery will stop a vehicle (a truck) carrying weapons.
A. Weapons are bound for ERN’s in nearby village.
2. In afternoon, one Battery will stop a vehicle (POV?) with a POI.
A. POI is a known courier for ERN leaders.
1. Will have paper work talking about upcoming attacks on NATO positions by
ERN’s and their “Big Brothers”. Will name a major ERN leader.
D-2: Major Events.
1. In the morning, one Battery will stop a vehicle with a HVT.
A. Will have maps with locations of NATO, ERN (3) and “Big Brother’s” positions,
including lines of advance.
1. All of “Big Brother’s” positions are in Russia.
2. Using the information from the captured map, NATO directs 2/123 FA BN to conducts raids
on the 3 ERN positions.
A. These will be done at an appropriate training area.
1. To enhance the training (and fun), allow the other Batteries to be the OPFOR at
the ERN positions.
D-3: Major Events.
1. Events of past 4 days show that Russians will cross the border in the next few days, if not
A. 2/123 FA BN is pulled from COIN missions to re-equip for conventional Combined
Armed Warfare.
1. BN goes through a FARP and occupies pre battle positions
D-4: Major Events.
1. Russia invades Eastern Ukraine to “Protect” ethnic Russians. NATO responds, and a
conventional war begins.
2. NATO starts with delaying action.

A. 2/123 FA BN provides supporting fires.

1. Initial fires are a TOT on a major bridge.
a. Fires are timed to hit the 1st line elements of the Russian’s forces as they cross into
Eastern Ukraine
B. Units begin to leap frog back to prevent all from being hit by enemy fires at the same
1. Missions will consist of Smoke, Priority Targets, and VT HE missions (Air bursts).
C. Batteries will fire Illumination missions and HE at night.
D. Batteries will receive information (either provided by OC or radio traffic) on
enemy troop movements, aerial observation, NCC-1 reports, and spotting enemy
artillery fires) which will necessitate a survival move.
1. The individual Batteries will have to request displacement orders from with
D-5: Major Events.
1. Batteries continue to fire HE missions.
A. End of day mission will be an FPF, which will expend all ammo.
1. Batteries will need to go through a FARP to re-supply.
D-6: Major Events.
1. NATO has stalled the Russian advance and begins the Offensive.
A. 2/123 FA BN will provide support to the Offensive by executing Fire Plan Fuck Putin.
1. The Fire Plan will consume the remaining rounds.