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Namely flat jack – 1st of its kind after piston Y-JACK Technology specialized in pile testing with 27

jack design. P years experiences. We are competent to conduct 10

types of piles test method especially the innovation pile
- Provide bigger effective contact area test using Y-JACK bi-direction pile load test.
that allow load transfer performance and most
suitable jack to be applied bi-direction
Static Method YJACK Method
- Suitable for cast in situ bored pile and
(Conventional) (Innovation)
driven concrete piles as well as marine piles
- Conical block attached to the top and Expensive Price Economical
bottom of the jack. Soil sediment will not have
stuck at the top of the jack and plate.
- Bottom conical shape allows the
Slow and Time Fast and
concrete to flow easily from bottom to top and
tedious simple
Large Work Site Environmental
to flush out all the soil sediment which may
block the jack or the plate. Solid concrete
formed below jack. Platform Green
- Installation is simple. It is light, mobile Limited Load Test Unlimited
and easy handling. Only few hours to prepare
and install
Not for Construction For all type of
offshore piles piles
Dangerous Safety Safe

Expressway, MEX2 Expressway,
DASH Expressway, Pan Borneo
Highway, EKVE Expressway,
Bio-Xcell, Sarawak Museum,
KK Metro Town, Forest City