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Maxine Lei Marie S.

Dagcutan Group 1 (Science)

Messiah Jenesis O. Ylanan
Geraldine Boromeo
Christelle Jewel B. Guiyab
Micah Angela A. Almiranez
James Jonas P. Pilpa
Sheila Jane Ginos
Kathryn Duerme

Main Argument

- Science is open for change whereas religion is stagnated and is defiant of Change.

Important Talk Points

- Science is based on purely observation. The researchers believe that certain things are
happening because of a natural cause. Scientists do not believe in gods or goddesses
because they believe that the universe can be discovered through the use of scientific
methods such as, collecting data, postulating and testing the hypothesis. By using this
process, scientific facts evolved to a scientific theory just like the theory of evolution by
Charles Darwin. Thus, if their theory has been compromised they would reject that theory
and recycle the entire process until they improve it by providing sufficient evidences.
According to James Hervey Johnson, religion is based on superstition. For example, he
wrote that 153,000,000 Buddhists claim that after they die they will come back to life as
an another person. This belief didn’t have any evidences to validate it. It solely relied on
faith for the people to believe in these superstitions.
- According to the article “Are religious people delusional?”, any beliefs are considered
delusional, they are not supported with solid evidence, data, or any experiences. It was just
how children believed in Santa Claus without even knowing if it really existed. Some
people don’t view religious belief as delusional just because they don’t want enrage many
people by saying that they are delusional and also, they wanted to give them freedom to
believe on what they think are true. Religions typically include a number of comforting
beliefs (afterlife, loving God, purposeful existence ) that believers are emotionally invested
in and dependent on. Believers are therefore motivated to find evidence that supports and
reinforces their beliefs. Thus, all that opposes their beliefs is automatically dismissed, and
all in favor is given utmost attention.
- Science teaches us and shows us the endless possibilities of the human race, whereas
religion would keep us backward and intolerant and ignorant. 80-90% of our population
still have no real understanding our solar system, galaxy let alone our universe. Billions
still don't understand basic hygiene, germs or viruses. They are forbidden birth control and
watch their children die from disease, malnutrition and lack of water. They are even
forbidden condoms to help avoid the spread of HIV and AIDS. Why? Because this is all
part of their faith and its beliefs, as well as dictated to by the holy catholic church, and
other religious leaders. Religious leaders and zealots of all faiths have and continue to use
violence, murder, wars and other atrocities to keep and force people into beliefs that are
backward, restrictive and misogynistic. Many have and still do punish free thinkers and
those who seek knowledge or decide to leave their faith. Imagine if they succeeded. No
doctors, vaccines, computers, electricity, phones, planes and so on.

Facts from the Reading

- In page four of the reading The publication of Galileo’s Dialogue Concerning the Two
Chief World Systems—Ptolemaic and Copernican in 1632 won many converts to the sun-
centered theory of the universe, but it lost him the support of Pope Urban VIII, Urban then
wrongly concluded that Galileo was mocking him and was then charged guilty of heresy,
the denial of the theological truths of the Roman Catholic Church. That particular example
only proved how blinded religion can be in the face of truth.
- Based on the reading, “Because the bible was considered the inspired word of God, the
Church took everything it said, including any passages regarding the operation of the
physical world, as literally true”, it basically means that religious belief is delusional. They
are delusional because they believe things which cannot be proven. One of the examples is
God, how can people believe in God if they haven’t even seen God, they just know it
existed, but they have no evidence or proof that God existed.
- The Mechanical Philosophy is another example, the seventeenth-century philosophy of
nature, championed by René Descartes, holding that nature operated in a mechanical way,
just like a machine made by a human being. It rejects the idea of soul or spirit thus made
them vulnerable to the charge of heresy and being against the doctrine of the church. That
being said, only proves how resistant religion is to change.

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