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With cooperation from:


30th JULY 2018


Group Members:
Machiel Musian 940706-12-5885
Nur Wafa Amirah bt Hisamuddin 950302-13-5229
Shahrul Nizam bin Ismail 950621-08-6687
Ahmad Firdaus bin Mohamed 960625-03-5915
Praveena a/p Pratapan 961115-07-5508

Venue :
Spastic Children’s Association of Selangor & Federal Territory,
Petaling Jaya
Table of Contents

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1.0 Introduction 3

2.0 Objectives 4

3.0 Background 5

4.0 Programme 6-7

5.0 Outcome 7-8

6.0 Analysis of The Programme 9

7.0 Problems and Solution 10

8.0 Suggestion 10

9.0 Budget Expenditures 11

10.0 Conclusion 11

11.0 Post Self-Reflection 12-13

12.0 Appendix 14-15


At Deutsche Bank they believe that education is the key for young people to fulfil their potential
and become who they were born to be. Deutsche Bank did invest in education and a range of
other initiatives to support young people especially those university students all over the world
as part of their Born to Be youth engagement programme. This year, Deutsche Bank (M)
privileged to extend this support to University of Malaya students to celebrate its 50th
anniversary in Malaysia. As to comply the procedures, those selected students are required to
initiate and conduct a community project for giving back to society.

“Ilmu puncha kemajuan”. The Universiti Malaya motto calls upon all the students of University
of Malaya gain as much as possible knowledge not only in the scope of academic but also
communication skills, values, morals and etc. Based on the awareness of the importance of
knowledge, Group 6 (Better Society) that come from various education background would like
to organise a program that would be able to raise awareness of scholars upon society
engagement and activities which is the Community Service for Spastic Children.

Spastic Children is a non-governmental organization (NGO). Therefore, it is very much

dependent on public and corporate contributions.

Social services for Spastic children will be organized in the objective of instilling the
importance of engaging students into social and to expose students to different situations in
social as to prepare them into different problems in future. We had come to an agreement that
by organizing this program, it will create awareness on the social problems and also the
simplicity of implementing into one’s life. Through this program, students are encouraged to
practice on volunteering and to be more aware with the social problems.


The program is organised based on the idea of providing a normal life to all Spastic children
who are either orphans, abandoned or from broken family. Our help is much appreciated as
Spastics needs volunteers to conduct programs and events for the children so that they can
participate and expose to various activities. On top of that, charity project for Spastic also
advocates students in University Malaya to be more active by involving oneself in voluntary

i. To ensure participation of children in developing child friendly teaching learning

materials and facilitate their process of learning joyful.
ii. To organize the public awareness programs for changing the negative feeling of the
society towards the spastic children.
iii. To embrace love, gratefulness and harmonious through our care, actions and attitude as
to fulfil the societal needs.


The Spastic Children’s Association was set up in 1960 for the education and rehabilitation of
children with cerebral palsy. The association owns and manages the Spastic Centre at Lorong
Utara A, Petaling Jaya.

Our Centre is a one-stop centre which provides a complete range of services for person
with Cerebral Palsy. They admit them as young as possible, as soon as they are diagnosed to
have cerebral palsy. We have no exit age that is we provide services throughout their life. All
their service is FREE OF CHARGE.

The range of services include physiotherapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy,

hydrotherapy, hippotherapy, arts, handicraft, special education, recreational and competitive
sports (up to Paralympics), music therapy, dancing, cooking, independent living skills,
vocational training and sheltered workshops. This association is an NGO and relies for its funds
from the generous public.


Our programme and activity have been held at the Spastic Children's Association of

Selangor & Federal Territory address at No.16, Jalan Utara, Bangunan Sultan Salahuddin

Abdul Aziz Shah, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor. We named our programme as “FOR

BETTER UNITY HELP YOUR COMMUNITY” aligned with the Deutsche Bank

requirements on this programme to giving back to community. After meeting with the teachers

and the coordinators there we have agreed to organize the programme on Monday, 30 July


Table below is the summary of the activity that take place during the event.

Time Activity Description

8.00 a.m. Registration of children

8.30 a.m. Briefing about the programme by Nur Wafa

9.00 a.m. Novelty games -Colouring

- Singing

10.30 a.m. Break

11.00 a.m. Novelty games - Guess the
- Pop the balloons

12.30 p.m. Prize giving -Prize giving for

the winner and
consolation prize
will be given to all
the children.
- Group photo
1.30 p.m. End of the programme

The list of the activities as follow:

 Colouring the “Jalur Gemilang”.
 Singing, we let the Spastic Children to sing their favourite song.

 Guess the drawing, given drawing, they need to guess what the photo it is and if right
the need to spell what it is on the drawing.
 Pop the ballons, they need to write their name at the balloon and try to blow up their
friends’ balloon.


First of all, our programme’s name is “For better Unity Help Your Community” after putting

the unity among Malaysian regardless of their races and religion as our priority whereas

thinking on how to contribute to the society. Before we proceed to the first activity, our team

members Nur Wafa have introduced ourselves to the spastic children and briefing the spastic

children on the activity that are taken place. For our very first activity, we provide the student

with the blank “Jalur Gemilang” and we have given out it to all the participant. The Spastic

Association have provided the colour pencil and we distributed the colour pencil to all the

participants. All the team members can join the participants by helping them to colour the

national flag as some of them are unable in moving the body. From the activity we can spread

the patriotic spirit as National Day is just around the corner and also familiarised the “Jalur

Gemilang” to the special person.

Our next activity was singing. We setup the favourite song for the spastic children and we

let them to sing the song and let everyone else in the hall enjoyed the song. From the activity

we feel that the spastic children are same to the normal person as they also have feelings and

want to express their feeling through entertainment. Few children have come out and sing the

song they wanted.

After the break, we moving to the next activity is pop quiz where we draw item on the paper

and let them guess. If they can guess the correct things we ask them to spell the item. Through

the activity we can implement what they have been taught in the class and the spastic children

memory. Their teacher also helped them to spell the item as some of them not good in spelling

the word. We also find out that the students are eager to this activity and all the student

participated well.

Lastly, we played the pop the balloon game. Firstly, before started all the team members

have blown the balloons. Then we gave the balloons to all the students and ask them to write

their name on the balloons. Next, we wanted them to blow up their friend’s balloon. From the

activity, we want they children to feel the joy of trying to blow up their friend’s balloon at the

same time we want them to let go the fear and free feeling after blowing up the balloon. Few

students have asked extra balloon and we gave them to make sure they are satisfied the feeling

of blow up the balloon.

Before we end the event, we distribute the prize to the best student on colouring session and

gave all the student consolation prize after they participated in the event. Then, we took a group

photo with all the student and the teacher for a memory and gave a token of appreciation to the

representative of Spastic Children's Association of Selangor & Federal Territory. We thanked

to the Spastic Children's Association of Selangor & Federal Territory for giving us the chance

to success the event.


The experience of the “FOR BETTER UNITY HELP YOUR COMMUNITY” Programme

with The Spastic Children was incredible. It had an enormous impact on me in many ways,

changing the way I look at the world and connecting me with people and far beyond my

formerly limited experience. It gave me a new perspective on life. We were extremely glad to

have had this opportunity. It was a wonderful experience on multiple levels. It challenged,

expanded intellectually, and socially. We feel that this experience has had an immense impact

on all of us.

Engaging with the Spastic children was quite fun because they were so kind. They were

many spastic people there from the age 3 to 60. Spastic children Association can be said as a

school for the spastic children to learn and play games. Mostly the children need someone to

guide them in everything they do in their daily life.

In a nutshell, we’re really glad to be part of this programme and hope that this kind of

social activities continues.




Based on our analysis, we find out that there is quite a number of challenges that we face during

the event. Thus, we have come up with problem-solution approach on alleviate those


Problem: Not all the spastic children could participate the games and the programme due to
some reasons.
Solution: Create a list of participants before we start our programme.

Problem: Uncooperative weather.

Solution: Prepare with umbrellas and ponchos

Problem: Not considering little things.

Solution: Assign tasks to your team and follow up with them every week to know how things
are falling.

Problem: Budgeting and Funding

Solution: Do set a realistic budget before any plans are made.


After discussing among us, we have find out that the same project or even in a bigger scale can
be done by visiting different kind of less fortunate children such as orphanage for the next
project. We can think of more activities that can give joy to the spastic children and suited to
their abilities.

Our group have fully utilised the amount of RM500, the funding funds that have been allocated
by Deutsche Bank. The details of our group’s expenditures are as shown below:

Total budget
1. Prize and token of appreciation RM192

2. Travel fees & Communication RM119

3. T-Shirts for Organiser RM175

4. Activities items RM14

Total RM500


As a conclusion, this community project brings us closer to the different part of society that we
don't see much. This project has given us an opportunity to open up our view of the world by
engaging with people with disabilities. Through this community program, we have experienced
being among spastic children by engaging in fun activities with them. Community service like
this will help open our eyes to different kind of people that exist but are not seen as much in
our society. It is important as it will open up our perspective towards different kind of people
that we are living with. Spastic children have special needs. Although spastic people have
different lifestyle, there are big ways we as a society in general can lend a hand to make their
life brighter.


Machiel Musian
First of all, I would like to thank Deutsche Bank and University of Malaya for giving me such
opportunity in having social engagement with the society. As for me myself, I never ever
thought of doing social work as it does not bring any benefit to me and I found that it was a
waste of time. I've complaint a lot and consider myself as the unfortunate after knowing there
is this new course that all of us have to take. Throughout this project, I have seen the struggles
and discrimination that can occur in the orphanage lives. I felt that social work is necessary as
it aims to work towards having a world where equality exists for all.

This charity project has finally come to an end but I hope in the future I'm able to work
with children and teenagers with less privilege and continue to train myself to be part of the
social worker. I was inspired to do this from my personal experiences. There appears to be
formal help children can get but this does not appear to be readily available, or commonly
known by people generally. I therefore wanted to be a part on helping the children to develop
on their own to cope with the difficulties of bereavement.

Nur Wafa Amira bt Hisamuddin

It is my first experience as a volunteer and doing some charity work. Being as a volunteer at
Spastics totally change my thoughts all this time. When we visit the children there, I could see
their happiness. They accept us to be a part of their life. Yes, they are orphans and unable
phisically, but that is not matter to them. The children lived very well there.

They showed me the spirit to move on even most of them did not know who they really
are. I learn something from them. Perseverance. Although we are from different races, they
respect me and so do I. They have the passion to know something new, though some of them
are not interested in study. Now I realized that no matter how good we are in our study, we
need this sort of lesson that open not only our minds, eyes but also our hearts. It taught me
something that I could not gain it in lecture hall. Helping people while we can, share what we
have with them even a small thing, accept them for who they are. All that meant a lot to them.
I felt very blessed to have this experience. It is funny that I have to thank the university
authorities for this course as I do not like it at first. It inspired me not to stop here. This is just
the beginning, the introduction, there is still a long way to go.

Ahmad Firdaus bin Mohamed

This social engagement project has taught me that we should not forget about the needed
community out there. In university life, we are busy with the tutorials, assignments, labs and
others. Although I need to sacrifice my free time and my weekend to finish this project but it
was worth it. At Spastics, I do my little effort toward the community here. It was a fun and
exciting because this is first time I was doing volunteer service. It was planned well by my
group member I we do it well as all the member show good teamwork. I’m happy to help the
children there with their homework and we do some activity to cheers them up. I hope I can do
something good and help the community out there more after this.

Shahrul Nizam bin Ismail

This is definitely a stepping stone for all of us to get involved in more voluntary work in the
future, contribute more to the society rather than just being self-centred. We must thank the
Deutsche Bank and University for giving us such opportunity to do something we have always
wanted. This is because it is hard for us to fork out the time, thus we were unable to experience
such satisfaction by helping others.

Volunteering moves us beyond the position of simply being a consumer of spirituality

we also become its servant. Nevertheless, there is still space for improvement such as setting a
suitable-hours for the students to do the activities. In a nutshell, we really enjoyed what we
have done, and hope to engage with more people who needs a helping hand from us.

Praveena a/p Pratapan

It is like a community service and it could expose us to the society. It helps to raise
social awareness among university student and let us know about what is going on in the
society. Plus, it sharpens our mind and increase our communication skill. Well, there are some
deficiencies and weakness for this subject, too. It is not rational for us to allocate about 60
hours to get this subject done. Then, transportation should be provided so it would not put
university student into trouble in finding transport.

Basically, I feel happy and satisfied to have this project in my university life. It makes
my life brighter and expose me to a group of playful and mischievous kids. It gives me
opportunity to become a teacher and help them in their academic. Indirectly, I could know more
about the feeling of those orphan.


As our aim to be more inclusive in terms of the presentation to the Deutsche Bank management
soon, then we have created a video and it is already being uploaded to Youtube. The video can
be watched through the link provided here