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Personal Philosophies

Factions of an Inquisitor
technically supersedes all others, including, in theory, a High
Lord of Terra or even a Chapter Master of the Adeptus
n Inquisitor is a clandestine agent and highest-ranking
Astartes. Thus, Inquisitors have access to an almost limitless
member of the Imperial Inquisition. They are the secret variety of Imperial resources that allow them to act in full
policemen and intelligence agency of the Imperium, driven strength against any threats they perceive to the Emperor's
by ancient order of the Emperor of Mankind to ensure the domain. Despite this comprehensive legal authority,
security of the Imperium of Man from the taints of Chaos, the experienced Inquisitors seeking the assistance of the Space
daemonic threats of the Warp and the dangers presented to Marines or the knowledge and resources of an Arch Magos
Mankind by intelligent alien species like the Orks, the of the Adeptus Mechanicus have learned to act with
Tyranids, the Eldar, the Necrons and the Tau. Split into three discretion towards such powerful Adepta of the Imperium.
main Orders, the Ordo Xenos (Alien Hunters), the Ordo Uniquely, Inquisitors have been known to use a wide variety
Malleus (Daemon Hunters) and the Ordo Hereticus (Witch of artifacts and wargear throughout their careers as a result
Hunters), the Inquisition is ruthless in uncovering of such heavy interaction with the other Adepta of the
and snuffing out Chaotic corruption, heresy, Imperium and even xenos cultures. Despite their
and mutation wherever they may be found seemingly powerful capabilities, even the
among the million worlds of Mankind. Inquisition may not be able to fight back a
The relentless and deadly agents of rampant and well-rooted infection of
the Inquisition have infiltrated every Chaos or unusually powerful xenos
facet of human society to insure that forces like a Tyranid Hive Fleet.
Chaos can never again take root in On worlds where such
the Imperium, and that no alien race infections have been discovered, an
will replace humanity as the Inquisitor may condemn the planet to
dominant intelligent species of the Exterminatus, the ultimate Imperial
Milky Way Galaxy sanction which is granted only to an
As the most important arm of Inquisitor or a Space Marine
the Imperial government officer to unleash upon a world...
dedicated to ensuring the security
of the Imperium of Man, the
authority of the Inquisition
Obvious Combative

The The
Judicar Militant
Fanatic Impartial
al The The
Idealist Investigator


Diplomatic Subtle

Personal Philosophies of the Inquisitor Faction of the Inquisitor

Certain philosophies and interpretations of the Divine The interpretation of the Divine Will of the Emperor has
Task given to the Inquisition have held sway over its agents always been fraught with division, and that Inquisitorial
throughout the Millennia. The popularity of different agents, whilst wholly dedicated to their task as they see it,
viewpoints and beliefs waxes and wanes with the passing of are no less prone to personal definitions of the Emperor's
the decades, as new Inquisitors rise above their former Purpose, their manifest duty and manner in which it can or
stations to enact the Emperor's Will, and older Inquisitors fall should be executed. As is the way of Mankind, similarly-
in the line of that sacred duty through age or the crucible of minded individuals will gather together on occasion, sharing
battle. The personal philosophy held by the Inquisitor will not a commonality of their beliefs. It is impossible to tell
only effect the Inquisitor himself - but it holds sway over his accurately how many of these informal organizations (which
chosen Acolytes, molding them in the path he has set upon shall hereafter be referred to as 'factions') can be found
as well. within the Orders of the Emperor's Holy Inquisition, however
The Personal Philosophy chart above indicates how the the disparity between the beliefs of some factions is at such
Inquisitor bears himself and behaves within his trusted role. an extent that they can be said to be fundamentally opposed
to each other. As no one is above or below the ever-watchful
eye of the Inquisitor, it is not an unheard of occurrence for
Inquisitors of differing factions to investigate one another and
All hail the martyrs! On their blood declare each other Excommunicate Traitoris.
The Faction Orientation chart on the following page
is our Imperium founded, in their indicates the faction the Inquisitor is more likely to gravitate
remembrance do we honor ourselves. towards. It also indicates which factions view the Inquisitor
more favorably or unfavorably.
Diplomatic One Truth

Thorians Mono-
Redemption Strife
Recongregators Istvaanians



Many Interpretations Change

Defining Personal Philosophy and

Faction Influence
To define your personal philosophy and faction influence,
note there are 3 lines and 3 rings.

 Each line indicates two opposing stances in life. For

example Fanatical opposing Impartial.
 Each outward ring indicates how strongly the Inquisitor
aligns himself with that stance.
 Select one stance and one mark along the ring.
 Select three stances (not opposing ones) and a different
notch for each stance on one ring.

For example an extremely fanatical, reasonably combative

and a touch subtle Inquisitor would look like the following
example: :
Personal philosophy sin-eaters for the benefit of humanity, knowledge without
bounds, arrogance

The following are a few short traits common among the

Personal Philosophy archetypes presented in the charts Recongregators
earlier. Recongregators consider that the Imperium should be
rebuilt, lest it stagnate further and collapse under the
Puritan pressure of countless threats from both without and within.
The Militant - Shoot first, Slaughter, Tin pot general Description: Change is good, it can be done, the Imperium
The Investigator - The Hunter, Uncovering secrets, is rotten, break the shackles of the present, the future is
Innocence first bright, anarchism, upheaval, rebelliousness
The Machinator - Puppeteer, politician, infiltrator
Radical It is the place of the Istvaanians to strengthen mankind
The Bombast - Consumed by Faith, Religious, Unsubtle through adversity, and so follow a 'survival of the fittest'
The Judicar - Guilt first, Cavalcade, Creates new laws doctrine.
The Idealist - Hope for mankind, Innocent, Young Firebrand Description: Strength through conflict, survival, life is war,
catharsis through cataclysm, testing the mettle,
uncompromising, purity of faith
The following are short descriptions of the
Factions the Faction Orientation chart represents

Puritan factions tend to uphold the letter of
Imperial law and the dictates of the Emperor, with no
room for reinterpretation.

The Thorians believe that the Emperor's spirit
wanders the void, manifesting his spirit through
chosen vessels when his people needed him.
Description: pro-resurrectionist, devout, virtuous,
innocence, study consciousness and the warp

Monodominants have the firm belief that the
Imperium, and only the Imperium, should be allowed
to exist.
Description: uncompromising, zealous, manifest
destiny, extermination of all threats and impurities,

The Amalathians believe that the Emperor has a
grand plan and that it is unfolding as it should. They
are concerned with maintaining the status quo and
react vehemently against change.
Description: status quo, harmony, minimize discord,
strength through unity, uphold Imperial law

Radical factions feel they are free to enforce the
spirit and intent of the Emperor’s judgments, and for
them the end really does justify the means.

Xanthites believe that those energies and powers
created by Chaos can be turned back for the benefit
of humanity, rather than being an enemy.
Description: Turn the power of chaos against itself,
Mapping Influence numerous organizations. Influence just means pull to get
Inquisitorial matters done.

Influence likewise can be mapped out on a graph to show

where an Inquisitors Influence derives. To map an Table: Influence Examples
Inquisitor's influence: 5 Hab supervisor, Hive Gang Boss
10 Mid-spire Noble, Imperial Guard Captain
 Influence is divided between four axes: Institutional 20 Chartist Captain, Commissar
opposing individual, Legal opposing Illegal 30 Upper-spire Noble, Imperial Guard Regimental
 Each square is 5 points. Each block indicates an
40 Newly-minted Inquisitor, Planetary Governor of a
Inquisitor’s influence among different power brokers Frontier World
and institutions in the Calixis sector. 50 Sub-sector Ministorum Official, Hive World
 A player can burn influence to have whatever they wish Governor
done. Each five points burned will allow for one 70 Calixian Battlefleet Admiral, Established
success. Inquisitor
90 Sector Ministorum Official
110 Lord Inquisitor, High Archmagi of the Lathes
Example Influence Graph 130 Member of the Calixian Conclave’s, High
Council, Lord-Sector Hax
The below image shows a recently Rosette’d Inquisitor 150+ Lord Inquisitor Caidin, The Calixian Conclave
with some minor connections with an organization in the cold
trade (for example the beast house), and more deep
personal connections (for example with a low ranking
regional official in for example with Officio Munitorium).
What or who is being influenced is kept purposefully
abstract as there are thousands of different individuals and
Requisition and commission


The cold trade 5- Authorities

Illegal Legal

Manipulate and control others