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I-Search Research Assignment

My group went into this assignment recognizing that reading literacy alludes to a reader’s

ability to fluently read and comprehend a text. Reading aloud activities, therefore, are not

effective in properly evaluating students reading literacy abilities. Research questions my group

established based from this prior knowledge included examining how to create a safe and

inclusive classroom environment for ELL students, as these students are likely to struggle

academic reading fluency specific to the studying of social studies. As a result, ELL students

may be expected to struggle with analyzing primary source documents, an essential component

and task incorporated throughout the social studies discipline.

Our conducted research provided us with roles and responsibilities to assume as the

educator. It is the role of the teacher to motivate students to read texts dedicated to historical

content. Teachers should encourage ELL students to practice reading without becoming

discouraged from unfamiliar terms and technical vocabulary. Additionally, teachers must

challenge ELL students in their reading ability in order to encourage persistence without

overwhelming students. The positive reinforcement and encouragement of teachers allows ELL

students to continue incorporating literacy strategies and techniques into their reading as to not

become easily discouraged. Utilizing graphic organizers as a reading tool is an effective way in

which ELL students can organize their reading and analysis process for deconstructing technical

terms and vocabulary in order to comprehend a text and expand their fluency and comprehension

level. Students will retain engagement and motivation through understanding and utilizing effect

reading and literacy strategies. Teachers will also be able to challenge without overwhelming or

belittling ELL students and their literacy abilities.