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Template for Lesson Plan

Title of lesson: Letter (p)

Name: Fatma Salem Date: 31-Oct-2018

Time: 9:45 Location: Sharjah

*who are they
* 22 students * how many
* what ages
* 4-6 years * What grade
* male/female ratio
* native language(s)
* KG2-B * learning styles (and student
* English *personalities
* special needs
* Both male and female * prior learning
* how this lesson fits into
prior & future learning

*what specific skill or
By the end of the lesson, students will be able to: concept would students
have learned or experience
by the end of the lesson
* always expressed in terms
of student learning
- Write letter (p) and spell it. * concrete, measurable &
* maximum of three
- List that start with letter p “parrot”. * include name of
curriculum guide & objective
numbers when & where
* goals are connected to


*how DAP are the materials
Materials & resources: & resources?
* have all safety & health
White board – Color pens – Markers – Sheet. considerations been taken
into account?

Technology integration: *remember technology is a

tool & is not just limited to
All class – Groups computers
*incorporate technology
when & if it supports &

Strategies: enhances what you’re

already doing
* do you have a plan B for
- First, I will tell them what to do than I will put them in groups and give technology upsets?
them the activities.

Engagement: what will you do to grab
student attention & to
Ask them about today, weather and about lesson. generate
interest/enthusiasm in the
Teacher will …… Students will ….. *description of activities
used to meet the learning
Include your open and closed objectives
ended questions here
* articulated in terms of
student activity & teacher
- Let them sit on the carpet. - They will sit on the carpet. activity

- Ask them the rules. - Tell the rules.

- Ask them about the days, weather - Answer the Questions.

and weeks.

- Gave them activities. - Do the activities.

- Tell the teacher what they

- In the last ask them about the
lesson. have did and learned.

ANTICIPATED PROBLEMS (“WHAT IF ….?”) *list the problems that

may occur
- Some of them say the word that doesn’t begin letter “p”. *anticipate at least two
- They write the letter on opposite way. *think of possible ways to
deal with those problems
- Make mistakes in activities. when & if they occur

- Teach them how to write the letter.

- Gave them examples.

- Help them in activities.



*what will you do to
- Observe them. assess learning?
*what will happen to
- Ask them question. measure that the goals
were met?
* how DAP is your
- I will let them explain to me. assessment?
* my assessments are
very tightly connected
to my goals