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Eva Ayu Eliza (Doctor)

Fida Rachmadiarti (Nurse II)

Kartikasari (Patient)

Mei Dita Vera Teana (Nurse I)

Patient : Good morning nurse

Nurse I : Good morning Mrs. Can I help you?

Patient : Yes, I want to check my condition

Nurse I : Have you been here before or is this for the first time?

Patient : This is the first time

Nurse I : Okay, I’am a nurse I served this morning. Sorry, Mrs

what is your name

Patient : My name is Kartika

Nurse I : How old are you?

Patient : I’am 19 years old

Nurse I : Where do you live?

Patient : I live in Klaten

Nurse I : Do you have health insurance?

Patient : Yes, I have health insurance?

Nurse I : What is that?

Patient : My health insurance is Askes

Nurse I : What is your job Mrs?

Patient : I’am a Student

Nurse I : Do you have a Doctor Referral?

Patient : No, I dont have nurse. Because, I feel sick I just take

Nurse I : Sorry Mrs, what do you feel Mrs?

Patient : I feel unwell and keep vomiting all the time.

Nurse I : How long have you test like this?

Patient : Nearly two days, it storted just before going to bed the
day before yesterday.

Nurse I : Okay, no problem Mrs, let me check your blood Pressure

Patient : Okay nurs

Nurse I : Your blood pressure is 90/60 mmHg Mrs

Patient : Yes nurs

Nurse I : For the next, Mrs will be checked by a doctor.

Patient : Okay nurs

Nurse II : Excuse me! Good morning doctor

Doctor : Good morning nurse, what happened to the new patient


Nurse II : At 07.00 O’clock nurse 1 had asked about the patient


Doctor : What is Mrs Kartika feel nurse?

Nurse II : Mrs Kartika say that feeling unwell and feeling vomited
all the time.

Doctor : Okay nurse , thank you I will go to the patient room to

check the patient general condition.
Nurse II : Okay doc

Doctor : Excuse me! Good morning

Patient : Good morning doc

Doctor : Do you Mrs Kartika?

Patient : Yes, I’am Mrs Kartika

Doctor : What do you feel Mrs Kartika?

Patient : I feel unwell and keep vomiting all the time.

Doctor : How long have you felt like this?

Patient : Nearly two days, it started just before going to bed the
day before yesterday

Doctor : Let me examine you. I will press on your stomach to see

if it hurts and then listen to your heart.

Patient : Okay, it doesn’t hurt when you press my stomach. I just

feel tired.

Doctor : Okay, did you eat anything different from usual before
you started to feel this way?

Patient : Yes, doc.

Doctor : You’ve got food poisoning. It is not very serious and you
should be better in another day.

Patient : Oh dear, what should I do?

Doctor : You need to drink lots of water and get planty of rest.

Patient : Okay, thank you doctor

Doctor : You’re welcome. It you are not better in 48 hours to

come and see me again.

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