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gourd, tomato, and radish along with I have been able to reduce five-

acupressure has given me lot of re- kilo weight with the regular practice
lief. I will remain grateful to your of pranayam along with several
Yog teacher, Swapna Kumar Haldar other diseases. I thank you for ev-
throughout my life, whose guidance erything.
has helped me in overcoming this Yours truly,
problem. Now I enjoy my food also Surendra Jha
without any fear. District Commercial supervisor
Yours truly, Sonpur (Bihar)
Madhurekha Nandi,
Sahagunj, Vandel, Hugli, Bengal
Revered Swami Ji Maharaj,
PIMPLES DISAPPEARED Respected Swami Ji Maharaj!
I was suffering from sciatica and
took acupressure treatment for the
FROM FACE Namaskar!
same. I got 70 per cent relief and Respected Swami Ji! I am an avid reader of Yog
then I practiced asana and Namaskar! Sandesh and await my copy very
pranayam for spinal problem ac- I studied the article on Neem and eagerly. This magazine is very in-
cording to your cassette along with its qualities written by Acharya formative and entertaining. The ar-
regulated diet. I got some benefits Balkrishna in April issue of Yog ticles published in this magazine high-
and now I am practicing asana and Sandesh. My nephew crushed the light the social, national, health, reli-
pranayam regularly. As a result, now neem root like sandal and applied on gion and spiritual matters. The ar-
I am completely relieved from sci- face. It gave miraculous results and ticle on Kathopanishad is extremely
atica, which has been possible only all the pimples disappeared from his knowledgeable. The magazine and
with the blessings of god and you. face. The skin began glowing again. the articles are very helpful in over-
This health revolution propounded by I thank Acharya Ji for providing us coming health problems in a natural
you is commendable. with this wonderful information. way.
Yours truly, I request you to publish a cancer I was also suffering from giddi-
Keshav Meher, special edition, which should include ness, phlegm, skin allergy, rashes etc.
Arya Samaj, Ganganagar, the treatment of cancer of tongue I could not do tough asanas in the
Patnagarh, and other parts with the help of Yog beginning but now I am able to do
Balangir (Orissa) and medicinal herbs. This would be Kapalbhati, Anulom-Vilom for one
Pin – 767025 extremely beneficial for all the read- hour. Pranayam has relieved the
ers. phlegm related problem and the
Yours truly, Ayurvedic medicines of Patanjali
Yunus Khan Yogpeeth have overcome skin al-
Dhanpuri, Shahdol (M.P) lergy to a great extent. The articles
DIABETES published on medicinal plants and the
Revered Swami Ramdev Ji Maharaj, treatment of incurable diseases is a
Namaskar! YOGA AND MEDITATION source of good guidance to the read-
I am 72 years old and in 2006 I ers. Yog Sandesh is undoubtedly a
faced lot of problems due to diabe-
Respected Swami Ji, leading and informative magazine in
tes. I had the constant fear of kid- the field of Yog and Ayurved. I read
ney failure. I took lot of medicines Namaskar!
India had recognized the impor- it again and again to improve my
but there was no relief. Sometimes, knowledge.
PP sugar was 390 and even 488. tance of Yog several centuries ago.
Yog helps the person in keeping fit Yours truly,
But, now the sugar level is com- Jitendra Kumar
pletely under control. Regular prac- and healthy. I strongly believe that
the dream of ‘Healthy India and Village – Lohadda, Badot,
tice of Yoga, pranayam, and regular Bagpat (U.P)
consumption of cucumber, bitter healthy world’ would be achieved
very soon.