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EDUC 2220- Educational Technology

Infant-Pre-K Curriculum Plan: Technology-Based Lesson/Activity

Your Name __Ashlee Taylor________________________________ Activity Title _Exploring Natural Materials


Number of children participating at one time _____8___ Ages __1-2 yrs ________

Activities written for previous classes cannot be re-used and must be the original work of the student.
Ohio Early Domain: Cognitive Development and General Knowledge
Learning &
Standards: Topic: Exploring Natural Materials

List at least 1
standard that
Standard Statement:
is addressed
by this activity. -Children will recall information over a period of time.
Write out each -Mirror and repeat something said
component - Anticipate the beginning and end of activities.
and exactly,
as published in

The purpose of the lesson is to allow the children to get familiar with natural materials. This will help
with transitioning to spaces with different textures, helping with environment exploration and how
to identify everyday materials accurately and anticipate what certain materials and environments
may be like moving forward.

Estimated This lesson will be 100 minutes long in total spanning over 2 half school days with 2 25 minute
sessions during each class period. The students have minimal ability to focus for long periods of time
at this age. With short attention spans, 25 minute sessions is most appropriate.

Preparation What preparation is needed?

of materials - Collecting materials, sorting through board maker app on the I-Pad to create board
and with natural materials. This will allow the students to make choices throughout the
environment lesson by pointing to illustrations on board maker.
What materials will be used?
- Blocks, wood, leaves, sand, water, grass, paper

How will the learning environment be set up?

- Materials such as leaves and paper will be put on the light table, blocks will be
placed for stacking, pieces of grass turf and sand will be added to the sensory bin,
water and paint will be set up at table for crafts.
Instructional Procedures:

Day 1:
First 25 minutes: Introductory activity- Students will play in sensory bin with natural materials including sand, grass
turf and shredded paper. While playing I will have Board Maker up on I-PAD showing different pictures of these

Second 25 minutes: I will have the students sit down at the table and give them an option to choose from the Board
Maker App which item (natural material) they would like to use to create a piece of art.

During this time the students and I will be communicating on how these materials feel. I will be looking at facial
expressions and seeing what preference the kids may have if any when playing with different materials.

Day 2:

First 25 minutes: I will read books at circle time that are themed based. I will program the voice output devises to
match words/ materials found in the book and ask each student to press the device when a picture of the material
shows up in the book. We will also pass around items to feel.

Second 25 minutes. We will go outside to explore the environment and see if any materials we have learned about
can be found.

When and if they are found I will use the I-PAD to pull up an illustration to show the child and verbally repeat if
possible. I am hoping by the end of the lesson that the children will be able to identify materials either by showing me
on the I-Pad of verbal communication.


This site will assist in giving the teacher different strategies when using assistive technology.
Differentiated Instructional Support: Describe how instruction can be differentiated (changed or altered) to meet the
needs of gifted or accelerated students:
- For the children who are accelerated in this area of play/instruction, a matching game on the I-PAD would be a little
more challenging. In addition we could put out more challenging puzzles that are themed based.

Discuss additional activities you could do to meet the needs of students who might be struggling with the material:
- For students struggling with materials we may use hand over hand to help them explore safely. Additionally, a voice
output device can be utilized to better understand their needs and wants while playing/learning about the materials
and environment.

Vocabulary: leaves, water, sand, blocks, paper, etc

For teachers To teach this lesson plan I will need natural materials, I-Pad with the board maker
application, and to look up any appropriate signs (sign language) needed to
communicate with the hearing impaired. I will also need to record the appropriate
words on the voice output devices so that the children can make their respective
choices when teaching the lesson.

For students I-Pad, voice output device, flash cards