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The Tarot Keys from which this lessonis developedare 18, 11 and 4, corresponding
respectivelyto the lettersQoph (i:), Lamed (f) and Heh (i1), and to the CorporealIntelligence,
the Faithful Intelligenceand the ConstitutingIntelligence.

Qoph, you will recall, correspondsto the back of the head,the location of the medulla
oblongata. This part of the brain containsstructurestluough which subconsciousness controls
breathing,swallowing and other vital functions.

Here, also, are locatedother instrumentswhich the Life-power has developedthrough agesof
errolution. Through thesegroupsof cells we may come in touch with race-memoriesgoing
back to the first emergenceof animal life from water.

medulla oblongatais like a bridge betweenself-consciousness and subconsciousness. In
other lessonswe have spokenof the reasonfor learningto control the breathas a meansfor
re-establishingcommandover the whole cell-consciousness. The exerciseswherebythis is
accompiishecimodify ceiis in the meciuiia,estabiisiringthem in new habits of action which
changethe behaviorof many groupsof cells in other partsof the body.

By impressingsuggestionsdirectly on the cells of the medulla,with the understandingthat

they are the media through which othel cell groupsmay be broughtunder control of
self-consciousness, much may be accomplished.Thus,when learningrhythmic breathing,if a
clear idea of the cleansingoffice of the breathbe realizedand formulatedin a suggestion
addresseddirectly to the cells of the medulla,progresswill be more rapid. Speakto the cells
iust as you would speakto an animal you were training. The cells are animals,and they are
surprisinglyintelligent,respondingquickly to kindly, firm commands.

The back of the head, again, is the seatof anothercenterwhose functions are reahzedin the
work of the fourth stageof unfoldment. This is the sight center. It is active in ordinary
vision, but this is not its only office. All visual imaginationis also dependenton this part of
the brain. To improve ordinaryvision, or to developdefinite power of mental imagery,it is
useful to stimulatethesecells by direct auto-suggestion.

To do this, learn first just wherethe sight centerand the medulla are located. At any good
library you oan find a book on anatomygiving diagramsof the organsof the brain. Get this


ln using direct auto-suggestionto cell groupsconcernedwith specialfunctions,be careful not

to prolong concentration on the cell group itself. Concentrationon any part of the body
increasesthe flow of blood to that part. When it is overdone,congestionresults. Long
concentrationis unnecessary.Cells are not merethings. They are centersof consciousness,
living beings. The kind of consciousness they have is alwaysamenableto control by

Prepareyourself by establishinga thoroughintellectualgraspof the law of suggestionas

outlined in SevenSteps. Next, learnthe exactlocation of whatevercell group you wish to
influence. Then deliberatelyarousea mood of calm expectationthat your suggestionswill be
obeyed. If you proceedin this way, you will be able to securesatisfactoryresultsby a single
conciseand definite command. Suchwork shouldbe donenot oftenerthan once a day. Too
much repetitionis a symptornthat you doubt your ability to contlol the cells. This uncertainty
defeatsyour purposebecauseit actsas a counter-suggestion.

Another attributionto Qoph is Sleep. It is while we sleepthat commandswe give to the cell
groupsare executed.Hencethe besttime to do this work is just befbreyou fall asleep.For
most personsthere is a moment,after going to bed, when thought beginsto be disconnected.
At this moment it is possibleto rouseoneselfto full wakefulness.This is the besttime to give
the chosensuggestion.

With other persons,however,sleepcomessuddenly,like night in the tropics,with no twiiight

period beforeit. If you are one of these,make your suggestionsjust before going to bed while
sitting comfortably in a chair. Preparefor your auto-suggestions
by sitting still and
deliberatelyinducing a stateof reverie. Let the imagestloop pastbeforeyour mental vision,
but expectthem to slow down until thel'comealmostto a standstill.

No "iron will" effort is requiredfor this. At all times you are masterof your mental
image-making,but until you know you aremasterand exerciseyour birthright for specific
ends,you achieveno constructiveresults.

You are like one sitting in the driver's seatof an automobile. Powerto drive the engineand
steerthe car is alreadyyours; but you haveto learnwhat leversto pull, what pedalsto press,
and how to usethe wheel. It takesno iron will to drive a car, and noneto gain control of
mental imagery. Information and practiceare the two essentials.Theselessonssupply the
infbrmation. You must do the practicing. By merely expectingyour mental imagesto slow
do\,vn,you do exactly what is neededto makethem go slower and slower until a single image
seemsto stay a long time befbreyour mental gaze.
What really occursis that one image is being reproducedover and over again. streamof
consciousness flows on, much as a strip of film passesthrough a projection-machine;but you
seemto be "holding a thought," becausethe imagedoesnot changeform. To explain this is

TA RO7' I NT I' II P ]187"47' I O N : 4

not easy. It is the effect that Patanjalihad in mind when he wrote: "Concentrationis the
binding of the perceivingconsciousness to a certainregion of attention."

The consciousness you are particularlyconcernedwith in the fburth stageof unfoldment is the
CorporealIntelligence,or the body-consciousness, the mental activity of the cell groupsin
your body. If you have donethe work of the third stageof unfoldmentwell, you know that all
phasesof your consciousness are expressionsof the Natural Intelligence,or the mental
activity which pervadesall Nature. Now you are more concernedwith forms assumedby this
universalmental activity as it flows throughthe variouscell groupswhich make up your

Under exceptionalconditions,as in overcomingdisease,it is sometimesadvisableto talk to

the cell groupscomposingspecificorgans,suchas the stomach,kidneys,or liver. This,
however,shouldnot be attemptedby beginners.It is betterand saferto think of the medulla,
so to speak,as the "office" of subconsciousness. The latter may be dependedon to carry out
whateverinstructionsyou give. It knows far betterthan do you just what groupsof cells are
doing eachkind of work. Consequently,you will be sureto get excellentresultsif you simply
formulatethe commandsto subconsciousness and turn them in at the "office" bv a brief
concentrationon the medulla as you sive the command.

Concentrationon the sight center,and giving suggestionsto the cells of this group,make this
instrumentof selt-consciousness more eflicient. Sight, you will recall, is one of the
attributionsof the letter Heh and Key 4. In its esotericmeaning,sight is not only the physical
function, but also its metaphysicalcounterpaft.

The ability to visualizeis a most useful aspectof the discriminativefaculty. Full exerciseof
the function demandsadequateorganizationof its instrument in the brain, becausean
indispensablepreliminary to right discriminationis the ability to seethings as they are. We
must be able to do this beforewe can have any real measureof successin our endeavorsto
classify our experienceaccordingto similaritiesand differences.

Such classificationis an importantpart of the developmentwhich goeson in the fourth stage

of unfoldment. Meditation has beencomparedto fishing in the oceanof subconsciousness.
Right discrimination,basedon clearphysicaland mentalvision, enablesone to know which
of the fish caughtin meditationare good for food.

Much has beenwritten aboutsystemsof logic. After all, every systemis a tabulationof what
occurswhen a personseesclearly, and arrangeswhat he sees. Our variousexperiencesare
like partsof a jigsaw puzzle. Their relationsto one anotherare self-revealing.Ideasand facts
fit together,but only by looking at them attentivelymay we discoverthe connections,Error
and ignorance,as well as truth and wisdom, have distinguishingmarks which cannotbe
hidden fiom one who has vision.

This vision is just true seeing. It is neithersupernaturalnor miraculous. Every one of us is a

centerof expressionfor TI{AT which alreadyknows all truth. So long as we believein
personalaction, so long are we deludedby the illusion of separateness and we are unable to
make use of this interior wisdom.

Jesussaid that he judged nothing of himself,that all his decisionswere basedon the
instructionof the Father. What he did, he promisedthat we shoulddo. He knew the
Life-power's ability to distinguishtruth from error is alwaysreadyto expressitself through
human beingswho have grown sufficiently ripe.

Hence, by directing attention to the sight center,fully expectingthat it will be an effective

instrumentfbr self-consciousmanifestationof the Life-power, you will begin to exerciseclear
vision. Some,to be sure,have developedthis vision without knowing anythingaboutthe
sight center. Our aim is so to apply cosmiclaws that we may bring about a quicker ripening.

When we understandthe law of our consciousevolution,we may advancemore rapidly

through intelligent cooperationwith the Life-power's methodof self-expression.That method
we now begin to understandin parl and we look forward confidentlyto a day when it shall be
madeknown to us in its glorious perfection.

Part of our practiceconsistsin continuallyreminding ourselvesthat the constructiveand

regulativetendencyof the Life-power is an immediatepresencein our daily lives. This is
what is meant by the ConstitutingIntelligence. It has its root in the vision of Spirit, and it is
ever at work towardthe productionof beautifulresults.

The Life-power knows itself perfectly. Not for an instantcan it iack clear perceptionof every
principle evolving and involved in its complexschemeof self-manifestation.Becausethis is
true, behindthe outflow of the cosmic life through its personalcentersthere is alwaysa
completeand accurateknowledgeof all causesand motivesenteringinto what may be called
the personal equation. The ancientntaxitn, "Know Thyself," is perfectly realizedby the One
Spirit dwelling at the heart of every human life.

This is what Tarot meansby picturing the ConstitutingIntelligenceas an Emperorseatedon

his throne in Aries. That is, in the part of the body governedby Aries-the brain. The body
is the temple of the Lif-e-power,and in the brain is the throneof the mode of universal
consciousness which constitutescreation"in the darknessof the world."

The "world" is the microcosm,Man. lts darknessis the inertia (the tamas quality of yoga
philosophy) of the physical organism. The ConstitutingIntelligenceenthronedin the brain is
one with the power which malceseverything in the universewhat it is. That power works
always to establishin the realm of Name and Form an imageof the perfectbalanceand
symmetry of the inner life.

7'ARO 7' I N TE R P RE7'AT' I O N :

ln the fourth stageof spiritual unfoldment,this work of the ConstitutingIntelligencebeginsto

be perceivedby the seekerfor light. It is apprehended as a vivid personalexperience.One
beginsto know, at lirst hand,that the lntelligencewhich formulatesthe laws and constitution
of the universeis not afar off, but is immanentin humanlife, expressingitself through groups
of living cells locatedin the head.

From this, its throneof living flesh, it directsthe work of cell communitieswhose aggregate
consciousness is the CorporealIntelligencesyrnbolizedby Key 18. This real presenceof the
Life-power (with all its perfectattributesand wisdom) in the temple of humanpersonality,is
what we meanwhen we say: "The Kingdom of Spirit is embodiedin my flesh."

We do not meanthis figuratively. The samepower that flung worlds into space,the same
power that holds the starsin their collrses,the sameDirective Intelligencethat builds Llpevery
form we know from crystalto man, is now expressingits perfectknowledgeof itself and of its
method of self-expression(the ICngdom) through everyhumanbrain.

This fact, but vaguely apprehendedwhile yet we are unripe, begins, in the fourth stageof
unfoldment,to be avital part of our daily experience.Thus we begin to seethat our
participationin the work of liberationis by no meansa "lifting of ourselvesby our
boot-straps." Thus we are set free from that sourceof fear and doubt which is the notion that
we lraveonly our petty personalpowerson which to rely for our escapefiom bonclage.

We needto dwell on the truth that the ConstitutingIntelligenceworks through our minds to
perfectthe beautyof the Life-power's manifestationin our flesh. Through suchmeditation
we formulate (or rather,we standasideand let the One Self formulate)a mental image which
makesa deepimpressionon subconsciousness. By this means,every cell in our bodies is,
eachin its own degree,raisedin consciousness from the old, falsethoughtthat the directing
principle of our lives is the illusive personalwill . . . raisedin consciousness
into the new, true
thought that eachof thesemillions of cells is an instrumentand vehicle for the Guidins Power
of the universe.

This raising of the level of cell consciousness is gradual. The changeit brings abclutmay be
likened to what occurswhen a streamof clearwater is tumed into a tank containingwater
cloudedby various impurities. If therebe an outlet for the dirty water,a time will come when
all the water in the tank will be clean. The naturalprocessesof elimination are like the outlet
for the dirty water. It is written that new wine cannot be put into old wineskins, and this
meansthat cells which have embodiedthe old error-consciousness cannotcontainnew
conceptionsof truth.

Somecells can be raisedin consciousness without being destroyed,but many are actually
killed by this changeof thought. Somedie becausethey are no longer usedand othersperish
in the fire of the new order of knowing. Their deadbodiespassinto the blood streamand are
castoff through the variouschannelsof elimination. Hencethe wise insist that the eliminative


functions of the body must be kept at their point of greatestefficiency.To this end, various
ptrrificatory observances,including fasting, and some practicesof what Hindus call Hathu
Yoga,are employed.

The sword of .lustice,in i(ey I 1, symbolizesthe cutting off of mental imagesof error and the
destntctionof the cells which embodythoseimages. Yet this killing out of uselesscells is not
done all at once. HenceJusticecarriesscales,as well as a sword.

The dirty water must not run out faster than the pure flows in, or the tank will go dry.
Similarly, unwise use of denialsmay so depleteour bodiesthat diseasesof elimination,
particular'lyof the kidneys,may be induced. To pull up taresbeforethe wheatripens is to run
the risk of destroyingthe crop along with the weeds.

Avoid this dangerby surrenderingthe whole work to the One Self. When you begin really to
understandwhat the real presenceof the ConstitutingIntelligencemeans,you will be rid of
the impatiencewhich leadsto wastefulhurry and over-strain. The Life-power knowsjust
what to do. We needonly recognizeits operationin our lives, and let the work be done,
gradually and gently, surely and perfectly.

This fburth stageof Lrnfbldment, then, is that in which the seekerfor light beginsto learn the
secretof right action. Now he finds that personalityis the instrumentof a power which not
only knowsiust what it is doing with that instrument,but knows alsojust what must be done
in order to keep the instrumentin good condition.

The riper we become,the betterwe turderstandthat the secretof right action is the giving up
of all attachmentto results, Attachmentis the desireto seea particularmanifestationof Name
zrndFonn. it is a phaseof the delusionof separateness. Do whatevercomesto hand with no
thought but that in the action you shall expressyour very best. So to think and act is the
secret. Does this meanthat we areto entertainno visions of the future? Cerlainly not, as you
shouldknow from earlierinstructions. The warning is againstattachment to resultswhich is
the feeling that this or that particularthing is the only goal.

Specific in our image-makingwe must be, or nothing will be brought into manifestation;but
if we have learnedthe lessonof this fburth stageof spiritualunfoldment,we shall seethat it is
not we who make the patterns. Ratherdo we, by the practiceof contemplation,openthe
personalmind to an influx of higher consciousness so that we becomeparticipantsin the real
Self s vision of the future.

Insteadof making personalplans,we becomeawareof certainspecificdetailsof the cosmic

plan. Insteadof trying to do the thing our way, insteadof building on the shifting sandsof
our partial knowledge,we follow the plans of the MasterBuilder, and erectour houseof life
on the surefoundationof EternalBeins.

T A R O 7 ' 1 N T T 'R P R E T A ' t ] ON

In short,this fourth stageof unfoldmentis one in which the plan-makingpower of the One
Life beginsto find personalexpression.Specificimagesenterour f,reldof mental vision.
Patternsfor our work are given us and the betterwe know ourselvesto be instrurnentsof the
ConstitutingIntelligence,the more preciseand accuratewill thosepatternsbe.

In the Book of Exoduswe l'rndan exampleof this in the minute descriptionsof the tabernacle
and its furniture, accordingto patternsshown to Moses"in the mount." Theselast three
words have an occult meaning. On the surface,they refer to Moses' retirementto the heights
of Mount Sinai in order to "speakwith the Lord." For a personversedin the principles of
esotericpsychology,they direct attentionto the actualplace in the humanbody through which
the Life-power transmitsits plansto us. The "n1ount"is the highestof the sevencenters
energizedby lfundalinf, the serpent-power.It is a cone-shaped body in the brain f,rlledwith
little "stones,"or minute crystals,tiny bits of calcareousmatterknown as brain sand.

Through this body, the pineal gland,the Life-power finds expressionin our interior vision.
I{ere, stepby step,it showsus what lies beforeus on our journey along the path which leads
upward from the valley of senselife and threedimensionalconsciousness to the lieights

On thoseheights,as one who loohs down from a mountainpeak seesin one glancea prospect
ranging over hundredsof miles, we shall seeas a whole what now we seeonly in part. Then
we siraii iose this petiy personaiiii-eancirrnd our reai iit'e. We shall uncierstand
the true
significanceof personalityas an aspectof the Life of lives, as one beamof the Limitless
Light, which is at oncethe Sourceand the Goal of all our growth.