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College of Education – MAT Conceptual Framework Addenda

Candidate Name ____________________________________ ID# ___________________ Course _____________ Instructor


Program _________________________________ Intended Area(s) of Licensure ____________________________________

Title of Lesson Plan ______________________________________________________________ Grade level _____________

Semester _______________

Instructions: Select the rubric level that most closely aligns with the candidate’s accomplishments during the
internship experience. Instructor determines if elements are weighted. Distribute as noted at the bottom of this sheet.

Adapted from UNC Charlotte Lesson Plan Template and Rubric


Elements Emerging Developing Target Accomplished

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
The teacher balances the No evidence of candidate’s Candidate provides Candidate balances the use Candidate uses data from
use of formative and consideration of formative learners with multiple of formative and multiple types of
summative assessment and summative assessment ways to demonstrate summative assessment data assessments to draw
data as appropriate to performance to support, verify, and conclusions about learner
support, verify, and document learning; progress toward learning
document learning. uses research and evidence objectives that lead to
InTASC 6(a) for planning and standards, and uses
CAEP Standard 1 evaluating P-12 students’ research and evidence for
progress. planning and evaluating
P-12 students’ progress.
The teacher engages No evidence of candidate’s Candidate helps learners Candidate engages learners Candidate engages
learners in using a range consideration of sources use technology to in using a range of learning learners in using learning
of learning skills and and tools, including access information related skills and technology tools skills (e.g., critical and
technology tools to technology, to to an instructional to access, interpret, creative thinking skills,
access, interpret, access information related objective. evaluate, and apply study skills, managing
evaluate, and apply to an instructional information. goals and time) and
information. objective. technology tools to
InTASC 8(g) access, interpret and
apply knowledge that
promotes learners’
understanding of the
learning objective(s).

Adapted from UNC Charlotte Lesson Plan Template and Rubric


The teacher accesses No evidence of candidate’s Candidate identifies Candidate accesses Candidate adapts
resources, supports, and consideration of resources, special services to meet the resources, supports, and instruction and uses
specialized supports, and specialized needs of students. specialized assistance and modified materials,
assistance and services to assistance and services to services to meet particular resources, tools, and
meet particular learning meet particular learning learning differences or technology to address
differences or needs. differences or needs needs. exceptional learner
InTASC 2(f) needs, including those
associated with
disabilities and

The teacher seeks No evidence of candidate’s Candidate seeks ways to Candidate seeks Candidate accesses
appropriate ways to consideration of employ technology to appropriate ways to structured input (e.g.,
employ technology to technology to support support assessment employ technology to workshops, in-person or
support assessment assessment practice practice support assessment online courses, webinars,
practice both to engage practice both to engage social media) on
learners more fully and learners more fully and to matching learning
to assess and address assess and address learner objectives to types of
learner needs. needs. assessments and
InTASC 6(i) technology support.

Adapted from UNC Charlotte Lesson Plan Template and Rubric


The teacher regularly No evidence of candidate’s Candidate understands Candidate assesses Candidate draws on
assesses individual and consideration of individual how to observe individual and group family and community
group performance and group performance learners, note changes and performance resources through
in order to design and in order to design and patterns in learners across in order to design and interviews, surveys,
modify instruction to modify instruction areas of development, and modify instruction to meet home visits, etc., and
meet learners’ needs in seek out resources, learners’ needs in engages in child study
each area of including from families each area of development processes to understand
development (cognitive, and colleagues, to adjust (cognitive, linguistic, an individual child.
linguistic, social, teaching. social, emotional, and
emotional, and physical) and scaffolds the
physical) and scaffolds next level of development.
the next level of
InTASC 1(a)

Adapted from UNC Charlotte Lesson Plan Template and Rubric