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Prepared By : Raman
sharma , Aman Deep
Completion Date :

This marketing plan has been prepared for the first year of operation of Crown Cafe. The Plan
begins with an analysis of the operating environment and describes various marketing
strategies to apply to achieve stated marketing objectives. An action plan is included for
implementing marketing strategies and financial forecasts show profit targets for the
operation. The plan ends with a summary of the marketing controls that will be used to
evaluate the effectiveness of the marketing strategies.

List of Contents

A. Business Description

B. Situation Analysis
C. Marketing Objectives
D. Competitor Analysis
E. Products
F. Suppliers
G. Target Customers
H. Marketing Strategies
I. Competitive Advantages
J. Action Plan
K. Marketing Controls

A Business Description
The proposed business will be a retailer of coffee and will be located in city. The business will begin
trading on 24 November 2010. It will be operated as a partnership between Raman and Aman.

B Situation Analysis
General environment trends
Research and analysis of the general business environment has identified the following opportunities
and threats for the business.

Expected steady increase in the daily commuters to the city.
Expected improvements in general economic conditions
People's increasing desire for coffee due to stressful work culture
Fast and quick lifestyle in working class.

Many coffee shops around that area.
Huge competition in the area.
Likely introduction of new business taxes.
More Legal Regulations Of The Workplace

Industry conditions
Demand conditions
Direct observation has revealed that the main buyers of retail health food products are retirees and
middle-aged business people. Current ABS statistics indicate that total national retail sales of health
food products is valued at $560 million per year. For the past three years, demand has increased by an
average of 4% per annum.

Supply Conditions
Current ABS statistics indicate that the number of health food retailers nationally has increased by 20
% in the past five year. The conclusion reached from the situation analysis is that there are
opportunities for the business which will support the growth in sales forecasts. Environmental trends
and industry conditions will influence the selection of marketing strategies for the business.

C Marketing Objectives
The key marketing objectives of the business for the next year are summarised as follows:

Year 1
Sales turnover
Gross profit margin(average) 59%
I.e gross profit * 100/ sales
Net Profit
Return on investment
I.e net profit *100/ owner funds in business 27%

D Competitor Analysis
Through direct observation, one main competitor has been identified that will compete directly with the
Competitor: Vicky's Cafe'
Location: Opposite Crown Casino
Employes: 6 Employes( Full time)

Friendly and courteous service
Extensive menu and coffee
Loyal customers

High Prices
Long wait time
Narrow product range.
It is not expected that there will be any change in this direct competition in the year ahead.

E. Products
The business will offer a wide range of health food products for sale in the next year. Further products
will be added as the business develops.
The contribution of each product category to annual sales turnover is expected to be as

Fresh toast and muffins, donuts
Fresh bakery and breads
Extensive coffee types
Quick breakfast and lunch.
Soft drink(carbonated and non carbonated) and juices.

F Suppliers
Relationship have been established with several large and reliable suppliers for all food products
required. Acceptable trading terms have been negotiated with each supplier.

G Target Customers
The main customers groups that have been targeted by the business are 'daily commuters and office
going people who do not have enough time to cook for themselves.

Target customer group1- Commuters

Personnel characteristics – Low to middle income group people who commute daily are loyal and have
high probability of spending everyday.

Target customer group2- Of fice going people
Personal characteristics – People with busy lifestyle and do not have enough time to cook breakfast and
lunch for themselves. High income group with great deal for loyalty.

These target customers live within radius of 40 kilometers of the business location. Current ABS
statistics show that the number of target customers in the market area has increased by 50% in the last
five years.
Statistical projections indicate that these growth trends are likely to continue in the future.

H Marketing Strategies
The business will adopt a customer oriented approach in the marketing of its products. The marketing
strateties selected will focus on satisfying the relevant wants of the target customers groups.

Fresh toast and muffins, donuts
Fresh bakery and breads
Extensive coffee types
Quick breakfast and lunch.
Soft drink(carbonated and non carbonated) and juices.

Friendly, courteous, prompt and expert customer serivces.

Products offered at competitive prices
Price Information displayed with products
Promotional Discounts
Payment at point of Sale.

Retail selling from shop location
business operating times, Monday to Saturday(inclusive) 8am to 7pm

Stock Displays
Window signs
Yellow pages advertising
local newspaper advertising
mail advertising brochures
I. Competitive Advantages:
Lower price than competitors
Our price is $1 and $4
Competitor least price is $4.50.

Good services than competitors

With in 1min we will serve the order.

Good qualit products than competitors

We use the quality product and provide all new invented types.

J. Action Plane:
Find a shop in city area.
Nigotiate with shop owner about lease it would be on 10 september.
On 15we will strat working on inside shop arragments.
On 20 we will work on out looking.
On 25 we place the order.

On 28 we will display types of product availabe in shop.


Big display in front of the shop with opening date and offers on opning day.
On 5 train the staff.
On 10 display the price.
On 12we strat circulating brouchers pamphlets.
15 onwords we strats the advertise in paper.
Shop opening date is 24 November.

K. Marketing Controling:
The price will changes accordingly competitors price and customer demond.
We will provide new brand products at least price compare to competitors price.
Customer satisfaction is mager consider to my group .