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Mathematics Education Formal Observation Form

Student: Hanna Norris Observer: Gregory Downing Course: Math 2

Date: August 29, 2018 Time: 12:55 – 2:18

1. Classroom Climate/Culture - Student Behavior

Strength Needs Attention
Intern communicates and maintains standards for appropriate classroom behavior.
Intern anticipates and acts on potential classroom disruptions.
Intern maintains positive classroom climate.
Intern responds to student behaviors appropriately.

2. Instruction - Instructional Time

Intern has materials, supplies, and equipment ready at the start of the lesson or activity.
Intern gets class started quickly.
Intern uses available time for learning and keeps students on task.

3. Instruction - Instructional Planning and Presentation

Intern establishes links with prior learning and experiences.
Intern arranges learning activities to support standards.
Intern’s lesson builds procedural fluency and conceptual understanding.

4. Instruction - Instructional Monitoring

Intern circulates to check performance and monitor progress.
Intern varies level of questioning.
Intern ensures that all students have the opportunity to participate.

5. Impact on Student Learning - Facilitating Instruction

Intern establishes clear outcomes for learning.
Intern communicates learning outcomes to students.
Intern uses technology appropriately to engage students and support learning.
Intern uses accurate mathematical terminology and notation; content is well mastered.

6. Evaluation/Assessment - Instructional Feedback

Intern provides meaningful and timely feedback to encourage student growth.
Intern affirms correct oral responses appropriately.
Intern provides sustaining feedback after an incorrect response by probing, repeating the question, giving a clue,
or allowing more time.
Strengths: Areas on which to focus:
 “Get to know you” activity – pt 2.  Launch of lesson – how you introduce
o Nice concepts/algebra tiles
 Technology!!! YES!!!!  Questions ask specific questions not: “what would
 Florey left you alone – that’s a good sign you label for ‘all of these’”. Go one at a time.
o And the students did not revolt against  Listen to student’s questions more closely to make
you sure you are hearing them
 Encouraging students even when they think they  Student on phone whole time
got it incorrectly o you acknowledged this – step 1
 Use of Algebra tiles… nicely done o try to figure out productive ways to get him
 ZERO PAIRS!!!! involved – step 2
 Circulation during group work
 Small/quick positive affirmations
 Students getting up throughout the class
 Homework stuff / technological support
 Wait time good
 Talked to almost everyone in the class

Were the learning outcomes for the students met? YES NO

Did the intern’s/student teacher’s classroom management support the learning outcomes?
No real classroom management issues, except for the one student, which you handled really well.
Other Comments:
Overall, a very strong lesson! I can’t wait to see the rest of the semester!!!