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Product Quantity Description


Alto TS SUB 12 2 A compact powerful subwoofer for small to

medium venues with XLR in and out with
an internal crossover

Behringer Xenyx 1 A 16 channel compact mixer with 4

X2442USB (inc. subgroups, built in effects and aux sends
headphones for monitors. It also features USB for input
and recording

10” Prosound PA 2 These speakers are robust and are perfect

Speaker as stage monitors or as fill speakers for
most events

Pulse PLA500 1 Solidly built amp that is a perfect match for

the Prosound speakers to give a reliable

Budget Wireless 3 A single radio mic and receiver, perfect for

Microphones parties or kareoke

Drum Kit Mics 4 + Kick A reliable set of drum kit mics to allow you
Drum to amplify or record your entire drum kit, or
a single mic can be adapted to sound great
when used with a Kajon

Mic Stand 2 A straight stand and one with a boom arm

available for hire

Shure BLX88 - Dual 1 Two high quality handheld wireless

Wireless Microphone microphone from Shure with their
System well-known PG58 Capsule
HK Audio Classic Pro 12 2 A pair of high quality and powerful
speakers, that ideally should be paired with

Matrix UKP 1000 1 A power amplifier perfect for use with the
HK audio classic pro 12s

Citronic CX23 2/3 way 1 A 2 way stereo crossover (3 way mono)


Behringer Ultragraph Pro 1 2 Channel 31 band Graphic EQ with low

FBQ3102 and high pass filters and a separate
subwoofer output with variable crossover

Behringer Multicom Pro-XL 1 4 channel compressor, gate, expander and

MDX4600 limiter for use with the included insert cable
allowing you to insert effects into mixing

Behringer ULTRA-DI DI20 1 2 channel active DI box, works great with

laptops, keyboards e.t.c.

Behringer ULTRA-DI DI100 1 Single channel, good quality DI box perfect

for keyboards, guitars and other

Millenium DI-E DI BOX 1 Single channel passive DI box, works well

Passive for instruments and speakers

Shure SM58 - unswitched 1 The industry standard vocal microphone

Behringer C4 Condenser 1 Pair of condenser microphones, good for

(PAIR) use with pianos, drum kit overheads,
shotgun mics for theatrical productions -
includes dual mount allowing them to both
be mounted on a single microphone stand