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8/30/12 Pathology: Introduction to Respiratory Histology and Pathology L Power Point, Robbins Ch. 15 & Ch.

Medicine: Arterial Blood Gases SS Power Point Only
Medicine: Pulmonary Function Tests SS Power Point Only
Imaging: CXRs, CT, MRI L Dr. Justice
Medicine CIL: Applied Respiratory Physiology Dr. Clark
Pathology of the Upper Airway I SS Robbins pages 739-760
Pathology of the Upper Airway 2 SS Robbins pages 739-760
Pathology of the Upper Airway 3 SS Robbins pages 739-760
8/31/12 Medicine: Hoarseness SS No Reading
Post Exam Review No Reading
Pathology CIL: Upper Airway with 5 point quiz Dr. Shearer
Pharm: Drugs for Rhinitis / Allergy SS Booklet Three pgs. 289-312
Medicine/Pediatrics: Sinusitis, Pharyngitis, Otitis, and Cystic Fibrosis SS Harrison Ch. 31 pgs. 255-267
Medicine: Clinical Anatomy of the Lungs SS Dr. Towns
9/4/12 Pathology: Lung Infections 1 SS Robbins pgs. 710-721
Pathology: Lung Infections 2 SS Mims Medical Micro 4th ed.
Medicine CIL: Pediatric Sinusitis, Pharyngitis, Otitis, Cystic Fibrosis and Pneumonia Dr. Lemp
Medicine: Tuberculosis 1 SS Harrison pg 1340-1359, Word Doc
Medicine: Tuberculosis 2 SS Harrison pg 1359-1367, pg 1367-1374
9/5/12 Pathology: Lung Infections 3 SS Mims Medical Micro 4th ed
Pharm CIL: Therapy of Rhinitis / Allergies Dr. Elliott – Booklet Three pgs. 313-314
9/6/12 Medicine: Common Respiratory Infections SS See Moodle Word Doc.
Pathology CIL: Lung Infections with 5 point quiz Dr. Shearer
Pharm: Drugs for Respiratory Infections: Antibiotics, Antifungals and Antivirals SS Booklet Three pgs. 315-340
Medicine: Otalgia and Allergies SS Harrison pgs. 260-262, pgs. 2715-2718
9/7/12 Medicine CIL: Radiology: Airway Imaging Dr. Justice
Medicine: Obstructive Sleep Apnea SS Harrison pgs. 2186-2189, Word doc
Pharm CIL: Antimicrobials for Common Respiratory Infections Dr. Elliott
Medicine: Dyspnea SS Power Point Only
Medicine CIL: Hoarseness, Otalgia, and Surgical Approach to Allergies Dr. Black
9/11/12 RESPIRATORY EXAM 1 @ 8 AM in CSC
Pathology: Congenital Lung Problems SS Robbins Ch. 15, pg. 679
Pathology: Obstructive / Restrictive Diseases SS Robbins Ch. 15, pgs. 693-701
Medicine: Unusual Pulmonary Infections 1 SS Harrison pgs. 1301-1305, 1236-1240, 1417-1420, 1429-1431
9/12/12 Pharm: Drugs used in Asthma SS Booklet Three pgs. 365-385
Pathology: Acute Lung Injury SS
Medicine: Asthma/C.O.P.D. SS Harrison 2102-2115, 2151-2160, Word Doc
9/13/12 Pathology: Interstitial Lung Diseases SS Robbins Ch.15 pgs. 683-693
Medicine: Bronchiectasis SS Harrison Ch. 258, pgs. 2142-2146, Word Doc
Medicine: Interstitial Lung Diseases SS Harrison Ch. 261 pgs. 2160-2170, Word Doc.
Pharm CIL: Asthma/COPD (with Pediatric Cases) Dr. Elliott - Booklet Three pgs. 387-388
Medicine: Sarcoidosis SS Harrison Ch. 329, pgs 2805-2813, P.P., Journal Article
9/14/12 Medicine CIL: Obstructive Lung Diseases and Dyspnea Dr. Clark
Pathology: Vascular Disorders I SS Robbins - Chapter 15
Pathology: Vascular Disorders 2 SS Robbins Ch 15, pgs 706-710
Kaplan Board Review Dr. Sorrells - @ 1 PM in CSC or OPP Lab
Medicine CIL: Dyspnea: Interstitial Lung Dx Dr. Clark
Medicine: Unusual Pulmonary Infections 2 SS Same as 9/11/2012
9/17/12 Medicine: Pulmonary Embolism I SS Harrison Ch. 262 pgs.2170-2178, J Med. 2010; 363: 266-274
Medicine: Pulmonary Embolism 2 SS Same as Pul. Embolism I
Medicine CIL: Unusual Pulmonary Infections Dr. Salinas Dr. Salinas
9/18/12 Medicine: Pulmonary Emergencies SS Harrison 2205-2210, 2210-2214, Word Doc.
Pathology CIL: Vascular and Other Disorders with 5 point quiz Dr. Shearer
Medicine: Neoplasms of the Lung SS Harrison Ch.89 pgs. 737-751
Medicine: Lung Parasites SS Dr. Hoverman
9/19/12 Medicine CIL: Pulmonary Emergencies, Pulmonary Embolism, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Dr. Acosta
Medicine CIL: Lung Parasites Dr. Hoverman
9/20/12 Pathology: Respiratory Malignancies SS Robbins Ch.15 pgs.721-731, 677-734
Medicine CIL: Bronchogenic and Other Lung Cancers Dr Clark
9/24/12 RESPIRATORY EXAM 2 @ 8 AM in CSC