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Nama : __________________________

“Pray before doing anything”

Good Luck!
A. Choose for the correct answer! Dear Ana,
The following text is for questions number 1-4 Happ birthday, I wish you all the best,
The following
Dear my sistertext is for questions 1-4 From : Eni
Congratulations on the opening of your flower
shop! 5. Who is the the reciever?
Finally, your dream has come true. A. Ani
May it bring happiness to your life and I wish B. Ana
you success!
C. Eni
Love you always,
D. Edo
6. Who is the sender?
1. Why does Edo write the card? A. Ani
A. To announce a new shop B. Ana
B. To compliment his sister C. Eni
C. To congrulate his sister D. Edo
D. To advertise a new shop Read the dialogue and choose the right answers
2. What is Edo’s sister’s dream? for the 9-11 questions.
A. To work in a flower shop Tino : Where are you going to spend your
B. To own a flower garden holiday?
C. To have a flower garden Tuti : In Batu, near Malang, East Java
D. To grow many kinds of flower Tino : Why are you going to spend the holiday
3. “ ... I wish you success!” there?
The opposite meaning of the underlined Tuti : It is not as crowded as Jakarta and
word is ____________ Surabaya. The weather is rather cold at
A. Doubt night.
B. Failure Tino : Do you like quiet places?
C. Achievement Tuti : Yes, I do
D. Resignation Tino : So do I
4. “May it bring happiness to your life ....!” 7. Where is Tuti going to spend the holiday?
The word ‘it’ refers to ______ A. In Jakarta
A. The dream B. In Surabaya
B. The opening C. In Malang
C. Edo’s life D. In Batu
D. The flower shop 8. Tuti is going to spend the holiday there
because she likes .....
A. Interesting places
B. Quiet places
C. Crowded places
D. Isolated areas
9. Is Jakarta crowded?
The following text is for questions number 5-6 A. Perhaps
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B. Maybe 17. Gita : What do you think of my new bag?

C. No, it isn’t Syifa : ............................
D. Yes, It is A. I thing its beautiful bag
10. The weather in Batu in the night is ..... B. I don’t know
A. Very cold C. I don’t think so
B. Rather cold D. Iam not sure
C. Not so cold 18. Nana : ...........anather cup of tea please?
D. Hot Waiters : Yes, of course
11. Does Tino also like quiet places? A. Do you think
A. Yes, he does B. Would you
B. No, he doesn’t C. Can you
C. Yes, he is D. May I have
D. No, he isn’t 19. Bella : Dad, I have won the debate
12. I ..... Dion at nine last night. competition
A. am calling Father : .......................
B. was calling A. Of course
C. calls B. Sure
D. called C. Congratulations
13. My stomach does not feel good. I ..... spicy D. I’m sorry
food yesterday 20. Asti : ..................our new teacher?
A. ate Yeni : I think she is a very good teacher. She is
B. eat very nice and explain the lesson very well.
C. is eating A. Have you seen
D. was eating B. Do you like
C. May I have
Fill in the blank the correct word to answer D. What do you think about
the question number 14-16 21. She ................. at me
Cindy : What did you do last weekend? A. Smile
Rina : (14) ................................... B. Smiles
Cindy : Did you enjoy it? C. Is smile
Rina : Not at all D. Is smiles
Cindy : (15) ..............did the weather? 22. His grandfather who has passed away
Rina : It rained all the time. It was windy and The underline wors has same meaning with ...
very cold A. Corpse
Cindy : (16) .................................. B. Dead
14. A. I want to swim C. Live
B. I want go with you D. Life
C. I went swimming 23. .......................carrots do yo have?
D. I like it very much A. How much
15. A. Where B. How many
B. Why C. How few
C. When D. How some
D. How
24. .....................sugar you have add into the tea?
16. A. I disagree A. How much
B. That’s too bad B. How many
C. That’s good C. How few
D. Yes, of course you can D. How some
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25. Sinta : What are you doing? show

Deni : We ........ our drama performance 31. “I hope you always perform the best ...”
A. Practice The underlined word can be replaced with
B. Practiced A. Play
C. Are practicing B. Sing
D. Was practicing C. Read
26. Erna : Is Andi pick up his mother? D. Dance
Selvi : Yes, she is picking up ....................
A. her The following message for question number
B. him 32
C. it
Dear Tina,
D. them
May I wish you have a nice lebaran day.
Fill in the blank the correct word to answer Please, forgive all my mistakes
the question number 27-29
From, Andy
Janet : Hey, what (27).......................there?
Soni : I (28)............., I have a homework to 32. What does it means?
make a poem A. Andy and Tina have a nice lebaran day
Janet : Where is Anti? together.
Soni : She (29) ............... pencilcase in market B. Andy wants to have lebaran day with Tina.
C. Andy wishes Tina enjoy her lebaran day.
27. A. You doing D. Andy likes to have a nice lebaran day.
B. Are you doing
C. Are you do The following text is for questions number 33-35
D. Do you doing I have a best friend. His name is Mario.
28. A. Write Mario is an active (33) ......... energetic person.
B. Writing He loves sports, (34) ............. boxing is an
C. Am writing exception. Mario and I usually (35) .............. the
D, Are writing weekend together. We watch movies or just play
29. A. Is buying basketball together. We always cherish our
B. Are buying friendship.
C. Buy 33. A. And
D. Buys B. Or
C. But
The following text is for question number 30 – D. Then
31 34. A. Or
Dear John, B. And
Let me congrulate you on your success as the best
C. Nor
pop singer in 2014. I hope you always perform the D. But
best in the next show 35. A. Spends
B. Spend
Love, C. Are spending
D. Will spend
30. From the text above we know that .....
A. John performs the best in show
B. Erma performs the best in the show Fill the dialogue below with the sentences in
C. Erma wants to be the best in the show the box!
D. John hopes he will be the best in the next
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a. I don’t think so c. What is your

opinion of
b. That’s right d. I think

36. Erni : ______________________ the

bank robbery lately?
Almusto : In my opinion, The police must
arrest the robbers soon.
37. Iskak : What do you think of the flood in
Aminah : Well_____________ the flood
makes the city has a serious problem.

38. Ari : What is your opinion of the students

who smoke?
Ahdi : I think Smoking is not good for our
Ari : ________________.
39. Hana : Do you think it will rain today?
Aryoso : I guess it is going to rain today.
Hana : ________________, the sun still
shines brightly.

Fill the sentences with many , much or a

40. Sorry, I don’t have ........... water to give
41. The tiger doesn’t eat ........ meat.
42. You only have .......... salt to add into tea
43. Mr. Andi bring .................books, he gives
it to class VIII A.

Translate into english

44. Tiara menyanyi di kompetensi ini dua hari
yang lalu.
45. Kemarin anak perempuan itu tidak pergi
kesekolah karena sakit.
46. Kadang-kadang Erlin tidak melihat televisi
47. Rina dan ibunya selalu datang ke rumah
48. Anak laki-laki sedang bermain lompat tali
49. Ani sedang mengembalikan buku milik
50. Tetanggaku mempunyai banyak bunga
yang indah.

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